If you are looking for a city break or a romantic getaway with your special someone or simply a family holiday, which place should you choose in Europe? With so many locations regarding cultural and gastronomic references, beautiful sceneries, and more, this is the perfect opportunity to book your flights, accommodation, and start packing.

Colmar, France

Colmar takes the first spot as the best destination in Europe, and it deserves it in full, with worldwide recognition for having it all. It is Alsace’s wine capital and wine tourism hot spot, meaning it is a perfect vacation spot for couples, history enthusiasts, culture buffs, and food lovers.

It can be visited throughout the whole year, but it has a distinct magical vibe around the holiday season, such as Christmas time. It has an incredible Christmas market and amazing decorations that are not surpassed by any other place.

Summer or autumn also creates the perfect atmosphere in Colmar, especially when seeing the sights in a tourist bus and visiting the villages of Riquewihr and Eguisheim. Driving along the wine route while stopping by at the wine estates is impressive for both sightseeing and wine enthusiasts.

Athens, Greece

With more attention to it than ever, Athens is continuously growing. It is where modern meets tradition with dozens of shops and museums, bars, and restaurants. Athens perfectly combines the fallen days of Ancient Greece with a modern look without effort, with great paradoxes and contrasts in a country well-known for generosity and courtesy towards its tourists. 

The spectacular landscapes offered by the Mediterranean Sea are bathed in a warm sun giving it a cosmopolitan look amalgamated with some of the most amazing gastronomic delights, never-ending nightlife, and an artistic side without limits. It is best known for its culture and beaches, but it does not lack nightlife or wellness opportunities; all these are completed by the fantastic decor and a vibrance unable to be recreated anywhere else.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is trendier than ever, and the ideal place to spend your holiday looking for cultural, gastronomical, and architectural experiences. It is guaranteed to offer you a “wow” effect, and, most importantly, the memories made here remain with you forever.

The Haussmannian buildings are sitting along with buildings from the Middle Age, and some may even spot the differences between the neo-classical buildings with the Soviet ones. Tbilisi has an outstanding respect for its historical past, but, at the same time, it is oriented towards the coming days and the youth of the country. All these architectural wonders can be seen by hiking to the top of Tbilisi, allowing you to admire the Kartlis Deda, a statue of their city protector. The site also offers an exceptional panoramic view including the ability to see the Peace Bridge, thermal baths, and other landmarks.

The capital of Georgia has the most stunning views during spring or summer when nature wakes up. Winter doesn’t let down either with its thousands of lights decorating the Christmas market. 

Vienna, Austria

A strong competitor for Paris, Bruges, and Rome when it comes to European capitals of love, Vienna is the ideal destination for a family trip since it ranks amongst the safest destinations in Europe. 

Incredibly historical with a dominant gastronomic tradition, this destination has many well-known landmarks such as the Hundertwasser Museum, trendy bars, and chic restaurants all over the city. It manages to mix fun and class into one city.

With thousands of experiences to enjoy in Vienna, you surely do not get bored quickly. Choose from Europe’s most beautiful big wheel or whistle along the Danube, propose to your soulmate, or take a tour of the well-known Schonbrunn Palace; it is up to you. 

Cascais, Portugal

Cascais is, without doubt, one of the best destinations in Europe. It is the most prestigious coastal European destination and also the most beautiful you can ever see. Located close to Lisbon, Cascais provides the perfect location with just a few steps distance from the capital and the international airport. Nearby Cascais, Sintra, Ericeira, and Mafra can be visited, all of them being close and having good traveling connections.  Thanks to its year-round climate, this riviera offers a diverse landscape, with plenty of unique attractions.

Sibiu, Romania

If you are still not sure which destination to choose for your next vacation, Romania comes with an explosion of history and the culinary past of the Transylvania region, in a city called Sibiu. 

Its streets are full of poetry and beauty, refreshing landscapes, and plenty of attractions. This city is rich in culture and stands proud as Romania’s most visited city, with 800 years of sites and history. At the same time, it manages to be one of the most dynamic and modern cities in Europe. Furthermore, Sibiu is the top-rated city in the country, as it has received 3 Michelin stars, meaning that it is a must-see destination.

All in all, no matter which destination you choose, always keep in mind that the essential aspect to take into consideration is your interest. Make sure to relax and enjoy your trip and make amazing memories along the way.