Home Decor Affiliate Programs – The Best Options for 2022

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If you own a blog that focuses on interior design, you may not realize that you could make a passive income with home décor affiliate programs. There are plenty of options out there; some companies sell wall art or pet-friendly essential oils, and others offer bedroom furniture. They’re often found at affordable prices, so you can easily break into the global home decor market.

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Whether you hope to monetize your website or blog or already offer home décor ideas, making money online with home decor affiliate programs is a great option for you.

In fact, it’s an evergreen niche that isn’t as “done to death” as you think. Once you find appropriate affiliate networks to work with, it’s time to focus on hiring someone to craft your home furnishing content. Ranking Articles is a writing agency that writes blogs and articles for an affordable price.

Most bloggers don’t realize that there are so many ways to monetize their blogs. You don’t have to sell mattresses to promote a better night’s sleep. In fact, you don’t even have to be a manufacturer, handcrafting high-end mattresses or pet beds for others. Get into the decor element through your own blog!

It’s possible to see good earnings through home decor affiliate programs like the ones listed below. This article goes through all the features, cookie durations, commission rates, and everything else you should understand.

Best Affiliate Networks and Programs Relating to Home Decor

Are you interested in home décor and have a blog that focuses on this industry? If so, you can find the best home decor affiliate programs that pay good money and offer you many opportunities for success.

Wayfair Home Decor Affiliate Program

Wayfair is an online store that believes each person can live in their dream home effortlessly. Its mission is to offer affordable handcrafted home furnishings that people can find online when the mood strikes.

The company partners with All Modern, Joss & Main, Perigold, and Birch Lane. Plus, it offers excellent services.

If you’re searching for home decorations or need office furniture, this store has everything necessary. There are plenty of products to choose from, and you can find just about anything you want. Whether you’re remodeling or building a new home, this is the company to consider.

In fact, this brand offers blankets, towels, kitchen products, and so much more.

Just be aware that the earnings per click (EPC) for this affiliate network isn’t the best. Still, you get high conversion rates because the products are popular and in high demand.

When you join this affiliate program, you get paid through ACH or PayPal. As an affiliate marketer, you’re sure to appreciate this brand.

Let’s check the features that affiliate partners see from Wayfair:


  • EPC – $49.48
  • Commission – Seven percent
  • Cookie Duration – Seven days
  • Payment – ACH or PayPal


  • Home management options
  • High conversion rates
  • Very popular
  • Order average of about $300
  • Over 10 million products available
  • Hosted with CJ Affiliate


  • Hard to get approved
  • Not the best cookie duration

Why Promote Wayfair Products

You should join the Wayfair affiliate program because it offers a decent EPC and can provide high conversion rates. Since the products are in high demand, they sell pretty well.

Joybird Affiliate Program

Joybird creates high-quality furniture and many other products. It’s known for customizable options.

In fact, you’re sure to appreciate the pet- and kid-friendly fabrics on the custom furniture. Everything features a lifetime warranty and is made to last.

Overall, this company offers a 1-year free trial, so you can turn your home into a showroom if you want. Plus, you get free shipping and good-quality products.

Its average sales are about $2,000, and it has partnered with the FlexOffers brand to manage the affiliate program. If you join as an affiliate, the company provides you with the affiliate management tools necessary to earn a decent commission.

This is a US-based production company and offers excellent customer service. You can see the products based on categories, and customers easily choose what they want. That’s part of the reason why conversion rates are so great with this affiliate program.


  • EPC – Seven days at $113.90
  • Commission – 15 percent
  • Cookie Duration – 60 days
  • Payment – No PayPal


  • Quick and decent shipping
  • Pet- and child-friendly fabrics
  • Decent commission rates (15 percent)
  • Big product collections
  • Customization options
  • US-based production
  • Free return policy
  • Excellent cookie duration


  • No 24/7 support
  • Can’t get paid with PayPal

Why Promote Joybird Products

This affiliate program is one of the best because it offers a good commission. Plus, the brand sees good average sales, so you could end up doubling your earnings. Its specialty is mid-century furniture, and these items are in high demand.

