High Ticket Affiliate Programs to Boost Your Revenue in 2022

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If you’re an affiliate marketer, you probably believe that promoting high ticket affiliate programs is too difficult an undertaking for you. Many think that you need to have several years of affiliate marketing experience, lots of money to spend on Facebook ads, and the copywriting skills of a pro.

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However, most affiliate marketers don’t realize that low-ticket affiliate marketing is just as easy as marketing the highest-paying affiliate programs. You just need to have the proper know-how. Moreover, you’ll need a partner specializing in outstanding copywriting to help you succeed.

At Ranking Articles, we have years of experience crafting high-quality, high-ranking content that is sure to get your affiliate marketing program off the ground. We will carefully create content that is SEO-optimized to improve your chances of ranking high on search results.

Affiliate Marketing and High-ticket Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is an advertising method where a firm pays a third-party blogger to send traffic or prospects to its website.

This typically involves establishing a relationship of trust with your readers. You can do this by posting helpful content and adding an affiliate link to encourage readers to purchase the product you’re promoting.

The payouts for digital marketing vary from one program to another, but anything below $100 is typically considered a low-ticket affiliate program.

High-ticket affiliate marketing involves promoting services or products that generate a larger revenue than others. It enables marketers to earn more money online by selling fewer products. You will still need to put in the same amount of effort, but the difference is that the rewards are greater.

Why Are Some Affiliate Marketers So Successful?

Affiliate marketers that have progressed beyond pursuing low-ticket affiliate marketing commissions in a variety of sectors are recognized as super affiliates.

These marketers begin by choosing a niche that fascinates them so that they can use their interests and experience to generate compelling content. They then concentrate on honing their knowledge in that niche to progress to higher-paying affiliate programs.

The truth is that they aren’t just establishing an affiliate marketing revenue stream, but these super affiliates are also establishing a long-term brand with the potential to grow in authority and reputation as affiliate incentives change.

Ultimately, the goal for super affiliates is to establish trust in order to reach fans, professionals, and consumers on the verge of making a purchase.

In any niche, fans and enthusiasts are the strongest supporters. Because these products are more valuable to them, they are unconcerned with high prices. Professionals, like businesses and entrepreneurs, are unconcerned about high costs if they can expect to benefit in the long term.

The Fundamentals of High-ticket Affiliate Marketing

Not every affiliate program is the same, and if you’re already an affiliate marketer, you’ll know that not every affiliate program is ideal. In the section below, we discuss the major types of marketing programs and what you can expect from each of them.

Cost per Action Marketing (CPA)

This type of affiliate marketing involves receiving a commission from a company when a specified action has been completed, which means that you won’t necessarily need your reader to make a purchase to qualify for a commission.

Actions could be anything from readers watching a video, clicking on an affiliate link, requesting a quote, or subscribing to email marketing.

Product Commissions

Most online retailers work on a product commission basis, which means that they will pay a commission when a reader makes a purchase through the affiliated marketer. Major retailers like Amazon use this model to promote sales.

While you may find a few high-ticket product commission models, most retailers only offer a small percentage for your efforts.

Recurring Commissions

This is a compensation structure in which the marketer receives a monthly commission rate for a predetermined period or as long as the company pays for these services.

Years of passive revenue could be generated from a single sale. Several subscription services, both expensive and cheap, adopt this model.

High-ticket Commissions

As mentioned before, high-ticket commission models are those in which the affiliate marketer is compensated at a higher percentage than is typical, for closing deals on high-ticket affiliate products such as corporate software or coaching programs.

Commissions of more than 50 percent of the sale price are possible. The higher amounts reflect the reality that marketing these products typically demands a relationship of trust and valuable content.

Recurring and High-ticket Commissions Are Preferable for Affiliate Marketing Efforts

If you’re passionate about earning with affiliate marketing, it should be obvious why recurring and high-ticket commissions are the most lucrative.

The truth is that for a single conversion, programs with monthly recurring commissions can offer you years of high revenue. With just a handful of conversions every year, you can still make a profit.

It’s essential to understand your link to the sales funnel if you want to compete for programs that reward affiliates in this manner. In the next section, we’ll help you understand sales funnels, so you can grow an affiliate marketing business that you can be proud of.

