What Is a Website Content Writer and Why Do You Need One?

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A website content writer is someone whose specialty is in providing relevant content specifically for websites.

Each website has a target audience to write for and requires appropriate content to attract more business. Content writing requires keywords related to the business. Internet users can type those in to find services and products.

Ultimately, the goal is to have a content-rich website to improve its SEO. Typically, the SEO content writer requires appropriate SEO knowledge to know how to complete the project.

Many writing pieces are focused on marketing services and products, but that’s not always the case. Some of the websites are informative in nature and break down complex information in a way that people can understand them.

As a business owner, it’s ideal to have a blog for your site so that you establish your brand and gain awareness and authority on it.

Usually, small businesses feel that they can’t do the work themselves, so they turn to writers who know what to do and how to craft content correctly.

Functions of a Website Content Writer

There is a growing demand for people who can write content for the internet. The web content writer must focus on providing a compelling copy to boost revenue for the business.

Generally, a new website focuses more on SEO than technical writing. It’s often best to use a content manager who can handle various tasks:

  1. Develop and write content as based on the business concept and needs.
  2. Focus on keyword research and generate topics.
  3. Create and copy edit to inform a reader and to sell or promote the product or company on the website.
  4. Produce content that engages site visitors so that they continue to browse the website. When a visitor stays longer on one site or page, they become potential customers and better leads.
  5. The goal is to craft content that’s smart with its use of keywords and focuses on search engine optimization or SEO. Ultimately, the text contains appropriate keywords and phrases that users might type for web searches associated with the site for better ranking and indexing on a search engine.
  6. Create content that helps the visitor get the information they need efficiently and quickly. Focused website content offers readers access to the data in a user-friendly way.
  7. Create useful, unique, and compelling content on topics that potential customers want to see and not just for the search engines.

Writing for a website requires extensive experience with searchability, relevance, and much more. The website text must be relevant or beneficial to the people reading it. Searchability focuses on keyword usage so that search engines can tell users which websites to visit to meet their needs.

There are many ways that websites can come up with the content they require, which often results in outsourcing. However, this can be risky if the writers don’t know how to write content for a website.

Ultimately, you should come up with a content marketing strategy that focuses on what to write, when to do it, and who can handle the task. Content comes in different forms, such as:

  • Blog content
  • White papers
  • Newsletters
  • eBooks
  • Promotional mail (email marketing)
  • Brochures
  • Social media promotion and management
  • Flyers
  • Other online/offline marketing requirements

Content Writing Providers

Writing website content is usually outsourced to other providers, such as web copywriters or a digital marketing agency for a larger and more complex project. Most of the writers who spend time on digital marketing have more focus on PPC, search engine optimization, and optimization for social media platforms. That way, they can develop appropriate content that helps with marketing the business more easily.

Digital marketing companies usually combine copywriting services with other services, such as editing, brand positioning, SEO consulting, message consulting, developmental editing, layout, fact-checking, proofreading, design, and content syndication.

Outsourcing all of that can allow the business owner to focus on other things instead of trying to do content writing themselves. That way, quality doesn’t suffer.

Reasons to Hire Someone

Sometimes, people aren’t sure if they should hire a writer or do it themselves. Writing isn’t an easy task; most of these professionals have years of formal education and/or job training to know what to do. Here are just some of the reasons for outsourcing to an expert:

Produce High-Quality Content for Your Business

Website content isn’t something that falls into your lap. Writers require the skills to create a blog post or article that does it all. Compelling content is something that every business owner craves, but it takes extra work to have quality content.

For example, you must research the audience you’re writing for and the topic. When you write, it has to be engaging enough to keep people on the site. Most people aren’t sure how to handle content writing without hiring an expert. It’s better to shell out some money (and include that in the budget) than it is to have a bunch of articles that no one wants to read.

More Time for Yourself

Content writing is essential for any business that wants to represent itself online. However, it’s often a project that you and the team don’t want to do. If that’s the case, it’s ultimately better to hire a writer who specializes in web content.

Professional copywriters can bring more value to the team and keep your visitors and prospects content and happy.

There are many aspects to consider for business, and you’ve got certain things to focus on if you want to see success. Doing everything yourself isn’t the best choice. While you’re thinking about what has to be done elsewhere, the writer can handle the content for you.