Blue Sky Environments Interior Decor Affiliate Program

Blue Sky Environments offers modern furniture from its home furnishing website, which is owned by a mother-daughter duo. These designers are part of the interior designer marketplace and provide full-service home decorations and gifts. Plus, it includes excellent service and free decor advice.

In a sense, the home decor affiliate programs provided by Blue Sky Environments are all hosted on ShareASale. If you’re registered on that platform already, you can be approved pretty quickly.

The average order value is about $160, but big-ticket items often sell quickly, as well. If you join this affiliate program, you can access various tracking tools, marketing materials, and product data feeds to see what’s selling the best.

Its cookie duration is also decent, and you receive a 10 percent commission per sale. Plus, you can sell the products with help from coupon codes, sales, and exclusive offers. It’s a good-quality affiliate program, and affiliates earn money well here.

You have access to a dedicated affiliate team to maximize your sales. If you want quality and have enough traffic to your website, you can earn well here.


  • Commission – 10 percent
  • Cookie Duration – 60 days


  • Amazing reviews on the platforms
  • Receive proper knowledge of how to get sales
  • Decent commission rates
  • Good social media presence
  • Free online shipping
  • Excellent customer support
  • Features product guarantees
  • Decent average order value


  • No real issues!

Why Promote Blue Sky Environments Products

Blue Sky Environments offers free advice to customers and features a great average order value. When you join this affiliate program, you can request help when the need arises. Overall, the top-performing affiliate marketers can even ask for their commission rates to increase with time!

Designer Living Affiliate Program

Designer Living offers a home decor affiliate network where you can earn money and promote over 10,000 lifestyle and decoration products. On the platform, you see various items from the top brands, including Madison Park, INK + IVY, Natori, and Bombay. There’s enough variety for everyone at this online retailer.

Its specialty is offering good deals to customers based on the product line. In fact, the Designer Living affiliate program is free and provides each affiliate marketer with a 10 percent commission per sale. Though the cookie duration isn’t that great, it’s still an excellent choice.

When you join this affiliate program, you work with the Impact Radius affiliate network. Generally, the average order value is about $120, which is a decent amount.

Affiliates also get excellent tools for sales management and tracking, so you can easily earn money and see what’s working for you.

There are also special offers and coupons available to convert visitors to your blog into paying customers. Plus, there’s a decent affiliate team that helps you wherever possible.

In a sense, this brand is highly popular, and the customers are completely satisfied with the products offered. Therefore, it sees decent sales each quarter. This is important to consider. You want to ensure that the company you affiliate with has things that people crave. Bloggers are sure to appreciate Designer Living!


  • Commission – 10 percent per sale
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days


  • Fast and free shipping
  • Decent average order value
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • High customer satisfaction ratings
  • Exclusive coupons and deals for better sales
  • Good commission rates
  • Excellent customer support


  • Not the best cookie duration

Why Promote Designer Living Products

With this affiliate program, customers have access to over 10,000 products. Each one features a value-for-money guarantee. Plus, you see high commission rates and an average order value of about $120 per sale.

Rug Source Affiliate Program

As you can see from the name, Rug Source offers various rugs at decent prices. This company includes over 100 types of mats, which are suitable for any home decor needs.

Overall, people spend a lot of money on rugs because they make the home look beautiful and feel cozy. They don’t mind shelling out decent amounts for favorite products.

Rug Source offers basic reproduced pieces, but it also has genuine rugs. There’s plenty of demand for that in the market, and these products sell well.

Affiliate marketers are sure to wonder about the benefits. Rug Source has a claimed average order value of $784.42. When you get an eligible sale, you earn a commission of $235 to $240 per sale! Therefore, you’ve got the chance to make plenty of cash!

Once you promote this affiliate network on your home improvement blog, you can expect to see decent amounts of money. Plus, the affiliate program offers a longer cookie duration and a 10 percent commission.

The Rug Source affiliate program is hosted with the ShareASale affiliate network. Generally, the products convert well, and average sales begin at $400. Plus, you see a decent support system and have all the tools provided to you. If you’re a good marketer, you should have no trouble referring people to this brand!


  • EPC – $798
  • Commission – 10 percent
  • Cookie Duration – 180 days


  • Extensive cookie duration
  • Over 30,000 products to promote
  • Decent EPC
  • High conversion rates
  • Decent average order value per sale
  • Excellent customer support


  • N/A

Why Promote Rug Source Products

This affiliate program is ideal for bloggers who focus on home decorations. You can join even if you have few visitors to your website! Those who want good commissions per sale and a higher cookie duration are sure to appreciate this brand!