Understanding Sales Funnels

As we’ve already mentioned, understanding sales funnels are essential to landing high-ticket affiliate programs, but what exactly are they, and how do they work?

What Is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel, also known as a marketing, revenue, or purchase funnel, is essentially the journey a consumer takes from perception to action.

The funnel depicts the notion that every sale starts with a large customer base and concludes with a significantly smaller group of people who ultimately buy something. While sales funnels can differ from one product to another, they generally follow a simple structure

How Most Sales Funnels Work

All consumers travel through a sales funnel every time they make an online purchase without even realizing it.

Understanding this process is essential as an affiliate marketer because it helps you determine what you can do to encourage a consumer to complete the sales funnel and earn a handsome commission for your efforts.

In general, sales funnels follow this structure:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

It’s important to note that as customers make their way through the sales funnel, their numbers drop significantly. In the section below, we take a closer look at these stages to help you better understand this fundamental aspect of affiliate marketing.


The consumer is first made aware that a service or product is available in the first stage of the sales funnel.

They may become aware of the product or service through mass marketing efforts, word-of-mouth, or email marketing. Only a small fraction of individuals who are currently at this stage will progress to the next.


When a customer realizes that the product or service serves an important function, is enjoyable, or solves a problem, he or she moves to the next stage of the sales funnel. This involves showing a genuine interest in the product or service.


In the third phase, the consumer takes action based on their desire and, in most cases, does research. They have the option of choosing between different brands or marketplaces. Consumers will decide to purchase after they’re pleased with what they’ve seen.

If the customer cannot find good information about the product, there is a greater chance that he or she will abandon the sales funnel at this point.

This is where affiliate marketers can really shine by providing reassuring information in the form of reviews, how-to guides, and more to encourage the customer to move to the final stage of the funnel.


The final stage in every sales funnel is action. Once the customer’s research has produced favorable results and they’re happy to go through with the purchase, they will follow through.

A Few Important Points About Sales Funnels and High-ticket Affiliate Programs

The truth is that the more costly the item, the more meticulously this approach is followed in most instances. When it comes to large purchases, people are always cautious.

They want reliable knowledge, professionalism, or trustworthy influencers to reassure them that they are making the right choice.

Your marketing funnel is crucial if you want to be accepted for high-ticket affiliate programs. Fortunately, many of the finest affiliate marketing programs have already established infrastructure to attract people to the initial phases of the funnel.

Before you put any money into anything, make absolutely sure that you start with the most profitable high-ticket affiliate products. Let’s look at some of the best methods for finding and promoting the best affiliate programs available.

How to Find a Profitable High-ticket Affiliate Program

Knowing which high-ticket programs to take on is essential. Choosing products that aren’t likely to sell can result in wasted time and effort that produce no results.

It could also affect your credibility as an influencer, so you will need to choose your affiliate programs very carefully.

If you’re wondering what to look for in a high-ticket affiliate program, here are a few characteristics to keep an eye out for.


When you agree to promote a company’s product or service, you essentially take on its reputation. This means that the public option of the company and its product can affect your reputation as a marketer.

Before giving the go-ahead, do a Google search to find out more about the business and the quality of its product or service. If you discover that the product quality is poor and disliked by customers, displaying it to your readers could cause them to doubt your credibility.

Legal Repercussions

Marketers must follow rigorous restrictions because some affiliate programs offer substantial commissions.

This isn’t a great place to start if you’re a new marketer, as these laws can be challenging to navigate. Those who concentrate on gaining skills and have some experience, on the other hand, can benefit from such high-ticket programs.

The Popularity of the Product

Those trying out high-ticket affiliate programs for the first time are encouraged to stick to things that they’re confident will sell.

Don’t be intimidated by challenging niches, but keep in mind that certain high-paying affiliate programs pay well simply because the company has had significant difficulty selling the product.

In such situations, high commission rates are meaningless if there is no demand for the product.

