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Creating engaging and attractive content online is one of the best ways for you to develop authority among the most popular search engines and drive more user traffic to your website. With the evolution of the digital era, many more businesses are looking to transition to online business models to cater to their “digital” audience.

However, creating content to promote your brand, product, or website isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Keep in mind that your written content is your chance to make a big impression on your potential readers or customers, so you need to make sure that it’s as good as it can be.

One of the most popular trends to optimize your online content is by making it SEO friendly, which allows your content to rank higher on popular search engines, such as Google or Bing.

Writing articles for your website can be overwhelming, especially if you have some other things to do for your brand. In those cases, your best choice is to leave everything to a professional capable of taking your brand’s essence and putting it into engaging words. If you’re interested in what our team at {Business Name} can do for you, keep reading!

What is Meant by Article Writing?

It’s important to note that an article is not always the same thing as a blog post. Generally speaking, an article’s primary goal is to provide professional and fact-based content about a particular subject. In other words, an article focuses more on information, making it a more formal choice.

When it comes to writing articles, the writer needs to provide enough knowledge and research about the subject so that the content reads smoothly and accurately. While an article doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as a blog post, product review, or press release, our team at {Business Name} works with most kinds of written content, which is great news for your business since we can adapt to your needs.

How Do We Make an Article Better? 

Many people wonder how an article can be optimized to be ranked higher in search engines. Most of those people believe that the main way to optimize content is by simply making it more relevant. While that’s true, it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

To truly optimize an article, we have to engage in SEO practices. SEO refers to “Search Engine Optimization.” Writers and online businesses use it to provide engaging written content for their audience and get on the first pages of search engines.

However, making an article SEO friendly requires practice and knowledge of what to do. Keep in mind that not every piece of written content is the same, so you can’t apply the same formula to every article. Instead, you have to look at the content you have to offer and then start planning how you can make it better for the user.

The main issue with writing SEO content is that it can take much time from you, leaving you with a tighter schedule for additional activities; this is where {Business Name} jumps in.

Our primary goal is to take your idea and transform it into a piece of relevant and engaging content while also following SEO guidelines. This way, we ensure that your content can be seen as reliable and your website as an authoritative one. In most cases, we’ve found that leaving your content writing to a professional writer can save you more time and money in the long run!

Is SEO Everything That Your Online Business Needs?

SEO writing is a huge step forward to creating the perfect piece of written content. However, there’s still one step left that you have to follow to truly become an authority online: Digital marketing practices.

Marketing plays a big part in how your audience perceives your content. If you adapt your brand to the type of audience you’re looking for, you’re more likely to see results. Overall marketing refers to planning and creating content for a specific audience. If you combine that with SEO guidelines, you get a solid article that covers all the requirements for being reliable.

In that sense, the writer also needs to have particular experience in digital marketing so that they know what works for your brand and what doesn’t. Our team of qualified writers has spent months and years studying digital marketing and SEO so that your content is always in safe hands.

How Our Writers Work for Your Brand

Regardless of the type of content you require us to write, we always follow a series of steps to ensure that everything goes the right way. It’s important to note that while the steps are always the same, we always adapt them to you and your needs. In essence, every client gets a unique writing project done.

Step One – Managing Your Topics

There are two main types of clients; one who already has the content planned out but wants it optimized, and the other who only has the idea. Regardless of which type of client you are, our writers start by assessing your primary topics to find the best one to begin writing the content

Remember that the best way to make relevant content is to determine if people are talking about it online or if there’s not much information on the subject. If most users don’t find a topic interesting, you need to find one that they find more relevant.

In that sense, we work with you to find the best way to cover that topic so that it differs from the competition and feels fresh for new users. In the digital era, many brands are publishing similar information, so creating content that feels unique is a significant step forward.

Step Two – Identifying Your Target Audience

Before we start writing any kind of content, it’s important to classify your target audience (If you haven’t done that already). For example, if you want to write content for people with 18-32 years of age, you need to study what the interests of people these ages are. With that information, you can adapt your content so that your target audience finds it useful.

Step Three – Doing Research

The final step before starting to write content is doing research on the topic you want to talk about. Our team of writers is trained to do research on any kind of topic necessary so that your content looks professional. 

