What Are the Most Popular Blogs?

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Do you know how many blogs are on the internet? Would you believe us if we told you that over 600 million active blogs exist in cyberspace? Well, the above statement is true and rightfully so.

Lifestyle blogs have evolved exponentially over the last 20 years and have become an influential source of information for a broad range of topics.

You can start blogging to connect, educate, inspire, and provide practical tips to others. It is important to note that blogging is not just for other online users but also for yourself! Popular personal blogs are a great way to get something off your chest.

One of the best things about blogging is that once you start growing your community, you can start pulling a sustainable revenue income from your niche blog. It is vital to remember that there are multiple ways to grow and monetize your own site as your audience grows, including sponsored posts, banner advertising, and affiliate links.

The number one rule you must follow is to choose a topic that you are deeply passionate about; that way, you will be able to create a successful blog that you love adding content to. You need to remember that passion is infectious, meaning the more you write about your favorite topic, the simpler it will be to share emotions, opinions, and ideas. Remember, the idea is to engage your readers with an incredible web design and site features so that they never want to leave your blog.

In order to help you get started, we created this article to show you some of the most popular blogs you can begin with. Whether it is fashion or food, we hope you get a feeling to contribute to or are excited about one of the topics we mention below.

Without further ado, let us begin this piece.

What Are the Best Types of Blogs to Create?

Below, we list some of the most popular blogs to create and highlight some things you can write about to bring your blog to life. Please note that you will struggle to gather an audience without a passion for what you are doing or little know-how. Successful bloggers always choose a topic that they love and will be a good read for their interested readers.

Here is a list of the most popular blogs; these include but are not limited to:

  • Political blog
  • Religion blog
  • Movie blog
  • News blog
  • Sports blog
  • Interior design blog
  • Personal finance blog
  • Book and writing blog
  • Art and design blog
  • Business blog
  • Music blog
  • Parenting blog
  • DIY craft blog
  • Personal blog
  • Photography blog
  • Fashion blogs
  • Lifestyle blog
  • Beauty blog
  • Healthy living blog
  • Fitness blog
  • Travel blog
  • Food blogs

Now, what we would like to do is break down some of these topics so that you can have a better understanding of what to write about. With the information below, you will be on your way to starting a new blog or writing your next blog post in no time.

Food Blogs

One of the most extraordinary things about food blogs is that they come in different categories and flavors. Moreover, food critics write about their experiences tasting dishes after visiting various restaurants in and around their area.

On the other hand, there are also baking and cooking enthusiasts. These people like to record and document their recipes to share with others. On their blogs, you will find everything from the ingredients they used up to the steps they took to complete the dish, plus extra tips so that you can create the best meal ever.

Something important to keep in mind is that these types of blogs come with a ton of competition. Therefore, you should select a particularly profitable niche to stand out from the crowd.

If you are into it, you can start a website specializing in 100% vegan recipes or even a blog on becoming a better home cook. The choice is yours, but try not to choose a mundane or heavily saturated topic.

You need to look at the bigger pictures when starting your food blog and understand that great perks can come from it if you put in a lot of work. If you are a food critic, you will often get invited to dine at restaurants for free. People who are more into cooking may have the opportunity to collaborate with food networks or could get the chance to publish cookbooks.

Topics to Write About:

  • Healthy living and eating guide
  • Food trends
  • Culinary products
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Recipes

Travel Blogs

Another topic on popular blogs is travel. We often do a bunch of research on social media platforms and Google before planning a trip to another country. Therefore, you should consider this type of outlet if you are a globetrotter with extensive world knowledge. The demand for reading other folk’s travel reviews is high, so it would be best to capitalize on it.

One of the best things you can do is hone in on a travel niche, whether it’s a geographical area, a kind of trip (camping, backpacking, etc.), or a type of hotel (hostels, luxury hotels, etc.)

You can begin with an insider guide on locations to explore near your hometown or offer reasons to visit your country, region, or place of birth. This can make your popular blog a trustworthy source for your reader and make you an expert in that specific niche.

A famous saying goes, “No one is you, and that is your power” One thing you should remember is that almost every corner of the world has been written about already, but you have not written these pieces. It is through your eyes that people will experience your destinations. You can use an intriguing “About Me” page to help people get to know you and give them the reasons you love traveling.

Some prominent bloggers and popular blogs even get sponsored travel experiences or free hotel stays on top of the recognition.

Topics to Write About

  • Local guides on restaurants and hotels
  • Activity itineraries
  • Destination recommendations

Health and Fitness Blogs

Exercising more and losing weight is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. However, less than 10% of adults participate in the recommended amount of physical activity each day.

Don’t you think it’s good to give your readers an additional motivation push? If your answer is yes, you can use fitness blogs to share your best eating practices and insight for excellent at-home workouts.

