Angry Birds is now one of the biggest video crazes of many individuals, both young and old, from all over the world. This video game that has taken the nation by storm features birds that are knocking over some towers and objects. Although it is only a very simple game, it has not failed in claiming the attention of many video gamers, the reason why it has become the obsession of many, with millions of people downloading the game applications in their computers, tablets, and even their phones. No matter where you look these days, you will surely see avid gamers of Angry Birds. There are even numerous items that have been made featuring the well known birds in the game, and one of which is the Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game made by Mattel.

With a price ranging from $11.99 to $19.99, this product from Mattel is recommended for children aged 5 years and above. Basing on the online video game’s popularity, Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game is the game’s real life version that is featuring a tabletop format. Pieces that serve as towers are also included, together with the launcher and of course, the Angry Birds. There are two players who can play this game. The one will choose the card and build the tower, while the second player will attempt to knock the tower over using the launcher and birds.


Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game has brought all the fun and excitement of the current biggest touchscreen app in a tactile playing field meant for 2 to 4 players. This game is following similar goals as its online version: the Angry Birds will need to be launched to the wooden castles of the pigs that steal eggs for them to be destroyed and for you to advance to the game’s next level. With four pigs, three Angry Birds, bird launcher, and various “wooden” pieces, the level of action similar to that of the online game can now be brought right in your own living room.


Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game starts by drawing card from the four levels, building the structure on this card before knocking this down. The card should be drawn in order to play. If you get a higher card, you will have the chances of earning more points. Give this to the next player who will build the card’s castle. Using the bird launcher, shoot this down using the birds that are indicated on your Mission card.


The testers who of Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game have enjoyed the sheer challenge of having to play by the rules of the game, which include the ways of building structures as well as the birds that you will be allowed to use for particular launches. They also enjoyed the special cards for the fourth level mission that already allows freestyle building for the game to be more creative. Kids will surely love experimenting with distances where they can shoot the Angry Birds toward the castles. With a lot of possibilities in Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game, this can certainly become the perfect hobby that all family members will love.



Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game has very easy and simple rules that even the younger children can understand them. Even the little ones who cannot read yet can play the game because reading is not necessary to figure out what the game is all about. The birds, pigs, structure pieces, and catapult are all sturdy, not to mention that it can help your kids in building coordination.

The pieces that comes with the Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game are also very colorful, which is a great thing especially for smaller children since this can get their attention and make them interested.


For those who are not big fans of tedious projects, building the structures that are indicated in Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game mission cards can be a bit frustrating. It might also take some time to get used to the shooting of the birds. However, things will turn so much better the moment you discover the secrets in building the structures and making them resemble those shown on the mission cards. In a matter of days, you will surely find yourself getting hooked with this game.

Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game has received 147 customer reviews and the toy was given a stunning average rate of 4 stars, making it as one of the hottest items in Amazon.

If your kids are avid fans of Angry Birds and you would like to give them something that will make them experience the fun excitement of the online game hands-on, Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game is surely a must-have. With all the pieces sturdy and colorful, this is one game addiction that your kids will love to get into.