Content Writing Agency – How to Choose One

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There are millions of freelance writers throughout the world offering their services for high and low costs. However, when it comes to your website, you need a process for finding the right writing company. Typically, it’s better to go with a content creation agency that has various skills, reliability, and even more.

At Ranking Articles, we are one of the top content development pros out there, and we know how to handle content marketing and creation needs. If you want to outsource this, there’s no need to be overwhelmed with others.

With so many people out there with different levels of experience and skillsets, you need the right company to help you.

Here are the things to look for in a content creation company. We have all of these skills and much more!

Content Writing Services Must Be Reliable

Reliability is crucial when you want the best content writing on the market. However, what does that mean to you? Definitions can vary, but they usually include:

  • Being available for communication
  • Maintaining consistency for work quality
  • Ability to meet deadlines set by the client

Your business requires the best writers ever, and that just can’t happen if they can’t talk to you, aren’t consistent, or cannot meet deadlines.

Content marketing is a plus, but most company owners don’t think about that when hiring a writing service. We can do it all, so there’s no worry when you choose us. Here are the points to consider for reliability:

Get Recommendations

Ask your peers or similar companies who they use for their professional writers. They aren’t likely to recommend the services of someone if they had a poor experience with them.

If you’re looking for a content manager, the same applies. Content marketing is crucial so that once the pieces are crafted, the person can also help you promote them efficiently.

Choose an Established Content Platform or Agency

Content creation isn’t always easy, and small businesses might find it hard to allocate budget resources for pro services. However, it’s often better to go with an established content writing agency because they have the right skills and can deliver everything on time, whether it’s product descriptions or something else.

If you choose to work with us, you get the benefit of having excellent content created, such as:

  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Guest posts for your blog
  • Press releases
  • Landing pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Video scripts
  • Web pages
  • Social media posts
  • Technical writing

Check Reviews

Whether you choose a content creation service or a freelancer, you should read the reviews that others have offered. Professional writers should have more positive than negative ones and should understand the writing process.

Typically, agencies have various reviews on the website, so you can read through them at your leisure. Just make sure that you go to outside forums and find out what people really think. Most of the websites are full of the best reviews possible. You want to learn who didn’t like the services and why, too.

Watch for Communication Delays

Writers have to understand that there comes a point where negotiations take place for the services rendered. If the person takes 48 hours or more to respond, it could mean that they aren’t reliable.

You may require content creation multiple times a month. If you can’t ensure that the content marketing professional can get back to you with rates and other things promptly, you could be waiting and mess up your content schedule.

Must Understand the Customer or Audience

Content marketing and writing services aren’t just about writing about the assigned topic. The best writer understands your:

  • Brand voice
  • Target audience (including demographics)
  • Goals
  • Product and service to market it effectively to customers

With that, they need to understand how search engines rank your site and its content so that they can use the best practices and ensure that you’re shown first on the results page.

Ultimately, the best person for the job digs deeply into your buyer persona to understand the targeted customers. That includes their pain points and what they want to search for. From there, the writer can create the right content to answer the questions and paint you in the best light possible.

How do you find that?

Make Note of Their Questions

You should focus more on content writing agencies that ask questions about the target audience. Who is this for? What do they need? If you already have a buyer persona created, you can provide this information to the writers, and it makes everything much easier.

However, if that’s never discussed, the content might not be tailored to the right people. With that, it makes content marketing a nightmare because you have information your group doesn’t need.

Share Your Insights Immediately

You are the client, and it is up to you to provide insights to the content creation provider upfront for each assignment they take on. This includes information about the people you’re targeting and how the post should appeal to their pain points.

Ultimately, you want the writers to know:

  • Who the group is they are writing to
  • The pain points the product resolves
  • How the content helps the searchers

With that, the writer must focus on your brand and ensure that their services match your voice and tone.

Discuss Goals and Audiences

If you do explain your goals, the content writing agencies you consider must be able to help you craft content that appeals to users at all stages of the sales funnel. This helps the team create more leads through the website and boosts your business and brand visibility.

You want your clients to know that you create content that matches everything they require. This ultimately means using SEO to ensure that the keywords are correct and strategically placed.