Belle and June Affiliate Network

Belle and June is a home decor boutique that runs an excellent affiliate program. It offers a supportive team and has decent commission rates. In fact, you can find over 7,000 home decor products in its collection, and they’re designed by the best artisans and designers imaginable.

This company has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, HGTV, and The Huffington Post because it focuses on perfection when designing its products. Plus, it offers an average order size of between $250 and $500.

The affiliate program is hosted by Commission Junction, which is part of the Pepper Jam network platform. Bloggers can join from either place and monetize their blogs effortlessly.


  • Commission – 12 percent
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days


  • High-demand products only available from the website
  • Decent return policy
  • Regular product availability
  • Free shipping
  • Excellent customer support
  • Guaranteed products


  • Not the best cookie duration
  • Lower commission rates

Why Promote Belle and June Products

This brand offers affiliate marketers good services and higher-than-average order sizes. Therefore, this affiliate program helps you earn a decent commission from the products. Plus, some of these items are only available on the website. Customers have to go online, and you can promote specials yourself.

One Kings Lane Affiliate Program

One Kings Lane offers home decor products that reflect your lifestyle, so it’s perfect for everyone. Each person wants to live in a beautiful home and that translates to different things.

With this one, One Kings Lane provides rugs, mirrors, wall art, and furniture and offers products that match your design needs. It isn’t its own manufacturer. Bed frames and other items are made by another company and sold through this brand.

Whether you’re picking wall art or something else, the Palette feature on the One Kings website is excellent. You can design custom furniture that fits all your design needs. In fact, it’s possible to hire someone to come to your home for designs, which you can’t find anywhere else in the market.

You’re sure to appreciate the affiliate program because average order sizes are about $200 per sale. You make about $10 to $15 per sale, which is excellent for new bloggers.

Plus, this affiliate program is hosted with the Commission Junction platform. If you’re already an affiliate with that brand, you can quickly get approved. You may track order clicks to analyze your work and see what products earn you the most commission!


  • EPC – $32
  • Commission – Five percent
  • Cookie Duration – 14 days


  • Excellent customer support
  • Various offers and discounts
  • Regular newsletters
  • Provide great offers
  • Manually customize products
  • Highly customizable items


  • Not the best cookie duration
  • Lower commission rates

Why Promote One Kings Lane Products

Overall, One Kings Lane is a premier brand offering exclusive home furnishings. You can get routine newsletters and monthly highlights. Plus, customers can design products based on their needs. Those are just a few reasons to sign up for this affiliate program.

Baloo Blankets Affiliate Program

Baloo Blankets offers weighted blankets and other sleeping accessories. It’s a well-known brand in the market and uses 100 percent pure cotton for its items. In fact, no synthetic materials are used at all.

Without synthetics and polyester materials, you get a good-quality blanket that supports you in all climates. These blankets hold up well on the bed and are well-designed. Traditional home decor blankets on the market fall down or get bunched up. However, Baloo ensures that doesn’t happen.

In fact, Baloo offers 100 percent satisfaction for all products. From that standpoint, it also provides an excellent affiliate program. The items all feature a lifetime warranty, and you can use that information to promote the brand.

Overall, this affiliate program is one of the top options, though it’s for a niche audience!


  • Commission – 15 percent
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days
  • Average Sales – $170


  • Various deals and offers
  • Team of people to help once you’re an affiliate
  • Decent cookie duration to help convert people into sales
  • High commission rates
  • High-converting products
  • Various products based on size and weight
  • All-natural materials used


  • No specific cons

Why Promote Baloo Blankets Products

Overall, Baloo Blankets offers a balance of features that are excellent for affiliate marketers like you. Plus, you make good earnings through this affiliate program because the items are made with natural materials, which are in high demand right now.

Canvas Vows Affiliate Program

Canvas Vows makes luxurious canvases for various events and social functions. The company provides unforgettable, personalized canvases, so customers can find gifts easily for every occasion.