A Number of Ways to Earn

The affiliate programs that provide you with many methods to profit from your efforts are the most valuable. You should look for the following offers:

  • Recurring Commissions. These are affiliate programs that offer monthly payments for a specified period.
  • Backend Commissions. Such commissions are earned from customers that have already made a purchase and are more likely to make a subsequent purchase. You can construct a mailing list to help you market your next affiliate program.
  • Second-tier Commissions. These are incredibly lucrative commissions in which you receive a percentage of every product sold by other marketers after you recommended them to the affiliate program.

The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs: Lucrative Niches

The truth is that some niches are more lucrative than others. If you’re not in one of these niches, it may be time to learn a few new skills and branch out to land top-paying affiliate programs.

Here are some of the best niches to find high-ticket affiliate programs:

  • Entrepreneurship, marketing, and business
  • Self-improvement
  • Investments and personal finance
  • Web hosting

The sections below will provide an overview of some of the best affiliate programs to pursue each niche.

1. Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Business High-ticket Affiliate Programs

Customers in this niche typically have a lot of money to spend, and they’re looking for solutions to help their business thrive.

Whether it’s customer service or management software, or an effective SEO strategy to help grow their business, there’s lots of money to be made from promoting these high-ticket affiliate programs.

Here are some of the best programs to help you grow your affiliate business through high-paying affiliate programs.


BigCommerce is a cloud-based system that offers resources, tools, services, and more to people who are creating eCommerce websites.

The platform’s most notable characteristics include fulfillment, online payments, inventory management, and a content management system.

Because eCommerce is growing in popularity every day thanks to the convenience of online shopping, affiliate marketers can earn good commissions when promoting the services and products that providers like BigCommerce offers.

Another great reason to choose BigCommerce as an affiliate is because it rewards marketers handsomely for their efforts. You will get 200 percent of the value of the customer’s first monthly payment should he or she subscribe to an enterprise plan.

Moreover, you can also earn from cookies, and BigCommerce offers a cookie length of 90 days.


ConvertKit is an email marketing solution that includes a number of features to help users manage, automate, and build their mailing lists to reach customers.

This high-paying affiliate program drives the sales of its business plan, which offers a variety of services. Affiliates that choose to be a part of the affiliate program are eligible to receive 30 percent of the customer’s monthly subscription fee on a recurrent basis.

While these figures can start at just $29 per month, they can quickly increase to produce considerable revenue.

Enterprise organizations who use the service are charged on a scale based on the number of members they oversee. Managing 500,000 customers, for example, costs $2,499 per month. You can earn $830 each month on average from such a customer.


Another company that’s making waves in the eCommerce industry is Shopify. It offers several services to individuals selling products online, including sales tools and hosting, along with a variety of additional services.

Shopify is by far the most popular eCommerce platform for online store business owners, with thousands of clients using the platform on a daily basis, which makes it an attractive affiliate program for marketers.

When you promote Shopify subscriptions, you can offer your readers or viewers a no-obligation 14-day free trial, which can help you increase your revenue by encouraging customers to make a purchase.

You will receive 100 percent for the first two referral payments, which range in value from $58 to $598 based on the plan the customer chooses through your affiliate program.


ClickFunnels promotes itself as an online business website and marketing funnel developer. Consumers can select a subscription to get web-building tools or access its increasing collection of ebook guides.

You can take advantage of great offers relating to both services if you enter the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

All membership deals are eligible for recurring commissions, but the ability to generate backend sales is where this program stands out.

Since many affiliate offerings are tied to each other, there are several opportunities to sell to the same customers numerous times.


Accounting can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly for business owners. Fortunately, there are a number of software solutions on the market to help simplify the tasks associated with business accounting.

FreshBooks is a useful accounting software solution for entrepreneurs. It offers a collection of tools that make the time-consuming aspects of operating a company far more controllable and structured.

The software is beneficial to everyone who owns their own business since it allows them to avoid wasting precious time on duties that are unrelated to selling and marketing their products.

You can earn $200 for referring any customers that make a purchase, and you will also get $10 for every customer that signs up for a free trial.

2. Self-improvement High-ticket Affiliate Programs

The truth is that many consumers are looking for new ways to improve their health, wellbeing, mind frame, and appearance, which is why self-improvement affiliate marketing can be so lucrative. Here are some of the best high ticket affiliate programs in this niche.