You can begin by making a list of your habits and routines, then record your exact steps and turn it into a free guide filled with information plus useful advice. It’s vital to remember that people often want videos in this blogging niche, so invest in a decent camera and ensure that video is enabled on your site.

Writing a wellness or sports blog can start a fascinating journey. If you are a certified personal trainer or dietitian, you can use your career skills to help people worldwide and increase your clientele. Other bloggers sell workout apparel, supplements, diet recipe e-books, and workout guides.

Topics to Write About

  • Unique recipes and diets (low-calorie meals, Paleo, Keto, etc.)
  • Weight loss guides
  • Workout routines

Lifestyle Blog

The new magazine of this digital world is lifestyle blogs. We used to flip through pages in the past, but we can scroll if we are looking for inspiration in the current day. Bloggers on these popular blogs create content centered around their everyday lives and do so in a vibrant and motivating way.

Therefore, these blogs show their expertise and engage their audiences through integrated vlogs (video blogs.)

One example of this is the sustainable living and design sub-niche. With these vast categories, you can share your interests and opinions on various subjects, including compostable toothbrushes and second-hand fashion. It may not be a good idea to identify yourself as an environmentalist, but instead, display the things that make your lifestyle inspiring.

Topics to Write About

  • Personal advice and lessons
  • Hobbies
  • Daily life and interest across fashion, home decor, and food

Fashion Blogs and Beauty Blogs

One of the primary ways people express themselves these days is through fashion. It is no surprise that the number of fashionistas and fashion blogs is nearly equal.

Some bloggers specialize in recycled textiles, others like streetwear, and some are about luxury. These people offer insider reviews, trend updates, and outfit inspirations on their amazing blogs. You could give your reader handy ideas for color guides and seasonal looks if you wanted.

In most cases, fashion blogs require a lot of work, but this website can pay off with invites to fashion industry events and exclusive meet-ups. What’s great is that the perks don’t end there, as free beauty and clothing products are often gifted in exchange for promotion.

You could start by creating an eye-catching outfit, taking pictures of it, and then writing about how you decide to pair those colors and items together if these are benefits that spark your interest.

It may even be a good idea to consider adding a link to the items you wrote about. Readers may want to shop and replicate your look, and rightfully so.

Topics to Write About

  • Product reviews
  • Outfit of the day inspirations
  • Fashion trends

Photography Blog

A thousand blog posts may be worth the value of a good picture. Okay, maybe not thousands, but people will undoubtedly want to hear the story behind your beautiful photography blog.

With this type of blog, you are not only attracting new customers to your services, workshops, or art stores but also displaying your latest work.

Besides potential clients coming to your blog, other peers and photography creators may also want to educate themselves from your personal experience, such as the settings you used for your camera or what image editing program you utilize.

Topics to Write About

  • Tutorials and photo editing techniques
  • Photography software and equipment reviews
  • Ideas for photoshoots by genres (fashion, portrait, natures, etc.)

Personal Blogs

You can let the storyteller within you come to life with a personal blog. By basing your content on perspectives and real-life experiences, you can engage your readers.

It may resemble a diary entry and could be written in the first person when you create content for your blogs. You can hone in on your interest or choose to write about diverse topics; the options are endless.

Make sure it represents you and your goals for the blog as you begin the design process. This will help you make an outstanding personal blog and keep your readers reading till the end.

In order to assist in making your blog unique, select a domain name that includes your name to show that you are a thought leader in your industry. You can use your name to build a robust and note-worthy blog that people will love.

It may be a good idea to use personal stories when you write about fashion, food, and travel to make yourself more relatable and unique to your audience.

These types of blogs have unlimited potential for creativity, and initially, all it needs is a bit of your flair.

Topics to Write About

  • Personal development
  • Daily life and interests
  • Personal stories

DIY Craft Blogs

Are you unsure if there is a market for DIY crafters on the web? The success of Etsy and Pinterest should confirm to you that there is. Many Do It Yourself creators use fabric, metal, and wood to create uniquely magnificent items.

Blogging is a valuable outlet to communicate with readers, especially since DIY projects require many steps. Make sure you are very linear and organized in your communication process.

In order to do the above, it may be a good idea to incorporate videos and multiple step-by-step photos to assist visual learners better. You can successfully embed your YouTube channel in your blog posts to create a user-friendly and intuitive site.

Now that we have inspired you a bit, it is time to find your first project. If there is something you created recently and thought you must share, it may just be the time to get your things in order and start your first blog.

Topics to Write About

  • Sewing projects
  • Papercrafts
  • Home decor

Parenting Blogs

It is still the most stressful job globally, even though parenting has been practiced for thousands of years. That is why new dads and moms generally turn to blogs when searching for advice and tips on how to be a better parents.

