The Best CBD Affiliate Programs for 2022

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If someone told you about CBD affiliate programs five or so years ago, you’d likely have no idea what they were saying. However, CBD (cannabidiol) is well-known now. This chemical substance is found in cannabis, but it doesn’t get a person high. It still provides medical benefits, such as relief of anxiety, depression, and pain.

In fact, CBD is an attractive affiliate marketing niche, and the CBD market is set to be worth $13 billion by 2028.

You don’t have to sell CBD oils to get the benefits. Below, you can find the best CBD affiliate programs, and all you have to do is write about CBD on your blog and include links for people to buy. can help you craft all that content, making it a win-win for everyone.

The Top CBD Affiliate Program Options to Join

Here are the top choices for affiliate programs:

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads is a high-profile brand and was founded by a pharmacist. It features American-made CBD oils and other CBD products, which are sold in brick and mortar stores throughout the United States. It’s even been featured by big-name publications like NBC, Forbes, and Cosmopolitan.

Consumers love this premium CBD brand and have awarded it with over 30,000 five-star company reviews. Plus, the company picked up the Best Products award for 2019 and 2018.

You’re sure to appreciate the affordable prices, with some products available for under $15. This makes Green Roads an attractive partner for potential CBD affiliates.

However, the terms associated with it are a little stingier than with other CBD affiliate programs. There’s only a 30-day cookie window. Plus, the affiliate program offers a 10 percent commission, which is the lowest one on the list.

Still, there’s some upside because the site boasts order values of at least $100, and you could see conversion rates of 5 to 30 percent. Sign up through the Everflow Network.

Just CBD

Just CBD wants everyone to know that its products are lab tested. Shoppers use the on-site tool to track down laboratory results for CBD gummies, oils, and tinctures they’ve already purchased. That helps reassure customers that they’re buying authentic and high-quality CBD products.

It seems to work for the brand because the products have more than 18,000 reviews online. Plus, there is plenty for affiliate marketers to enjoy.

The 18 percent commission is higher than similar affiliate programs in other markets. Plus, it’s more attractive when you add that one jar of the gummies might cost up to $99. You may request customized coupons when you register, as well.

Successful affiliates are paid by Bitcoin, wire transfer, store credit, or check. Sign up with Just CBD through the Affiliatly Affiliate Network.

CBD Medic

CBD Medic partners with high-profile sports professionals like Rob Gronkowski and Carli Lloyd, which is a crucial marketing tool. However, it doesn’t target the recreational side. Instead, it focuses on the medical benefits of cannabidiol and how it affects the CBD market.

It offers broad-spectrum CBD products, which are marketed as the solution to common sports injuries, such as muscle, back, and foot pain. Plus, it includes a family of topical medications, which combines the active ingredients of hemp extract or oil with natural emollients.

You’re sure to find that its affiliate sales are better than other CBD affiliate programs on the market because you could earn 40 percent on sales for its products. Sign up with the ShareASale Affiliate Network today!


CBDFX focuses on quality. While all brands do, it uses a single-pass, pure CO2 extraction method to provide high-quality CBD products that are made from organic hemp plants. Everything is made in the United States, and they’re cruelty- and solvent-free. Plus, the brand offers a 60-day guarantee.

First-time buyers of organic CBD pet products are sure to like the reassurance, and that passes to the affiliates. You don’t want to refer people to shady CBD merchants, and that’s no problem here.

It stocks the same things as other companies, but it sells niche items, such as CBD chill shots and pet products. Therefore, you’ve got many linking opportunities available here.

Overall, this affiliate program offers commissions of up to 25 percent, and you have a 90-day referral window. There’s even a custom coupon code for 10 percent off to incentivize your traffic. If you’re new to the affiliate CBD industry, consider this one. Join through RevOffers!


Trust is a huge factor for CBD marketing because it’s a newer niche. Other CBD brands try to overcome that issue by emphasizing quality, and CBDistillery is a top option.

Its products use non-GMO industrial hemp, which is grown using natural farming processes. This brand also includes third-party testing to guarantee potency and purity.

However, this company doesn’t have a large range of products. Instead, it focuses on CBD capsules, topical products, and gummies. Since 2015, it’s served over 3 million customers, so that says something!

The entry-level commissions here aren’t anything special when compared to other CBD affiliate programs. However, the company pays up to 35 percent. Plus, it includes a bonus program to unlock higher payouts, which could drive monthly revenues to $100,000 or more. You’re sure to appreciate that the average order value is $90, and you get a 90-day cookie window.


You can find full-spectrum CBD oil from Fab CBD, and the Colorado hemp is organically grown. However, it also offers CBD topicals and CBD pet treats in its store.

It includes high-quality products through its state-of-the-art extraction, growing, and cloning techniques, too. With that, customers get free shipping if they put in a minimum payment of $99, so customers are incentivized to buy in bulk. This is excellent news for all affiliate marketers.

However, the commission rate is only 15 percent, which is on the lower end of the spectrum for CBD affiliate programs. Sign up for the FAB CBD affiliate program using Refersion.