You see great gifts from the online platform and don’t have to go to a store to find these high-quality products. Plus, the customer service reps help you design and choose appropriate items.

Here, you may find gifts for many special occasions, such as baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. Its affiliate program offers a decent commission of 20 percent per sale.

You also find these home decor products featured on large-name websites, such as All Modern, Wayfair, and Brides.com. Plus, these items are in high demand, and those high commission rates help you earn a passive income easily. Along with that, you see a higher cookie duration, so this affiliate program might just be the best.

It’s hosted with ShareASale, so it’s easier for marketers to get approved if they already work with this network. Plus, bloggers who are members of the platform already understand the tracking system. Still, it’s easy to learn and can help you find information about impressions and sales.


  • Commission – 25 percent
  • Cookie Duration – 120 days
  • Average Sales – $130 to $440 for products


  • Free shipping
  • Prepares the design in two to three business days
  • Decent refund and cancelation rates
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Decent support
  • High cookie duration
  • Higher commission rates


  • No official coupon page available

Why Promote Canvas Vows Products

The Canvas Vows items are a niche industry, so it might not work for everyone. If you need an affiliate program that focuses on canvas prints for large events, then you should check it out. This one is excellent and can bring more concentrated traffic to your website and blog.

Pier 1 Imports Outdoor and Indoor Furniture Affiliate Program

Pier 1 is a large brand that offers imported products like home furnishings and various gifts. The products are made by the best artisans from around the world and come in many designs and styles.

If you’re an affiliate marketer for home decor items, you should think about promoting these products to visitors through your affiliate link. It offers indoor and outdoor furniture, cushions, pillows, carpets, ornaments, wall designs, bedcovers, and even a full range of candles and lamps.

Overall, Pier 1 is a great store with plenty of products. Plus, its affiliate program gives you a four percent commission per sale. Though it’s lower than some of the others, it still offers a decent EPC, and there’s a chance to earn some money.

Its program is hosted through Commission Junction, so you have various affiliate marketing tools to check earnings, clicks, and sales.

In a sense, Pier 1 is a household name in the United States, so you don’t have to explain it to the audience. Its products are in high demand, as well!


  • EPC – $39.17
  • Commission – Four percent per sale
  • Cookie Duration – Seven days


  • Well-known name in the industry
  • High-demand products
  • Great customer support
  • High-converting products


  • Not the best cookie duration
  • Lower commission rates than others on the list

Why Promote Pier 1 Products

Even though the affiliate program has lower commission rates, you can often request Ranking Articles to craft evergreen content for your blog that surrounds these items and that brand. Therefore, you make money without thinking about it.

White Terry Affiliate Program

White Terry is a brand that provides comfortable and soft bed sheets at decent prices. One woman started this platform because there weren’t many options at the time. That was one of the reasons she did; everyone wants to sleep better!

Overall, this woman bought expensive sheets that weren’t of good quality and weren’t comfortable. That’s why she decided to change things.

Each item features 100 percent cotton for use in homes, and you can find pillow covers, blankets, sheets, and other products. Though it’s not considered home improvement furniture, it still comes in very handy. Plus, some of the profits go to help children in developing countries.

In fact, as a home decor affiliate, you’ve got a chance to earn a decent commission per sale, and there’s a great cookie duration, too. This platform provides many opportunities to make more money because the items are in high demand. The entire White Terry range is made using 100 percent cotton!

Here are the features of this affiliate program:


  • EPC – $307.50
  • Commission – 15 percent
  • Cookie Duration – 60 days


  • Best EPC rates for products
  • Excellent commission rates
  • Great customer support


  • Nothing to note

Why Promote White Terry Products

If you’ve written a home improvement blog, you may be leery about linking to White Terry products through its affiliate program. However, customers want to beautify their spaces, which focuses on more than just renovating certain areas.

Promote comfortable bed sheets so that people can get a restful night’s sleep and be ready to make more improvements as time goes on.

Hayneedle Affiliate Program

Hayneedle offers over 1 million products, from home decorations to gifts. In fact, you get amazing services from it, which is why it’s one of the top retailers on the list. The platform was established back in 2002 for hammocks, but the brand expanded its line of products and renamed it as Hayneedle.

Visitors to the site see many products, such as furniture and decor. Plus, they’re suitable for every space, style, and budget.