You can successfully start a blog and connect it to your Instagram account so that you can get traffic from multiple sources. If you are a new mom, it may be good to tackle various topics surrounding birth, dealing with your newborn, time management tips, or how to be a money-saving mom.

It’s crucial to remember to answer all of your reader’s questions in a detailed manner, and you can even use backlinks to other prominent parenting blogs. An editorial strategy is an excellent way to go if you are interested in starting a parenting blog, so consider this before you begin.

Unsurprisingly, parenting blogs contain a multitude of articles about toy and toddler accessories plus recommendations on the best ones; with this, you can add affiliate links to Amazon to earn commissions.

If you want to start your parenting blog, you need to remember that parents don’t necessarily have the time to benchmark all exciting options, so make sure your content is concise and the point.

Topics to Write About:

  • Child behavior management
  • Reviews and recommendations of toys, clothes, and baby food
  • Parenting tips and advice

Music Blogs

Online and offline, music connects people from all walks of life. In the digital space, critics, fans, and artists meet up on blogs to discuss various aspects of the music industry. Producers and musicians typically speak about lyrical writing and music creation, while other people come to music blogs to read about trade secrets from an authoritative source.

It may be good to embed your Soundcloud channel into your website for your audience’s listening pleasure if you are an artist.

Suppose you fall into the critic or music fan bucket; selecting a particular genre such as country music, rock, or hip hop can help you stand out from the crowd. Remember you want to become the go-to place for your readers, and it is easier to do this by focusing on one or two genres.

It is important to remember that a lot of research is involved with these types of blogs when staging data with artist news, song releases, etc. You may even earn free VIP passes to exclusive and upcoming music events or festivals.

Topics to Write About

  • Music charts
  • Artists, songs, and album news and reviews
  • Music creation technology

Business Blogs

Continually reading is one of the habits that the most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs attribute their success to. Where do these folk stay updated? In order to sharpen their knowledge, many professionals turn to business blogs where they can find challenging happenings in a selected field or uncover the latest news.

If you decide to start a business blog, a good thing to do is share bi-weekly updates on the ever-changing business world.

Other business bloggers focus mainly on single functions, such as marketing blogs for B2B. They can sell a gated e-book to people wanting more detailed guidance by positioning themselves as experts in the field.

Decide which voice you will use no matter who your audience is and what you write about. Will your style of writing be more academic or authoritative? Do you want to portray a fun and casual approach? Once you have made up your mind, it’s time to craft your strategy so that people will want to come back to read more and may even bookmark your site.

Topics to Write About

  • Market analysis
  • Interview industry leaders
  • Business trends

Art and Design Blogs

You can use an art and design blog as a creative outlet for various works. It is possible to build a digital museum to display your work regardless of the art medium you use.

Some creators like to use blogs to display their collectible and urban art or express their thoughts on a specific topic. You can also consider offering your tutorials or courses to other creatives looking to learn a new talent.

In order to help enroll more interested learners, ensure that you share your unique experience and qualifications on your “About Me” page.

Topics to Write About

  • Artist interviews
  • Art and design tutorials
  • Story behind artwork

Book and Writing Blogs

Avid writers and readers don’t just spend their time buried in fictional stories and books. They can also be found on literature blogs sharing writing tips, discussing reviews and summaries, and asking grammar and style questions.

One true thing is that these people don’t end up in the same place. These writing and book blogs often split fiction or non-fiction.

Some wordsmiths even offer copywriting services or sell published work on their blogs. You can start a blog by reviewing books you have recently read, even if you are not a professional writer.

Topics to Write About

  • Author interviews
  • Book reviews and recommendations
  • Writing tips

Personal Finance Blog

A saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This statement has never been more true than in the personal finance industry. A personal finance blogger should educate and inform their readers with the most accurate money-saving tips.

It is crucial to prove that you are trustworthy regarding personal finance; otherwise, you may not be able to build a significant following. You can share information with your readers about retirement, credit cards, investing, etc.

Before focusing on monetization methods, finance blog experts suggest that you first build relationships and gain credibility. Building trust can take time, and it’s vital to remember that there is no such thing as overnight success in the blogging industry.

The best way to start is with actionable and relatable guidance. You can easily create an informative post if you recently learned any critical financial lessons.

Topics to Write About

  • Investing
  • Retirement
  • Loans and debt

Interior Design Blogs

You may be wondering where the phrase “Home sweet home” comes from. Well, we think that interior designers came up with the above catchy term.

If you are a talented home decor blogger, you can give people guidance on wall art, color scheme, accessories, and how to beautify their homes. When you are not out decorating a physical space, it would also be possible to teach online design workshops to your audience.

This blogging niche is common in selling decor products and offering interior design services.

