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Content marketing is what drives lead generation, content creation, and keyword targeting. You know that it takes time to handle the work, which is one thing that you probably have little of. However, your company and website don’t have to suffer. In fact, you can have articles written for you without having to do it all yourself.

When you choose the right content writing services, you let the professionals take care of everything. However, you can do some of it yourself or let them handle it all.

Why You Need to Stop Doing Your Own Content Creation

If you’re like most marketers, you don’t have enough time to get anything done. With that, the most important part of content marketing is to write articles for your website, and it also happens to be the most time-consuming.

To handle content writing effectively, you need the right marketing strategy, formatting, keyword placement, scheduling assistance, organization, and research to devote to your craft. Most people don’t have the time to do it because they’re focused on other aspects.

With that, you may be a marketer in charge of the writing for your content marketing strategy and campaigns, and this can burn you out quickly. You’re bound to fall short of your goals or not produce enough content to rank higher in search engines. This is highly frustrating and stressful.

Ultimately, the best way to increase your marketing skills is to be smarter about your efforts. Hire high-quality content writers to handle your content creation for you and grow your company without the hassle.

How Often Should You Write Content?

A business that blogs over 16 times a month could see 3.5 times more traffic than a company that doesn’t. In today’s world, your website is the most important aspect, and the articles and blog posts you write are crucial.

Many companies don’t even get 16 blog posts a month. If you can write that many for your site (or hire someone), you’re above the competition.

Now that you know how many articles you should create each month, you need to figure out how to write so much content. How long does it take, and how long should each piece be?


If you were to craft 16 different 500-word posts of written content each month, it could take 32 hours of just writing time. With that, you have to do research to ensure that your content creation efforts are excellent.

When you work with a writing company, it handles any issues and reduces the bottleneck. Plus, content writing services take the pressure off you.

Length of Content

Along with the sheer number of blogs to produce each month, the blog posts themselves have become longer. If you want to rank high in Google, the minimum standard is right under 2,000 words, and some say it should be 3,000. That’s about four times the length of the blog posts from earlier.

If you figured everything accordingly, it could take 120 hours to write 16 2,000-word articles. If you’re focused more on content marketing or a manager, then writing that much each month requires you to spend roughly 30 hours of the workweek on typing.

That’s why you should outsource content writing to an excellent content writing service. These professionals can get your blog ready to go. Plus, when a writing service does the work, you can focus more on click funnels, keyword research, analytics, and your posting schedules.

Delegating the work to a content writing company with SEO knowledge is the best thing you can do!

What Are Examples of Content Writing Services in Digital Marketing?

Now that you know how much time you could save, you should learn about what content writing looks like in content marketing campaigns.

Each campaign consists of different content types that must work together to create more leads and sales for you. The content writing comes in various sizes and shapes. Here are just a few examples of content writing options:

  • Quizzes
  • Video scripts
  • Social media posts
  • E-books
  • White papers
  • Category pages
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • Website copy
  • Press releases
  • SEO articles
  • Geo-pages
  • Landing pages
  • Web pages
  • Blog content
  • Rewrites to current content

Content writers can handle all of these things. While they’re similar because someone has to create them, they can vary significantly. The structure of the writing differs between the product types. For example, press releases and e-book formats are quite different.

Blogs are there to engage with and inform, while product pages have to sell and describe. With that, case studies focus on factual data using a problem and solution format.

What Skills Does A Content Writer Need?

Content marketing pros who haven’t tried ghostwriting services may wonder what writing skills they need when searching for qualified writers.

Businesses could need different things. However, here are a few of the skills that your best content writers are sure to possess:

Great Writing Ability

Content writers require a firm grasp of sentence structure, grammar, and how to express ideas clearly. You want to give them a grammar test and ask them to provide sample articles to get a feel of their content writing ability.

That way, you have the data you need now so that you know they can deliver great content later.

Researching Experience

While most clients prefer a writer who’s an expert in their niche or industry, this can’t always happen. Though they may not understand your subject, they can still research the topic for the articles to create informative content that is fully credible.

With that, you may need to give them some brand-specific training. That way, they write in the best voice and tone. If nothing else, they should visit your website to get a better idea of how you portray yourself and your brand.

Native English Speakers

Language has much to do with how someone thinks and grasps the information, so you need native speakers in your preferred language. That way, the written content sounds natural and flows well. Businesses in the United States that use writers who know English as a second language could suffer.

Efficiency of Producing Quality Content

Quality content writers are crucial because they can meet deadlines and offer high-quality content for your website. Therefore, you can give them shorter turnaround times and still see great results.

SEO Understanding

To help your website rank on Google, you need the best content writers. Who are these people? They are the ones who don’t stuff keywords into the article and understand what SEO means and how to apply it.

Doesn’t Use Unethical Writing Practices

Duplicate content (spun content) is worthless and could do serious damage to your website. It’s unethical, too! You should only pay for original content.

Our writers have pride and integrity to handle SEO content creation. Each article we provide is suitable for our clients and their needs. With our services, you’re sure to get the best writing skills possible.

How Do Content Marketers Find Their Content Writers?

One issue that businesses face is trying to execute their content writing campaigns and getting it all crafted. Many times, digital marketers handle the responsibility of choosing someone to create the content they need. Finding writers can be done in three ways:

Hire In-House

Though in-house writers seem like the perfect solution, it is usually the least efficient and most expensive way for a company to go about content creation.

You do have more control over the content quality and writing output of your employee. However, you also have to pay more overhead fees, taxes, have office space, and deal with the costs to hire and manage them.