The affiliate program is hosted through Commission Junction. If you’re a member of this program, you’re approved quickly. Then, as the home decor affiliate, you promote the Hayneedle products through text links, banners, product data feeds, and tracking tools.

Its affiliate management team is always there to answer questions, so there are absolutely no issues with this affiliate program!


  • Commission – Eight percent per sale
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days


  • Great support system for the affiliate marketers
  • High-converting products
  • Over 1 million products to promote
  • Great commission rates


  • Appears to have a lower cookie duration than others

Why Promote Hayneedle Products

There are many home decor affiliate programs available on the market, and marketers can make decent commissions with any of them. However, this brand offers 1 million products, so you always have something to promote. Plus, they convert easily!

Lumens Affiliate Program

Lumens sells ceiling fans, modern lights, wall art, furniture, mirrors, bar/wine accessories, and many other helpful products. Plus, the Lumens affiliate program is hosted through Impact Radius, and the affiliates get paid anywhere from three to 10 percent per sale.

Average order values are right around $750, and you get the necessary resources, such as tracking tools and ad creatives.


  • Commission – Three to 10 percent per sale
  • Cookie Duration – Unknown


  • Decent commission rates
  • High-converting products
  • Excellent customer support
  • Varied line of products to promote


  • Hard to tell how good it is without knowing the cookie duration

Why Promote Lumens Products

Lumens has an excellent affiliate program because the average value of each order is quite high. Most people want their lights and other decor items to match. Therefore, if you sell lights with the brand, you can make some pretty decent money.

Plus, these affiliate programs come with versatile products. If your blog is focused on interior design or home and garden, you can find many ways to promote its light fixtures.

Sierra Living Concepts

Sierra Living Concepts truly believes in craftsmanship. The company offers rustic solid wood furniture items and home decor products for any home. Whether you want major decorative elements or small pieces, it has you covered.

Some of the really nice products include:

  • Circular vases
  • Mirror frames
  • Painted animals
  • Candleholders
  • Designer mirrors
  • Sofas
  • Coffee tables
  • Bookcases
  • Dining tables

This affiliate program is found through the ShareASale network, and the company invests heavily in partners. Commission rates aren’t the best per sale, but the average order value can range from $1,200 to $1,500! In just one sale, you could make up to $100 in commission!

The brand also includes cash bonuses, such as the $100 bonus for earning $5,000 in commission. You also get monthly gifts from the company to help motivate you to promote its products.


  • Commission – Eight percent per sale
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days


  • Many products to promote
  • Decent commission with high order values
  • High-converting products that everyone wants
  • Decent customer support
  • Average cookie duration
  • Easy to promote wooden products with great craftsmanship


  • Unknown if all products are part of the commission method
  • Challenging to get certain bonuses ($5,000 in commission for one month)

Why Promote Sierra Living Concepts Products

If you want to promote various products and write about wooden furniture and items, then this company could have the best affiliate program for you. Many people prefer quality wooden items, and it’s hard to find them.

With Sierra Living Concepts, there’s no trouble at all.

The Home Depot

Did you know that The Home Depot has its own affiliate program? This company has been around forever, it seems (1978). It specializes in selling industry-specific products like:

  • Rugs
  • Home accents
  • Indoor plants
  • Decorative mirrors
  • Artificial greenery
  • Decorative storage

Your readers are likely to be interested in learning about it and might visit the website and make a purchase based on your blog content. If you want to be an affiliate, fill out the application from Impact Radius.

Overall, you receive a commission of one to eight percent per sale, and its cookie duration is about 24 hours. Plus, you see exciting conversion rates when promoting this company.


  • Commission – One to eight percent per sale
  • Cookie Duration – 24 hours


  • Various products to promote
  • High order values
  • High-converting products that everyone wants
  • Great customer support
  • Easy to promote the products


  • Very short cookie duration
  • Low commission rates on some items

Why Promote The Home Depot Products

Everyone has heard of The Home Depot, so when you promote those products, people automatically associate it with trustworthiness and a good reputation.

