Top-tier Food Blogs to Pull Inspiration From

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No one has to tell you that blogs are incredibly common these days. People are out there posting about a host of different topics and bringing high-quality content to whichever audiences choose to pay attention to.

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Food blogs constitute a subset that has seen the widespread appeal. Sometimes, people seek a cooking blog to get better in the kitchen, while others may just want to eat healthily.

Whatever the motivation is, the food blog subcategory is doing incredibly well, especially for those who know how to whet the appetites of their readers both literally and figuratively.

If you’re interested in creating or you already have a blog dedicated to the wonders of good food, we can inject all the right ingredients to take your publication to the next level.

Before we talk about that though, why don’t we start cooking up a content storm by introducing you to some of the top food blogs in the game right now?

After we’re done, we can discuss more how our services improve the food blogging experience.

Delicious Recipes and More: Food Blog Listings

Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club – Healthy Recipes for Daily Life

The Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club is known for a series of deliciously healthy recipes, and the way it makes the cooking experience that much smoother. The brain behind the operation is none other than Sara Forte.

Considering she happens to be a renowned cookbook author, it’s no surprise that the food blog is an award-winning one.

The challenge with a lot of tasty recipes is that they seem to be for special occasions and they happen to require quite a bit of prep time.

Of course, that doesn’t mean people necessarily want to shift to instant pot recipes.

Sara wants home cooks to be able to enjoy delicious meals while being able to live a somewhat normal life.

Her series of content sees her sharing recipes that her readers consider “real food.” In other words, it happens to be pretty accessible stuff and isn’t confined to a special diet.

Niche in a Nutshell

Sustainable living is a big part of what Sara does with her platform.

If you want a food blog that allows you to explore healthy-ish exotic recipes that can fit into a typical adult schedule, then this is the one for you!

Pinch of Yum – Fresh Ingredients and Flavorful Food

Lindsay certainly turned a hobby into something much more when she embarked on the Pinch of Yum journey.

Like many food bloggers out there, she has a passion for the culinary arts, which you can infer from the laundry list of mouth-watering recipes you can find on the site.

There’s certainly an emphasis on using fresh ingredients to create numerous recipes that also happen to be family-friendly.

Lindsay is an advocate for healthy food in her own life and it bleeds over into the colorful recipes that she brings to the metaphorical and literal tables.

She states that she is willing to eat everything you can find in her food blog, so you can tell that she believes in the spin she’s putting on home cooking for all to enjoy.

Niche in a Nutshell

If you want to learn savory recipes as you eat healthily, then Pinch of Yum is one of those food blogs that you want to pay attention to.

Furthermore, if you like the feeling of a sense of community, you can find that too.

Lindsay loves to see all the recipes that her followers try out, so she encourages that they are shared with her via her Instagram page.

Serious Eats – Recipes, the Science of Food, and Even Food Histories

Not many food blogs can boast about having around seven million readers monthly. However, being an award-winning publication for amazing recipes that employ nutritional science does say a lot.

Serious Eats started its journey in 2006, which means there have been a lot of developments and contributions over the years.

People who have played the role of home cook, recipe developer, scientists, historians, novelists, etc., have all contributed to the meal plans and the good food that Serious Eats is known for.

You’re getting more than just a food blog here. The delicious recipes are accompanied by solid insights that help you to understand the world of food and drinks that much more.

On one hand, you may find yourself recreating some of the popular recipes you see.

On the other hand, Serious Eats may encourage the spirit of fearless cooking, which may see you’re creating new recipes to enjoy.

Niche in a Nutshell

If you want a food blog that includes recipes that have been acknowledged worldwide, then Serious Eats may be for you.

Additionally, for those who want to understand ingredient relationships and a more scientific approach to meal prep and home cooking, this is an incredibly great place to start!

Recipe Critic – Top-tier Recipes for Soups, Dinner Inspiration, and Even Desserts

Considering Alyssa Rivers has been using Recipe Critic to bring tasty food recipes to her audience since 2012, it would be hard to argue with the fact that she knows what she’s doing in the kitchen.

Most recipes you see in food blogs are typically things that the authors know work pretty well. However, this one experiments with all kinds of new recipe ideas that may very well surprise you.

It could be seasonal food, gluten-free recipes, dairy-free meals, or creative side dishes. After all, the author is known for testing out her creations with her family members who seem to enjoy every bite.

Though the recipes are walking uncharted territory, it’s clear that Alyssa knows how certain ingredients interact long before she ever tries to put them together.

If you look beyond her recipes to the way she structures each blog post, you get a sense of a much deeper understanding.

Niche in a Nutshell

If you want to experiment with real food instead of doing so in your imagination, Recipe Critic is certainly the place to get yourself some well-needed direction.