MasterClass is a web-based learning platform that offers expert-led training classes on a variety of subjects.

There are classes in a wide range of subjects, including poker from some of the finest players in the world, culinary skills from renowned chefs, and art classes from established artists.

It’s a platform where you can learn from actual professionals who have the evidence and credentials to back up their claims.

Every month, new programs are offered, and individuals who sign up as members to receive these online classes pay a monthly subscription.

Even though affiliate commissions are under $100, it has been included in this list because the potential for earnings per click (EPC) is great (over $236).

MasterClass is a fantastic service to market because the instructors are well-known – we’re talking about superstars offering step-by-step guides, so your affiliate links are likely to work well.


Wolfson Brands and other prominent wellness brands are all represented by Fanfuel, a prominent beauty, wellness, and health provider.

Weight reduction supplements, probiotics, a wide range of additional cognitive enhancers, beauty items, and sleep aids are among their best-selling affiliate products.

This high-ticket affiliate program gives you the opportunity to market these items at some of the best rates available.

The reward rate can reach 50 percent, and it’s one of the few organizations that offer both lifelong and tier two commissions. You’ll also get further earnings for returning customers.


MindValley is a virtual education platform that offers a variety of courses and initiatives to help its users grow.

It offers video courses on a broad range of transformative subjects, including spirituality, sleep, public speaking, and fitness.

Over the years, its worldwide events, live classes, and motivational documentaries have proved to be immensely successful. As a result, the company has become one of the largest and most influential transformative subscriptions on the internet.

Mindvalley has an attractive affiliate program that provides monthly payments via Paypal and offers you a dedicated affiliate manager to assist you and several useful webinars to use in your marketing campaigns.


SellHealth is an extensive affiliate network specializing in beauty and health solutions. The company has been around for more than a decade and has established itself as one of the most comprehensive health-related programs available.

Affiliates can advertise thousands of products because of SellHealth’s large-scale operations. Although not all affiliate offerings have high ticket commissions, those who participate in these programs typically earn up to $350 on each sale.


Organifi is a superfood store with an expanding product line and a large following. The brand currently features a variety of detox products, powdered juices, and more, the majority of which are organic.

ClickBank manages the affiliate program, which includes deals for most of its items. At all phases, including subsequent purchases of various products, the commission is an impressive 30 percent.

3. Investments and Personal Finance High-ticket Affiliate Programs

In addition to business solutions and wellness solutions, consumers are also paying more attention to how they invest their money.

Personal finance solutions are gaining popularity, making them the perfect media for affiliate earnings and include some of the highest-paying affiliate programs. Here are some of our top recommendations to help you make money online.

Gold Co

Gold Co is a firm that offers expert assistance to people who want to invest in their financial future. People who want to secure their retirement savings from economic collapses and currency depreciation should look into the Chuck Norris-endorsed scheme.

It features a silver and gold IRA (individual retirement account) to supplement retirement plans and excellent affiliate commissions.

This company is a big favorite with affiliate marketers because it pays well. Some affiliate marketers have made single profits of up to $10,000, making Gold Co one of the most lucrative companies for marketers to work with.

The typical amount you can earn for an investment is between $35 to $200. However, the majority of money is earned in silver or gold IRAs. If one of your site visitors invests in an IRA, you can earn up to six percent!

With no minimum payment requirements, you can make a nice profit if one of your clients makes a significant investment.


FXPRIMUS is a large currency exchange with a variety of trading tools, platforms, educational resources, and more to assist you in moving high-ticket offerings.

Because of the frequently released incentives and competitions for traders, it has a well-rounded reputation and an extensive online community.

This affiliate program allows you to link traders with the numerous trading tools and resources provided. There’s also ample opportunity for you to promote several items to the same customer and earn a lot of money.

Luxury Card

Luxury Card is essentially a credit card that has the feel of a luxury or premium card and offers excellent incentives for affiliate marketers. Under the Mastercard brand, you can purchase three different luxury cards.

The first is the Mastercard titanium card which costs $290 per approved user. Secondly, the Mastercard black card will cost $690 for each user, and the Mastercard gold card will cost $1290 per user.