Considering that the most important part of writing articles is providing relevant information, doing proper research is crucial to write content that feels unique and useful for your audience.

Step Four – Implementing SEO and Digital Marketing Guidelines

As we mentioned before, implementing SEO and digital marketing guidelines is crucial to optimize your final written product. When it comes to marketing, we’re talking about writing engaging content, making your audience identify with your content, and encouraging conversion, which refers to any kind of action the user makes inside your website compared to the time they were inside the website.

On the other hand, SEO involves finding the right keywords to classify your content for search engines. For example, if your business sells coffee in Texas, your primary keywords would involve “coffee in Texas.” 

Placing keywords correctly is something that requires concentration and practice. Overall, our goal as writers is to make those keywords read naturally throughout the entire article so that it’s optimized enough for search engines but still reads appropriately.

When it comes to SEO, it’s easy to make mistakes and over-stuff your content with unnecessary keywords. Thankfully, our writers at {Business Name} have trained to study most content types to determine what each one needs; you don’t have to worry about over-optimizing your content or writing irrelevant information.

Step Five – Proofreading 

Our work isn’t done after finishing the article. It’s normal to overlook some mistakes on a first draft, so we always proofread our articles multiple times to ensure that everything is good to go.

 Proofreading is one of the most critical parts of our writing projects since it allows us to learn from any details we may have overlooked or adjust some of the content so that it reads even better than before!

Step Six – Final Deliver

After we’re done proofreading, all that’s left to do is to turn in the final article so that you can read it! We’re more than happy to receive feedback on how we can improve our content based on your needs.

What Types of Articles Do We Offer?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this page, {Business Name} offers several types of articles that our writers can work on. Remember that not every brand needs the same kinds of articles for their website, so we do our best to adapt to what you need.

Overall, here are the main types of articles that we work on:

General Articles

Also known as “Website content,” these articles are pieces of written content created for enhancing your website’s relevancy to your target audience and popular search engines. Regardless of the topic you want us to write on, we aim to create persuasive, attractive, and emotion-evoking content that follows your brand’s identity. 

These articles are written with all SEO and digital marketing guidelines in mind, so you don’t have to worry about your content not being relevant enough for popular search engines such as Google. 

Additionally, we work with both “Authority Level” and “Regular Level” articles, so whether you want to boost your website’s authority level online or add more relevant content to complement it, we’re more than happy to help you.

Amazon Reviews

If there are any Amazon products you wish to review and post on your website, we can help you do those reviews. While there are several ways to write a review, you need to keep in mind that there may be other sites that may have also reviewed the same products, so you need to make yours stand out from the rest.

Our writers know the most efficient ways of advertising and reviewing products so that the reader leaves the site with enough information about the product. If the reader liked your review, they’re likely to keep going to your site for information on other products!

Web Copy

A web copy is one of the most important parts of every website, and it’s often overlooked by business owners and individuals. At its core, a web copy is content that describes your website, what it’s for, and what the reader can expect from it. 

Generally, a web copy can be your home page, service page, product page, or the “About Us” page; it’s essential because it’s one of the primary tools you’re going to use to quickly engage the reader and keep them on your site. If you want to make a good first impression, you need to have a good web copy.

Regardless of the type of brand or website you’re running, our team can take the most engaging aspects of your company and sell them through emotion-evoking texts placed strategically through the site.

Buying Guide

A buying guide is a place where people go whenever they want to buy something, but they don’t know what aspects to consider before making the purchase. For example, if you want to buy a good laptop, but you don’t know much about them, you can go to a buying guide to get a deeper insight on which specifications you may want to look for.

Since these guides are used to help people make a smarter purchase, you need to make sure that they’re reliable, updated, and easy to follow. If your buying guide helps some people, they’re likely to stick with your website for future purchases.

Overall, a buying guide needs to make the reader feel like you know what’s best for them, and we can make that happen for your brand.

Press Release

Press releases are made to make news and get attention from people on the internet as quickly as possible. Since press releases usually need to be quick, organized, and short, you need a writer that can quickly adapt to the topic given so that they provide a well-executed press release document.