Instead of being a jack of all trades, it may be a better idea to focus on a single thing so that you become an expert in it. Many interior design bloggers found success by specializing in developing specific areas such as studios, bachelor pads, and nurseries.

Is there a particular niche that you want to be known for? If your answer is a resounding yes, this is something you can work towards as you build your website. One of the best ways to start is with the experience you already have.

If you have designed space, it would be good to take before and after photos. This can help you showcase your work and impress your audience; you can also give them information and explain why you chose the colors and style you did.

Topics to Write About

  • Inspiration for specific holidays or seasons
  • Decorating tips for kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms
  • Design guides

Sport Blogs

There are hundreds of different types of sports, and rightfully so. This gives you many options to choose from when writing a blog article about the topic. You can cover several sports or hone in on one type for a more profound effect.

If you are a fan of basketball or college football, it may be a great idea to focus on those two sports primarily. Once you have decided what sports category you want to write about, it is time to select an athlete or team for your first post. You can also create content about the history of a game or physical activity and your thoughts on why it has become popular.

Suppose you are more of a talker and less of a writer; it may be a good idea to start a podcast and use that as a catalyst to get the word out.

In order to grow your listeners or readers, ensure that your content is engaging and valuable by giving your original outlook on the topic. If you want to build trust with your readers, you may want to try to link to other reputable sports websites.

More people will come back to your blog and bookmark it if you show that you have done your research correctly. Remember, you want to be a credible source in the industry, and this is the best way to stand out.

Topics to Write About

  • Upcoming drafts
  • Athlete specific news
  • Game recaps and stats

News Blogs

In this day and age, the news no longer gets reported by prominent publications, radio, and television, but also on the blogs of independent writers. Critical issues on a global, national, or local level are delivered to readers via updated and informative news posts.

You can focus on national news and use social commentary to get the message across to your audience. If you want to get a more tailored niche and audience, it’s highly recommended that you start with local news first.

One great way to optimize these blogs is to choose SEO-friendly topics that are interesting and engaging. If you want to understand what pressing issues people are searching for, you can use trend tracking tools like Google Trends.

Once you have completed the above step and have content under your belt, you can help your blog gain more traction by submitting a post to news press releases.

Topics to Write About

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Technology
  • Entertainment

Movie Blogs

Are you a movie addict? Do you go to the cinema to analyze the director’s use of cinematography or for the popcorn? If you are more of the former, maybe you need to think about starting a movie blog?

Choosing a movie genre such as classical movies, horror movies, or romantic comedies is the first thing you should do when starting a film blog. One of the best practices to keep in mind when developing your movie blog is to add many high-quality images to your site.

Keeping your audience engaged with rich photos and videos on these types of blogs is the best thing because, after all, film lovers are visual people.

Topics to Write About

  • Interviews
  • Fan-favorite reviews
  • Upcoming movies and trailers

Religion Blogs

More than 80% of the world’s population identifies with a religious group. Faith bloggers can reach a vast audience when they share their spiritual beliefs online.

You can incorporate the topic of faith into your day-to-day life and share it with the world. Give your readers accessible and relatable content from your first-hand experience in the form of a lifestyle faith blog. Testimonials can be incorporated into interviews and podcasts to help bring your adventures to life; religion is a personal matter which can increase your engagement.

Are you more of a believer because of a particular event in your life? If that is the case, you may want to think about turning your story into a blog post for your new site.

Once you have published the article on your blog, it may be good to head over to Pinterest as a promotional outlet. Religion blogs benefit excessively by using Pinterest as their source for conversions.

Topics to Write About

  • Traditional and practice
  • Inspirational personal stories
  • Prayers and daily verses

Political Blogs

Some places are more appropriate than others if you want to talk about politics, and one of the safest places to do this is on a political blog. Whether you are liberal or conservation, writing a political blog can give you the freedom to be as biased or controversial as you would like to be.

If you follow feminist writing, you can use your blog as a creative outlet to speak about topics such as women’s rights or abortion. You can also raise awareness about feminism and gender inequality.

Is there a political topic that you are incredibly passionate about? Maybe your calling is immigration, United States Congress, or sustainability. It is crucial to ask yourself which topics you naturally bring up when catching up with friends and family.

Once you have decided on your favorite topic and begun your blog, it may be good to segment your topics into different categories. This will make it easier for your reader to navigate your website and make your content more accessible.

Topics to Write About

  • Fight for social justice
  • Political opinions
  • Criticize or advocate for political policies or people


Lifestyle bloggers and other blogs are at the forefront of information on the internet. Using WordPress blogs, you can tell the world exactly what you want and find ways to monetize your site.

If you want a popular blog, you should follow the blogging advice shared in this article. Your blogging success begins today if you wish to start a mom blog, lifestyle blog, or a popular blog about rottweilers.

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