You also find that the dishes are often very family-friendly.

Damn Delicious – Elegant Dishes with Simple Ingredients

As far as names for food blogs go, the Damn Delicious blog knocks it out of the park.

The best part is that you’re not dealing with a creative name that has no substance behind it.

Chungah is the food blogger behind this one and she certainly uses her platform well to share some of her favorite recipes with her audience.

There’s an obvious focus on using fresh ingredients that happen to also be very simple.

Technically speaking, this translated to implied and explicit shopping tips to help you pick up the right combination of items.

Niche in a Nutshell

The recipes you find while reading the Damn Delicious blog are often quite revolutionary. That’s because there’s a team behind the scenes.

Those who may want to have whole foods and basic ingredients turned into culinary masterpieces are encouraged to check this one out.

Green Kitchen Stories – Simplifying Vegetarian Foods with Natural Ingredients

The recipes here all have a green theme, which is likely very unsurprising considering the name of the blog.

Everything is along the vegetarian line, which is great for those who may be interested in meal plans that cut out meat and other animal products.

Luise Vindahl, a Denmark national, does food blogging here, and she has amassed a wealth of knowledge considering she’s a holistic nutrition therapist and has been blogging since 2009.

Gluten-free and green often go hand in hand, meaning the recipes can appeal to a broad range of readers who may be able to find some valuable insights here.

The site also acknowledges David Frenkiel, a vegetarian for over two decades who wears many hats in the production including those of food photographer, author, magazine art director, etc.

Niche in a Nutshell

If you want a blog that takes the time to properly cater to you as a vegetarian, this is probably one of the best directions you can go for varied and well-thought-out recipes.

Closet Cooking – Culinary Adventures in a Small, Closet-sized Kitchen

This has to be one of the most interesting spins on putting recipes out there for blog readers to enjoy. It’s incredibly relatable to many who may have a small kitchen.

There’s nothing wrong with having a kitchen that isn’t massive, but many bloggers use well-equipped, large spaces.

Here, you have a literal closet-sized kitchen at play, which immediately makes things more interesting.

Now, there are sweet and savory recipes, among others, which are constantly being created and tested for the reading public to thoroughly enjoy.

Niche in a Nutshell

Innovation and reliability are the two biggest selling points here. It’s nice to see a blog pioneering new recipes with different flavors.

However, when the space being used seems so “normal,” it puts things into perspective that the quality of the ingredients and recipes are more important than having fancy kitchen equipment.

For some people, knowing that brings validation and satisfaction. if you can relate, then Closet Cooking is probably for you.

Budget Bytes – Delicious Food That Happens to Be Pocket-friendly

Beth hit the nail on the head here as everyone is looking to save some money where they can. With that said, who would turn down the prospect of budget-friendly recipes?

You would be surprised to find out the extent to which you don’t need to spend too much to enjoy great recipes.

Beth is a problem solver and an innovator in the kitchen, and these two skills lead her to some nearly unbelievable discoveries, considering the price tags.

Budget Bytes originated in 2009 when Beth was in a terrible financial spell and needed to cut expenses to survive. So, she started tracking all her food spending.

Once she did that, she began to get a better appreciation for where she could be more efficient, and now she allows her audience to do the same with her affordable recipes.

Niche in a Nutshell

Everyone wants to save, but it may not be a top priority as it is for Beth. Your enjoyment here depends on how highly you value being cost-effective.

After all, doing more with less may mean putting quite a bit of work into the mix.

Love and Olive Oil – Accessible Yet Impressive Food

Love and Olive Oil is not that different from the previous entry.

The difference is this production comes from a married couple who gets bored easily and wants to save money by making their recipes.

There’s a sense of reliability considering things don’t always go so well. The couple acknowledges its lack of professional chef accolades, but they still do a fantastic job!

To be fair, after having had three cookbooks published under your name, you’re likely able to put great recipes together.

Niche in a Nutshell

The sense of normality that this couple brings while helping you to save a buck is where the true appeal of this one comes into play.

Cookie and Kate – Vegetarian Delights to Celebrate Whole Foods

Kate openly acknowledges her food obsession, which is not necessarily a bad thing, considering the way that feeds into her recipes.

Note that she prefers not to cook meat, which explains why everything you see falls under the vegetarian umbrella.

The blog’s recipes are categorized under breakfast, salad, soup, dinner, and dessert and include as many whole foods as possible.

Impressively, you’re dealing with an avid believer in the concept of indulgence once it’s occasional and done in moderation.

The blog may even help you prepare some of those comfort foods.

Niche in a Nutshell

Exciting vegetarian food is the order of the day here, and you’re encouraged to prepare the recipes while incorporating as much fun as possible.