As with the other types of articles, releasing unique and relevant information can positively impact your brand and put it into the higher ranks in popular search engines, so you need to make sure that your press releases are comfortable to read by anyone.

Our team has a broad range of experience with press release articles, so if that’s what you need for your brand, don’t hesitate to ask for our help!

Product Description

 Product descriptions can be the deal-breaker between making a purchase or not. If you know how to sell a product – regardless of what it is -, your client is more likely to buy it without giving it much thought.

Product descriptions should always be short but eye-catching, and they should show the best qualities of the product you’re selling. Knowing what to say when selling a product can be complicated since there may be many things to say.

Our writers can help you determine what the best aspects of your product are and what the best ways to advertise it on your website are.

What Can Your Brand Achieve With Our Article Writing Services?

Our team of writers is committed to making your content as good as it can be, and that can only be achieved by working hard with your ideas to find the spark that’s going to make it engage with your potential users.

An important thing about writing an article is matching it with your brand’s message and vision; that’s why we’ve gathered a team with expertise in several industries and areas. In that sense, we can write for any type of audience you need.

Overall, here are the results you may be looking at by hiring our article writing services:

  • Raised brand awareness.
  • Increased user traffic.
  • Increased authority in search engines.
  • Create a community that continually goes back to your site.
  • Complement your marketing campaigns online.

Remember that if you continually post relevant and optimized content, you could eventually be one of the best sites for that specific keyword/topic, meaning that potential users may go into your site before anyone else’s. However, to reach that point, you need to work hard on your content to make it perfect; we’re here to provide you with the help you need.

While we’re busy optimizing your content, you can go on to other important things for your brand. We also want you to be comfortable with your website, so leave the content to us, and you can take care of the rest.

Why Choose Ranking Articles?

With that many article writers on the internet, it may be hard for you to choose which one to go with. While most of these businesses work toward the same goal, they all have something unique to offer you.

This is also the case for {Business Name}. We aim to be a trustworthy company that you can trust whenever you need a piece of content created for your website. Our writers know that trusting your business to other people may not be easy at first, which is why we work hard to ensure that you feel your content safe with us.

There are several reasons that make {Business Name} a great choice for you, and we’re going to give you an overview of each of them so that you know what you can expect from working with us.

Customer Satisfaction

We’re not going to stop until you’re happy with the content you’re receiving. Understandably, you may have some feedback on the received articles at first, and we’re happy to take that feedback and adjust the content so that it reaches the place it needs to be.

SEO Optimization

All of our articles are fully optimized for SEO guidelines, making them more likely to rank higher in popular search engines. Our team adapts to the topic you want to discuss in the article and starts doing the research necessary to begin optimizing everything.

Professional Writing

All of our writers have a broad range of experience in writing, SEO, digital marketing, and other areas. Your content is always going to be written by someone that speaks your native language and has enough knowledge in your area, so you can rest assured that your content is in the hands of someone capable.

Original Content

Plagiarized content is always going to be fatal for your brand or business, so we made sure to get away from that. Our team never recycles content, so whenever you place your article order, we’re going to start writing something unique for you. Being original and unique is what’s going to take your brand to the top!

Great Project Management

We always give 100% of our attention to each article. To make sure that all members of the writing team keep their performance rates up, we have a dedicated project manager who is responsible for keeping track of every member from the start to the end of the writing project. 

Fast Delivery

Some articles may need to be turned in promptly to keep up with your website standards. Even if that’s not the case, most clients prefer that their articles are turned in as fast as possible so that they can give feedback. We pride ourselves on being fast but efficient in our work, meaning that we’re not going to compromise our quality to be faster, but we’re going to keep a balance between the two.

Overall, you’re going to get high-quality articles delivered in record time, which is great news for your website.

Ready to Begin? – Conclusion

There are many variables when it comes to writing articles, and that’s what makes it so exciting for our team. Each client means a new experience and a new opportunity to learn about different brands, products, and even cultures!

Providing you with adequately optimized content is our primary goal, and we’re not going to stop until we deliver the content that your website needs. If you’re ready to start working with us, contact our team now!

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