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who we are

Our goal is to make a difference in the industry and we take our business very, very seriously. We are not here just to make a quick buck.

Our business model relies on creating long-term relationships so we get regular work while spending less on marketing, and you get high quality content delivered on time and at a great price…every single time.

This Way, We Both Win!
Just take a look at what we can do…

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Why Us


All articles are written by professional writers


Guaranteed original and copy-scaped tested


Quick 5-7 days turnaround


The best price you will find for high quality content, anywhere


Well researched content (we do our homework)


Natural keyword density, LSI, Google friendly (no keywords stuffing)


Complete ownership of content transferring to you


Unlimited revisions



Fresh, Well-Written and 100% Original Content The articles are Informative link-worthy articles that establish online authority & engage your target market.

-SAMMY (Sammy.M from Warrior forum)

Well written, quality articles on our specified topic according to our exact requirements. They are professional and working with them has been absolute pleasure.

-SNAKE (Joe0074 from Warrior forum)

Fast turnaround, good writing skills, well post structure, well keyword optimized, free of grammatical error... extremely satisfied with Andrew's writing! Recommended Writer!

-LEE (KiDkillER from Warrior forum)

How to order

It’s really simple and takes just 3 easy steps:

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We’ll start working on your content right away so you can go back to doing what you do best; managing your business. When your articles are finished we’ll have them delivered straight to your inbox…no hassle.

Couldn’t be simpler, huh?

Go place an order now and experience the magic firsthand. Your online business will never be the same again.


How to order

If you order an article, choose the number of articles needed and the number of words, write the title/keyword on the left field of the order form and on the right field please provide clear, concise instructions related to your order (Ex: tone, examples, voice, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person, keywords density, LSI keywords, links etc.) The clearer your instructions, the better your final outcome.

Please Add this  address to your “safe-list”, “white-list”, or address book to ensure the emails and the files attached will not end up in the “SPAM” folder:


How and when can I request a revision of an article?

In order to request a revision, simply contact us 🙂
We have unlimited revision policy. We want you to be 100% satisfied.
Please try to give the author as much information in the original
order briefing as possible to ensure that the first try meets your needs.

How long does it take until an order is ready?

We usually deliver within 3-5 working days of placement of the order. Our guarantee is 7 days.

Are articles checked for plagiarism?

We check all the articles with Copyscape before we deliver them. That way we make sure the content is free from palagrism and we deliver high quality & original content.

What makes You Stand Out From Other Sellers?

We are the best in the market. Our repeated customers proves it. Just give us a try.

Who owns the rights to the content?

You get the full copyrights to every single article. It’s that simple.

Can you write on any topic?

Yes, as long as it’s not illegal.

Need more information about our PR service?

“Need Traffic, Big Backlinks and Media Exposure?”

Of course you do!

The thing is most people are either unaware of the power of press releases or just too scared to try them out – what a pity!
There’s no other way to get such powerful, high authority backlinks, natural traffic and the potential for massive media exposure all at the same time.

Press releases continue to be one of the most powerful ways to gain exposure for your business! You don’t even need to have a newsworthy event!

Too many people are intimidated by press releases because they don’t think they have anything to say. We will make certain you do!

We’ll develop a noteworthy story and write a 400-500 word press release just the way it needs to be for the maximum effect for your website, service or product. Just place our order and I’ll take care of everything from the research, storyline, angle, and execution.


This is the information we need:
(if you don’t have all these answers, you can give us the url – We will do the research)

Communicate the 5 W’s and the H. Who, what, when, where, why, and how (Write that in the “Instructions field”).

1. What is the actual news?
2. Why this is news.
3, The people, products, items, dates and other things related with the news.
4. purpose behind the news.
5. Your company, city, state
6. Any quotes/testimonials

We will write the release in 3rd person journalistic fashion.

Don’t forget to give us your site url.

You can also add the PRbuzz submission

What Is The Difference Between The Regular Articles to the Authority Content Articles?

Regular articles (priced $0.80 per 100 words) are written by professional English writers and are most suitable for Blogs, Adsense sites, Amazon and affiliate reviews, articles directories and backlinking articles.
Authority content ($3 per 100 words) is written only by USA Natives, published authors and journalists. The content is deeply researched and more suitable for Authority websites, companies websites, professional blogs, web copy & converting affiliate content.


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