CbdMD has a strong brand with high-profile advocates on its side. That can be reassuring to customers and provide enticing CBD affiliate programs for you. When someone clicks the affiliate link on the site, they want to feel that you sent them to a trustworthy company.

Overall, this brand offers many CBD products, including bath bombs and pet products. It’s got an extensive product category that others can’t provide.

As any affiliate marketing professional might tell you, having more products means you have many linking options and can get a higher commission.

CbdMD pays a 20 percent commission, so it’s similar to other programs. Plus, CBD affiliates receive custom coupons with a 15 percent discount to drive sales. The top-earning affiliates can get 25 percent commissions when they boost the brand’s monthly revenue over $100,000.

You get paid monthly, but the brand includes a 60-day guarantee. Therefore, you must wait for that to end before seeing commissions.

Honest Paws Pet

Honest Paws specializes in pet products. You can find pet oils, balms, and treats for your furry friend to help them. When you join its affiliate program, it’s easy to offer many perks to the potential customers, such as free shipping on some orders and exclusive discounts.

The 30-day cookie window isn’t as spectacular as other CBD affiliate programs, but you can earn up to 25 percent for each sale. Successful applicants get paid monthly, and you’ve got CPA commission and revenue share options available.

Diamond CBD

If you visit the Diamond CBD website, you see that it’s focused on the fun part of the CBD industry. It includes specialized CBD vape products, THC shrooms, and CBD smokables. However, it shouldn’t be taken lightly because it focuses on high-quality products.

In fact, Diamond CBD has been the market leader in this niche for over six years, so it’s a veteran in the young sector. During this time, it sold more than $70 million in CBD products, so it’s doing something right.

As far as CBD affiliate programs go, the conditions and terms are solid, though somewhat unspectacular. You have a 90-day referral window and can earn 20 percent commissions. Still, the Diamond CBD affiliate program helps you monetize traffic referred to the brand, and you can see higher conversion rates, which average seven percent. There are also customized coupon codes available.


CBDPure offers CBD oil made with non-GMO organic hemp oil from Washington and Colorado. Plus, it contains no additives or contaminants.

As with CBDistillery, it has a small range of products, but they’re perfectly formed and focus on four categories, such as soft gels that mask the taste of the oil.

If your goal is to offer organic CBD products to your readers, this is a company to consider. There are no quotas to hit before you earn the top amounts with this affiliate marketing program. When you initially sign up, you may automatically take advantage of the 40 percent commission rate.

Overall, this affiliate marketing option wants you to make a sale. Cookie duration options are 90 days, so there is a huge opportunity to earn a lot of money. There aren’t many CBD oil affiliate programs like this, so you’re sure to appreciate this one. Plus, you’re paid monthly.

There’s a one-page form to apply for the CBD affiliate program from CBDPure, and they get reviewed in 24 hours.


“Sabaidee” is Thai and means “to be happy,” and the brand is devoted to good vibes. Its products focus on providing natural relief through hemp plant extracts. Plus, the brand’s specialty is broad-spectrum oils, and it stocks five varieties. You can also find balms and creams.

Overall, SabaiDee stresses environmental concerns, favoring affiliates who align with its mission and vision. If you’re one of them, you can make good money as an affiliate partner, earning 30 percent on all retail sales that come from your site. There’s even a generous bonus program. Generally, payments come on the first of the month for conversions in the last month, and you’re paid by check, PayPal, or bank wire.

Hemp My Pet

Hemp My Pet is another brand dedicated to offering quality CBD products for pets. This vertically-integrated company is fully involved in all steps of the sales and manufacturing process. While the products are designed for pets, they’re 100 percent human-grade, so they’re free of pesticides, GMOs, and gluten.

Affiliates also deserve the best, and this company doesn’t let you down with 30 percent commission rates. It also provides a 90-day cookie window, and people spend about $100 on each sale. Therefore, this could be one of the top CBD affiliate programs available right now!

Direct CBD

Most people think the cannabidiol market only focuses on CBD oil, but that’s not true. Direct CBD offers the broadest and most unusual selection of CBD products out there. Did you know CBD water was real?

Overall, it stocks over 3,000 products and has more than 100 CBD brands, so it’s a great choice for affiliates who want deep-linking opportunities.

Plus, this vendor is the only one out there selling Martha Stewart gummies, CBD oil drops, and soft gels. Overall, the Direct CBD affiliate programs are a great choice, even though the commission rate is low at 12 percent.

Still, you do have more time to make a sale. Cookie duration is 45 days with this affiliate program, so you can quickly monetize your blog’s traffic. There’s a seven-day EPC of over $50, too. Sign up with Commission Junction Affiliate Network to get started.

CBD Essence

CBD Essence focuses on customer satisfaction, and it currently has a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot. With over 900 positive reviews, you know it fulfills its orders with no issues.

Overall, the CBD Essence store is the one-stop shop for cannabidiol needs, and you can find CBD tinctures in natural, tangy, and sweet flavors. The sweetness doesn’t end here because it’s got a six-month cookie duration. Refer customers using this affiliate program, and you earn 40 percent commissions, even if the customer waits that long to click the referral link.

