How To Order

First, Add the address below to your “safe-list”, “white-list”, or address book to ensure the emails and the files attached will NOT end up in the “SPAM” folder:

Before you can order, You need to register a new account (Only if you don’t have one already).

Please provide your REAL Email - This is where the articles will be sent when they are ready.

When you order articles, There are 3 methods. You can watch the video to see how to order and read the instructions below.

METHOD 1 (The easiest):

Write all the instructions, Including the titles and keywords in the “instructions” field (and fill in the other fields, the “Title” and the “keywords” fields  with “In the Instructions”)

The maximum keywords allowed per article is 5 (including the LSI keywords).

* Tip: You can also write everything, including titles and keywords in Notepad or Word, and then “Copy&Paste” it to the “instructions” field.


You have three fields:

1. Title:

Please provide in the order form the TITLE of each article.

If you order more then one article, Please provide ALL of the titles for each article in the same field. For example:

“Article 1: 10 Diet tips,

Article 2: How to lose weight”.

(If you want us to choose the title(s), that is fine, just fill in the title field with “Be creative” or “Please Provide Title For Me” or something like that…)

2. Keywords:

You need to provide the KEYWORDS you want our writers to use (and LSI keywords if you want).

If you order more then one article, please provide ALL the keywords and LSI keywords for each article. For example:

“Article 1: diet tips, loose weight (LSI: Diet plans)

Article 2: lose weight (LSI: Healthy eating)”

The maximum keywords allowed per article is 5 (including the LSI keywords).

3. Instructions:

Add any further instructions to the writer (writing style, article structure, references you already have, keywords density, purpose of the article, any similar article(s) to the one you want, etc).


IF you order more than 1 article, you can also provide the info in all the fields for 1 Article, then click “Add to cart” and then fill in the fields to provide the info for the next article, and click “Add to cart” once again (And so on…)and eventually click “checkout” button.


If you are not sure what to do you can always contact support.

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