Manage a Team of Freelance Writers

Usually, hiring freelance writers is better from the financial standpoint, but the management, procedural, and hiring costs can still add up. When you bring in multiple independent contractors, you can scale up/down when needed, but you require HR to hire the SEO writers, train them, and handle each article project that comes up.

With that, you may bring on more writers, which raises the hiring/management costs, and then you have to figure out how to distribute, audit, and collect their work. It’s much more time and work for any business, and it might not be ideal.

Outsource Writing to a Content Creation Company

The most efficient, scalable, and affordable way to boost your content marketing and writing campaigns is to look at different writing companies and choose one of them. Ultimately, these content creation services have large teams of writers who can work on the website projects immediately.

Though these can be great for your business, you should be aware that some of these companies charge a monthly membership fee on top of what you pay the writers. Make sure you research each writing service thoroughly before selecting one.

Types of Writing Services

All writing companies aren’t equal, and there are different services to understand. When you know what each company offers, you can determine which one you want to become a client of.


A self-service writing service offers a large platform so that you can find thousands of writers for your website content. It has already vetted the writers at various content quality levels, so you can pay for the one you want or try different writers on the project.

This service is suitable for a company with many small projects or small businesses that may not be concerned with the quality of the message or require an article immediately.

Usually, such a service is the cheapest option, but you’re not in control of the writers or if you get high-quality content. Though you’ve got access to tons of options, there’s no guarantee over the quality.


These content marketing and writing companies offer premium services at a higher price. They provide keyword research, testing, analytics, content strategy, and more. With that, you get content writing of quality.

If you require help with the puzzle of content marketing for your business and have money to spend, this is a great choice. However, it might not be suitable for smaller companies or those with in-house SEO specialists. Those who already have a marketing strategy may also want to steer clear.

Managed Service

A content marketing and creation company that offers managed services provides quality, control, and consistency at all project levels. This is ideal for digital marketers who have their own strategies and require assistance with crafting articles at a high level of quality consistently.

With these content writing companies, you have dedicated teams of content writers to stay on your project and an account manager to help with ordering. Typically, you usually have to order a minimum amount for your company, so each article could cost more.

It’s usually cheaper than the full-service options and is suitable for any business that has ongoing projects and wants the best.

We are considered a managed service company. However, we do offer self-service options if you need a quick fix, but most of our business focuses on managed services.

How Do Managed Services Work?

Instead of a marketer creating each piece of content at a time, they outsource the writing to a managed content writing service. If you’ve got many pieces of content to order at once, these services can be helpful.

We believe that high-quality content drives search rankings, so our business model reflects that. If you spend the minimum amount on content, you get free account management and a team of writers to help you!

More Work Early On with Better Results Later

With the managed idea, there’s more work involved at the beginning to set up your project. Our clients often like this so that they don’t sacrifice quality. When the initial trial or sample is done and you’ve given us feedback, we replicate that process every month!

Access to a Dedicated Team

With this setup, we want monthly feedback with our clients to ensure that we keep up with updates or nip issues in the bud. That way, you keep the same writers on your teams and ensure the quality of the work.

If you require technical writing, we set up a special team of experts who can handle this requirement. Ultimately, our clients like that! We can also work with your web development expert if necessary!

Example of Using Our Managed Services

Here’s an example of how it is to use our managed team of professionals:

  • A boarding manager speaks with you about the content project you have and offers an initial price quote.
  • We help you choose a content order method and customize it for your business. Then, the content orders are placed.
  • The account manager sets you up with a few writers to complete some sample pieces. You give feedback and provide us with the detailed instructions.
  • We create a team of dedicated writers to work on your project.
  • You start seeing the content roll in!

Final Things to Consider When Choosing Content Writing Companies

While it’s best to use a content writing service to scale your content affordably, there are some things you should be aware of before you decide which one to use. With so many great options, it’s hard to pick the right partner to help you with your content marketing and crafting the content you want to put on your website. Here are just a few things to watch for when choosing a company:

Beware of Off-Shore Content Writing Services

Sometimes, the services claim that they’re based in the US, but they use off-shore writers to craft the content. While such services are often cheaper, you do get what you pay for because the quality is usually poor.

As a client of that company, you expect things to be perfect, but that rarely happens. Don’t let your website or brand image suffer because you chose subpar writers.

Know the Risk of Utilizing Small Companies

A small content company with between one and 25 writers is often too small of a team to help you produce tons of content quickly.

With a team this small, they may not have experience in your niche, which is an issue if you require a specific expertise level. Make sure that you choose a company with a few hundred writers to make sure that they can tackle your website project as needed.

Understand What Each SEO Company Offers

Many content creation services say that they are managed or full-service options. However, they’re just a freelance platform that helps you find individual writers. If you expect managed services and only get self-service, you are sure to be frustrated. That setup doesn’t save time because you have to select the writer, provide the instructions each time, order the content, edit everything, answer questions, and follow up with the writers.

The last thing you need is to be a client of a promised managed services company and still have to do the work.

With that, your website requires SEO-focused content, so you need someone who can handle that. We are your go-to solution because we can take care of everything for you.

They May Not Customize

Each company works differently, but most content writing services aren’t able to customize the delivery or ordering processes that work best for the clients. This is often true of content writing companies that focus primarily on you using their platforms to get the completed work for your website.

Experience companies like ours can customize the various processes to keep things easy and ensure that it works the way you operate. Our goal is to be an extension of your business!


If you need assistance with content creation, you are in the right place. We are one of the best content writing services out there, and our writers have what it takes to get things done efficiently.

Our clients usually tell us that we know content writing better than the competition. Your company requires the best so that your website is searchable and scannable by people and search engines.

Whether you require white papers, product descriptions, or e-books, we have the writers with the skills you need. Contact us to learn more today!

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