This makes it a no-brainer for affiliates. Just sign up! Commissions get paid monthly, and there is a low minimum payment to get started. Use the Post Affiliate Pro Affiliate Network to consider this affiliate program.

Joy Organics

Joy Organics offers USDA-certified full/broad-spectrum CBD oil products. It has been featured in many publications within the CBD niche, as well, such as Entrepreneur Magazine and Ministry of Hemp. Overall, this brand focuses on sustainability above all else. Therefore, it operates a regenerative farming practice, includes carbon-neutral shipping, and uses recycled materials.

If these eco-friendly credentials align with your goals, then this is the top CBD oil affiliate program to consider. It’s not all about sustainability because you can make money, too!

This brand offers 25 percent commissions that are paid twice each month. There’s an unlimited referral period and a pretty aggressive bonus program.

In a sense, this affiliate program includes custom coupons to generate purchases and clicks from your site. Plus, there’s a dedicated affiliate management team to help with your issues, and you can join a private Facebook group.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a well-known CBD brand and one of the biggest. In fact, it holds the claim as the most trusted hemp extract business in the world. Earlier, you learned about CBD Medic, and Charlotte’s Web now owns that brand from March 2020 onward. Overall, it’s a big deal!

As you might imagine, this brand stocks many CBD oil products, CBD capsules, and gummies. However, the affiliate program terms aren’t all that great. Since it has become a household name, it’s slacked a bit. Still, the brand’s strength should indicate that a higher percentage of referrals convert.

There’s even a 10 percent coupon code to help incentivize people to click through, so this affiliate program isn’t that bad.

Those who want to sign up for the CBD affiliate program should visit RevOffers or Pepperjam for more information.

Pure Relief

Pure Relief is the retailer and manufacturer of naturally-derived CBD products and features a powerful brand story. Michael Melton is the founder, and he’s a former tire store owner from North Carolina. He launched the company to respond to the out-of-control opioid epidemic in his home state.

The bestsellers here include smokables, gummies, and CBD oils. However, Pure Relief also offers other products and an apparel line.

Therefore, it offers many opportunities as an affiliate program, with commissions starting at 20 percent. That, combined with conversion rates of 6.76 percent and average orders of $86, contribute to this brand being a top contender.

There’s no minimum payment required to join this affiliate program, and you don’t need a website-style platform, either. Those with no website should sign up with Refersion, and site owners can use ShareASale.

Savage CBD

Savage CBD focuses on selling natural alternatives and offering affordable prices. It stocks CBD vape products, such as disposable pens and juices, along with tinctures and edibles that you expect from top CBD brands.

Overall, this Savage CBD affiliate program offers generous terms. You’ve got the chance to earn 35 percent commissions on retail sales, and there’s a solid cookie window. Therefore, this is one of the top CBD affiliate programs on the market.

There’s a minimum payment of $50, but it regularly updates offers and coupons to promote new deals each week.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a well-known brand within the CBD industry, and it sources the cannabidiol from premium-grade hemp found in the United States.

It offers bath bombs, CBD gummies, and other CBD-infused goodies with less than 0.3 percent THC. Plus, everything is lab-tested to ensure that it only provides high-quality products. This is a big trust factor, and many people like the company because of it.

Plus, this brand offers affordable prices and has an extensive product line compared to other CBD brands. That contributes highly to its average conversion rate of four percent.

With the average order value of $84 and average referrals worth $15, this is a solid affiliate program to consider.

Commissions range from 10 to 20 percent, but that depends on your domain’s strength and how much traffic you generate. You even get a dedicated affiliate manager to help you along the journey of this affiliate program. Sign up with Impact Radius Affiliate Network.

Avida CBD

Avida CBD is a newcomer to the industry and only launched its website in 2018. Therefore, it puts more focus on its customer service and includes a 30-day guarantee for risk-free purchases. People get high-quality products like vape juices, oils, and CBD gummies without the worry.

When you first look at Avida CBD, the terms aren’t very exciting compared to various CBD affiliate programs on the list. However, the 90-day cookie window and 20 percent commissions are respectable.

Still, you get plenty of extras to make it compelling than other affiliate programs offer, such as a $100 cash bonus after five sales, prize giveaways, and monthly payouts. It even includes a helpful affiliate dashboard to show you the direct sales and how they correlate to your commissions.

If you want to consider this affiliate program, visit ShareASale to get started.


Overall, the CBD niche is a gold mine for affiliates. You can find high commissions, generous referral windows, and tons of quality products and affiliate networks that monetize your blog.

This list contains various affiliate program opportunities with brand diversity. Whether you’re building an authority site for pain relief or want to target the recreational side, there are multiple CBD brands that could align with your values and goals.

You don’t have to sell CBD products yourself when you join an affiliate program!

Still, it’s best to get the latest industry news from reputable sources and consider these 20 best CBD affiliate programs. When you’re ready to start blogging, use the services from It can help you generate content so that you can link to it and start making passive income!

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