Consistently High-quality Content Creation

The term quality can mean different things, but here are what most people want from their writers:

  • Well-written content with no spelling or grammar issues
  • Fresh, original, unique content with a new or different point of view
  • Thorough and informative content
  • Engaging and interesting content

When you hire content writing services like ours, you should ensure that the pieces are of high quality. Our team makes sure to do that for you so that your readers are engaged and excited about what you have to say.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you get the content you need and want:

Request the Portfolio

The best way to assess quality from your writer or provider is to ask for samples of their previous work. You can ask to see the agency’s portfolio and look for different sources. If they typically write for one site, it could be edited a lot by the client. However, if you see a lot of work across many sites, it indicates the content creation stands on its own two feet.

Ask for a Sample

Most content writing services offer you a trial piece for free or for a lower price. If that’s possible, make sure that you take it. Experienced writers do require payment for the sample, but some platforms don’t.

We always make sure that our clients are paired with a writer that can craft content for your website. You’re allowed to request revisions, and we don’t rest until the piece is just how you want it to be. However, that also means we ask you a lot of questions in the beginning to make sure that we know your goals for the content.

Make Sure Revisions Are Included

You should ensure that the agencies you consider offer revisions, and the more they do, the better. Make sure you know if there are limits and all the rest. The content can’t always be perfect the first time around. Writers in the business understand this and are willing to write and re-write it a few times to make sure you’re happy.

Industry Expertise

Expertise within the industry often includes:

  • Writing in the field you’re in
  • Having hands-on experience within the industry of your business
  • Being able to research for your industry

However, the world of content marketing and writing is different now than it used to be.

If you’re working with writing services, they have many different clients and are writing things for each of them. It can be hard to know if the writers employed there have the expertise you need, but here are a few ways to check:

Check Previous Samples

You should check the previous work from the writers you’re considering or the agency. If someone has experience with creative writing in your industry, that’s a good start. They should have samples of blog content that demonstrate real knowledge. That way, you know that they can craft content for your website easily.

Be Prepared to Pay for Quality

Many times, it takes an entire team to handle everything. You want a content manager who can note when to provide new blog content. However, the writer must write content that meets your needs.

Generally, writing services that have the best employees charge more for the content. Therefore, be expected to pay for their experience.

Strong Abilities and SEO Writing Capabilities

Writers should have experience with SEO, regardless of whether they have one or various clients. This should include:

  • Knowing the most popular SEO tools
  • Conducting strong keyword research
  • Understanding how to optimize content for content marketing

Here’s how to know if your writing team has all that you require:

Practices What They Preach

Agencies that offer content services should have a website, and it should demonstrate their SEO capabilities, the effectiveness of driving traffic, and how often they craft content. With that, if you’re hiring them to help with content marketing, they must take that aspect of the business to a new level.

The writers should be well-versed in SEO and provide you with everything you need.

Use of Specialty SEO Tools

Writing blogs isn’t all about throwing words together. For SEO to be effective, they must write what the people want to know. This means using specialty tools to ensure that search engine optimization is done correctly.

Knows what SEO Optimization Is

Most content services have writers who claim to be SEO-competent. However, you should ask each writer from the agency how they optimize the content. Clients who do that usually have a more personalized approach.

They’re Proactive

Writers must take the initiative for themselves. Therefore, content writing should start with sending pitches, researching the website, and all the rest.

Know Your Expectations

If you need agencies to help with social media content writing, then say so. This also applies for any web content. Writers at content writing services should provide high-quality content, but that is only possible if you can explain what you need.

Easy to Make Work Arrangements

Content creators know that their clients may need blogs written at any time. It’s important that the team members can follow your content calendar, writing when you need the information presented.

Therefore, they need to have a process in place to match the workflow of your business website. Ultimately, that means offering authoritative content that others can link to and share on social media with little effort.

They Have a Content Marketing Strategy

Content writers, whether at agencies or by themselves, should have a content strategy. If you require a high volume of great content, it’s important that the content writer offers other services to ensure a seamless process.

Website content writing focuses on what the clients want, which could include social media and other content. We’re the right team for the job and can help with your content marketing strategy.


As agency clients, you get something more than freelance writers when you work with us. You want quality content for your website, and you now have a team that can help.

The content creator is there to help you with your business and focuses solely on content quality when writing. When you choose us as your content writing agency, you have expert writers from around the world.

Our content development pros offer the best content marketing strategies to meet your needs. Please contact us today for more information.

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