How Sweet Eats – For Those Who Somehow Managed to Make Food a Spirit Animal

How Sweet Eats covers such a broad range, that it’s nothing short of astounding! What are you looking for? Do you need baking tips on gluten-free pastry delights?

Whether you want comfort food, honey-sweet treats to satisfy your baking addiction, or something healthy, there are recipes galore for you to enjoy.

The blog even takes it beyond the world of food, allowing you to familiarize yourself with and partake in incredible cocktails and mocktails

Niche in a Nutshell

Just because you’re interested in the life of a minimalist baker, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to know how to make delicious dinner-time recipes.

How Sweet Eats is for those who want to get a lot of variety coverage out of a single blog.

Two Peas and Their Pod – A Duo Bound By Marriage and the Kitchen

Two Peas and Their Pod seems to have recipes for just about any occasion you can think of. The married couple clearly has a lot of experience in the kitchen and the world of real estate too!

Alongside the multitude of recipes you can browse, you may notice that the blog has a home-based section in which you can see tips on picking out household elements as well as tours of the couple’s home.

Niche in a Nutshell

If you’re enamored with the idea of a food blog that also delves into home design, then you would be hard-pressed to find a better option than this one.

Brown Eyed Baker – Typical Food Alongside Decadent Desserts

The idea of being a minimalist baker is welcoming to those who just want to experiment since it eliminates the feeling of needing a grandiose setup and ingredient set to get your inner pastry chef going.

There are some tremendous recipes here that yield delightful baked goods, which are guaranteed to tease any palette.

You may just give yourself a baking addiction when you realize how much your loved ones are enjoying their specially made treats.

An air of simplicity flows around the blog too as it focuses on helping people put recipes together with simple items they can find at their local grocery stores.

Niche in a Nutshell

This blog is for people interested in pastry-baked recipes who may feel a bit intimidated by how complicated baking can seem. You get to achieve mastery following a simple line here.

Allow Us to Support the Food Blogger in You

You never know if your idea is going to end up netting you a “best cooking blog” award from Saveur Magazine.

You don’t even have to stick to just doing recipes, considering the hybrid productions that are already yielding great success for other bloggers.

We offer a full suite of content services to help you bring your verbal and artistic vision to life in the form of recipes, amazing photography, engaging stories, and more!

Here are some of how we can help you take things to the next level!

Content Creation

Content creation is on the more self-explanatory side of the spectrum.

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Even if you don’t approach us with a certain directive that may be beneficial, once we see the opportunity, we are not going to hesitate to start the conversation with you.


Creating a food blog can be incredibly daunting and when you see the examples above, you may find yourself wondering if you’re ever going to be able to have your own blog put together that well.

All you need is the right guiding hands in your corner, and that’s another area we specialize in. Clients benefit greatly from our expert advice that’s tailored to their objectives.


Even with the tastiest recipes in the world, you can’t create a community without developing your brand.

If you review all the examples above, it’s not too difficult to ascertain what kind of brand image they may have been going for.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t develop yours in the same way that they do theirs. We can assist you in bringing the right elements together to create the image that suits you best.


You got a lot of information today, and if nothing else, it should’ve taught you that solid food blogs are a lot more than a series of recipes wrapped up in a nice coat of paint.

Sometimes it helps to get inspiration from others who may already be doing what you want to do well. Therefore, you got to look at some of the top culinary blogs out there.

As you can see they share recipes, stories, innovations, etc. to appeal to different audiences.

Whether you have an idea of what you want to do in the industry or not, we can walk you through the proverbial gateway to blogging success with our collection of professional services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Facilitating Guest Posting a Good Idea?

Sometimes, bloggers wonder if doing this constitutes a detrimental move. What if guests show up on your blog with better recipes than the ones you’ve crafted?

If so, this isn’t something to run away from. A different perspective that brings greater traffic to your page is a positive outcome.

What if I Run out of Recipes?

This would be very difficult to achieve since there are so many culinary delights already discovered and there’s also room for innovation.

Additionally, your whole blog doesn’t need to be centered around recipes.

How am I Expected to Carve out a Niche That Doesn’t Already Exist?

No one said you had to. If you can and it works out for you, then that would be incredible!

However, you can also capitalize on the slew of niches out there that are already booming and may have some room for a newcomer.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Blog?

There’s no set answer for this. Some people do it completely free, though they tend not to have all the elements in place that paid ones do.

We suggest that you discuss this with us, so we can help you pencil out what the cost would be for your needs.

What if I’m No Good at Food Photography?

You don’t need to be. Tap into the beauty of outsourcing whenever possible!

How Does a Food Blogger Monetize Content?

Food bloggers can monetize content through subscriptions, affiliate links, cookbook sales, and more!

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