These premium cards include incentives such as a $200 flight credit, gifts, privileges when traveling, and two percent cash back on some transactions for marketers.

Moreover, the fact that the Gold Card is constructed from real gold and weighs 0.05 pounds proves that it is indeed an option for the affluent, making it a promising high-ticket affiliate program.

4. Web Hosting High-ticket Affiliate Programs

As growing technology continues to move our activities online, there is a growing need for web hosting, as more websites are being launched each day.

This presents an incredible opportunity for marketers to earn through top-paying affiliate programs. You will find our high-ticket affiliate program recommendations in the section below.

WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP Engine is a professional web hosting option for people seeking a WordPress hosting company that is efficient, safe, and reliable.

It provides cutting-edge technologies, fast servers in different locations, a content delivery network (CDN), and plans to fit a variety of budgets and needs.

WP Engine is suitable for people who have or plan to have a website or blog that receives thousands of daily visits.

The pricing for WordPress hosting is pretty high, which makes it a great high-ticket affiliate program. It offers two types of payments as part of its affiliate marketing program. You have the option of receiving 100 percent of the first month’s commission or $200.

Additionally, you’ll get a 35 percent commission on every WordPress theme that you sell for its affiliated site, Studiopress.

Those who provide between 5 and 60 recommendations each month are eligible for a bonus payment. The amount of these bonuses varies from $1,100 to $15,475!


Bluehost is another reputable web host that offers an impressive high-ticket affiliate program. It provides several services for website owners, including VPS, domain names, traditional hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Since its inception in 2003, the firm has expanded to become one of the most popular hosts for marketing professionals, with WordPress even promoting them on its website.

The company paid out almost $5 million to its affiliates in 2021, so there’s no question that there are commissions to be made by marketing its plans.

You will get $65 for every referral you make, and there’s no limit to the amount you can make, so you can generate a significant income by partnering with Bluehost.

Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Liquid Web is a hosting service provider that offers a variety of server solutions and software for activities such as website migration and email hosting. The majority of its solutions are ideal for large corporations looking for significant, long-term commitments.

While its affiliate program does not offer a monthly fee on all memberships, Liquid Web does offer a commission rate of more than 100 percent for the first sale of certain products.

Because of closely connected services, an affiliate has a significant chance of claiming backend sales with Liquid Web.

How You Can Effectively Market an Affiliate Program to Earn High-ticket Commissions

The truth is that there is no difference between the way you market low-ticket and high-ticket affiliate programs. You must ensure that the strategy you adopt is appropriate for the niche you are targeting. Here are some of the ways you can turn your marketing efforts into commission:

  • Advertise using email marketing
  • Use videos and images to offer valuable content to build relationships with your viewers
  • Add Facebook ads to the mix to reach more people
  • Approach other website owners and offer to prove guest content to help drive traffic to your website
  • Focus on creating high-quality content on your blog to encourage readers to buy the product

Why Good Content Is So Important

The truth is that no one wants to read a blog post that’s plagued with grammatical and spelling errors!

Suppose you are serious about landing a high-ticket affiliate program. In that case, you must focus on crafting engaging and cleverly written content to ensure that readers don’t feel like they’re being pressured into making a purchase.

Instead, they should find your content helpful. This is essential to building trusting relationships with your readers.

The truth is that not everyone can create compelling content – and that’s okay! You can still qualify for a high-paying affiliate program even if you’re not a good writer. How you may ask. Well, the answer is quite simple. Get a professional to help you!

Ranking Articles Is Here to Help!

At Ranking Articles, we specialize in creating engaging content that will drive users to your website and encourage them to make a purchase through your affiliate link. Our professional writers will create SEO-optimized content to help you show up on Google searches to drive more traffic to your website and increase your revenue.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate digital marketing is the new way to sell products and services online. If you believe that you’ll never be able to sell high-ticket affiliate programs, then you might be right. With that mindset, you’ll never achieve the success of highly paid influential bloggers.

However, with confidence and a little know-how, you can transform your side business into a lucrative, high-paying income stream! If you need help marketing your affiliate program, contact us today to learn more about the content writing services we offer!

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