Decor Steals Affiliate Program

Decor Steals is an excellent company that brings trendy farmhouse decor to everyone and makes it affordable. This company has been in business since 2009, and it was launched by a woman. Here are a few of the products it sells:

  • Sandalwood lanterns
  • Leaf vases
  • Display stands
  • Special wall mirrors
  • Vintage-inspired jute bags

Clearly, there are many interesting items, and the website is easy to navigate. This team has done excellent work with its conversions, so it helps you promote the brand, too.

You may join the affiliate program through ShareASale, and affiliates get paid a seven percent commission. Average order values range from $50 to $60, as well.


  • Commission – Seven percent commission
  • Cookie Duration – Seven days


  • Unique products
  • Decent customer support


  • Low cookie duration

FAQs for Furniture Affiliate Programs

Are you still wondering about affiliate programs and how they work? Here are a few FAQs to help you understand the industry a little more.

Is It Possible to Make Money Online from Interior Design Products?

Yes, you could earn more money when you join the home decor affiliate programs listed above. There’s a high demand for interior and home design items throughout the world. Each homeowner wants to beautify their space, and that’s why these companies exist. They want to provide decorative items to make these homes more pleasant to be in for long periods.

If you advertise those products, it’s a win-win situation for you and the company. Just insert links into your content, and make a passive income effortlessly!

How Does an Interior Designer Make Money Online?

If interior designers run online businesses, they are often a huge part of the home decor niche. Their home decor affiliate programs might not be a primary income source for you or them, but anything you can do to bring more customers in is beneficial.

These people often have innovative ideas and want others to buy their products. Affiliate programs help them because you promote these home decor goods. In fact, you get rewarded for helping with a commission for each sale.

Wayfair is one of the top affiliate programs out there because it’s trustworthy and has tons of different products to promote or buy. You can choose the ones based on your interests or that best match your content. Those who don’t already have a blog or content can have a writing agency craft articles for you. Ranking Articles is a top choice!

How Do You Start an Online Business for Interior Design?

You don’t have to have your own furniture shop online to be part of the interior design industry. When you sell other people’s products through your website or blog (or other promotional mediums), you could make decent commissions. It requires a dedicated plan, though.

Some people go on to create their own shops and sell products directly to customers. However, joining a home decor affiliate program is the second-best way to get into the industry. Plus, most brands give you promotional media to help you promote them and make decent passive income.

In a sense, you don’t have to join an affiliate program if you’ve already got a product to sell. However, if that’s not possible yet and you still want to become an entrepreneur in the field, affiliate marketing is an ideal option for you!

How Do You Sell Home Decor or Interior Design Products?

You’ve got two options for selling interior design or home decor products: digital marketing and physical marketing. When you choose the physical method, you must create a client base and contact each person. However, digital marketing helps you sell products quickly through various mediums, such as social media and blogs.

Compared to traditional marketing, home decor affiliate programs make it easier to sell things. If you’ve got an interior design blog and no items to sell, you can still make some passive income by helping other brands. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

How Much Do Home Decor Affiliate Programs Pay?

Generally, traditional affiliate programs pay a commission of 50 to 65 percent for each transaction. However, home decor affiliate programs require processing and are more tangible. Therefore, you see lower commission rates per sale. These range from 10 to 40 percent. Still, that’s amazing for new affiliates.

Some of the programs shown here are a bit lower than that or pay you a specific amount per sale. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding which one might work best for you. It’s the easiest way to earn some money, but you must ensure that your blog audience wants those items first.


These home decor affiliate programs are some of the best out there. If you hope to earn some money online and have a home decor blog, you’re well on your way. Those who have decent web traffic to their websites are sure to convert readers into customers and support their favorite brands.

However, thinking about the money you can make by promoting furniture affiliate programs is just the beginning. Once you’ve joined one or more affiliate programs, you must publicize those brands through your blog. That’s the only way to monetize it and earn up to $10,000 per month.

The amount of blog traffic you have matters. If your target audience is all about home decor, then these home decor affiliate programs listed above can help you.

Still, blog writing isn’t easy for everyone. You need content that converts your targeted audience into paying customers if you want to earn a commission! That’s why you need Ranking Articles. This content writing agency can write your blogs and articles for you. Then, you add your affiliate links and start earning a passive income!

Meta Description: Did you know that there are plenty of home decor affiliate programs to help you earn a passive income? Check out this list to see which one fits your needs!

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