Update and Maintain Web Content

A website can easily be updated with a few keystrokes and clicks, and most visitors to your blog know that. If they see outdated information within the web pages, they feel let down. In fact, they might click off and never return!

They’re visiting the page to get information on new events, products, and newsworthy tidbits about the industry or company. When you work with quality writers, they can handle all of that.

Most websites change the content without a strategy. The professional you use adds to the information and improves it with content writing prowess. That way, everything stays relevant and is up to date to attract new people to the site all the time. Experienced writers can even help you implement or develop a strategy to produce fresh copy and rank better in the SERPs.

Be Found By Search Engines

Your website is there to drive traffic to the page, and this means you need the right SEO requirements. Search engine optimization means that everything is optimized so that the search engine can find you. From there, SEO uses key phrases and words to ensure that you’re providing useful information to the readers.

Content writers can help with SEO so that everything is done right. When it’s all optimized, you know the content quality is excellent. Marketing yourself and your blog is a lot easier when search engines can find you!

Bring in More Sales

Content writers can ensure that you have valuable, reliable, and relevant content so that you generate more leads. Your website has to gain the confidence and trust of potentials before they are willing to buy from you.

When a lead learns that the information on the page is trustworthy, they come to rely on the advice you give. When you hire a professional, you get top-notch content that can be used later for content marketing purposes.

Writing Skills the Website Content Writer Should Have

Expert writers require the writing skills that help them produce quality content. Here are the points to consider from your writer:


The professional has to be able to take common knowledge in your industry and make it sound newer. This often takes creative writing capabilities, and all writers don’t have that.

However, it’s important to establish your website as a trusted source of information and thought leadership, especially when the competition is sure to talk about similar topics.

With that, content quality can’t waver, and the thoughts/ideas can’t be “borrowed” from others.


All content writers must have flexibility, especially for their own work. You and the writer should remember that the first draft isn’t ever perfect.

Therefore, the professional has to be open to feedback and apply it where necessary so that the expectations and standards of your brand are upheld. With that, writing can take time, but deadlines can quickly change.

What if an event became breaking news? The article has to be created on the same day so that you can be ahead of the curve. Ultimately, the writer must be able to change course without compromising the quality of the piece.


Content writers have to be organized on various levels. First, they have to focus on their schedule so that they don’t miss deadlines. Then, they must ensure that each piece is unique.

Content creation isn’t as easy as most people think. The writer must ensure that each video script, blog, web page, and other content pieces naturally flow, so the reader understands it.


The website’s content must be accurate, no matter what the industry is or the topic they’re writing about. Therefore, the professional has to interpret and read the sources in the industry and do the research. This might include viewing studies, government reports, technical documents, and more.

When writing, the expert also needs to understand that all sources aren’t the same. For example, you can have a low-quality source that doesn’t check its facts and leaves readers with the wrong information.

Storytelling Abilities

Creative writing is often a requirement for writers because they have to craft compelling content that the audience wants to read. The writer isn’t just reporting information. They are telling a story.

Capable of Editing

Once the content creation is complete, the job isn’t done. Content writing should also include editing. That’s where the person reads through the piece and fixes grammatical errors.


Web content writers work closely with their clients. Therefore, communication is key throughout the writing process so that everyone knows what’s required of the professional.

Options for Hiring a Website Content Writer

There are several ways to find a writer for your website content. That way, you know their writing capabilities and can pick the right one:

Freelance Writers

A freelance writer is a contractor, so they’re only writing when you need them. Though you can find great writers, you should constantly evaluate their skills and abilities so that you get engaging content that meets all of your needs.


Content writing services are excellent because they have a pool of writer profiles to choose from. Usually, clients sign up with the agency and describe their needs. You are either matched with a writer or can browse the many writers on the platform to find the best one.

Internal Writer

An internal writer is someone who works at your location (or remotely). They are on the payroll, so they can take writing tasks as they come up. The process can be long, but it could be a great investment, especially if you’re always creating high volumes of content or need technical writers.


Creating content isn’t for everyone. If you own a company and can’t figure out the formula for producing high-quality content, you’re not alone.

It’s better to hire a content specialist for your writing needs. They can produce website content that compels, engages, and converts visitors into leads.

Consider hiring quality content writing services from an agency. That way, you have many options available and can easily choose a professional content writer that meets all the requirements you have.

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