Should You Outsource to Blog Content Writers and How Do You Find Them?

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Blogging and running a blog isn’t easy. You’ve got to produce a new SEO blog post all the time, keep up with the updates of your website, maintain the hosting account, respond to your readers, moderate comments, and handle so many other little tasks. With that, you want to promote your blog and articles, which takes even more work.

Digital marketing is what makes the world go around, and each post you put out can be helpful. However, most of our clients don’t understand how challenging it is to be a blog writer, run a business, and handle content marketing on their own.

You probably aren’t a writer yourself and have no idea how to write great content. If content marketing isn’t your strong suit, it might be better to hire writers to handle the SEO article writing for you.

Small businesses everywhere want to save time on their inbound marketing needs and still produce high-quality content that matters to the readership. If that’s the case, then hiring writers for content creation is crucial.

However, it’s not just about blog writing. Blogging is part of it, but you also have to consider the marketing aspect and ensure that your site is streamlined while editing each post. Since content writing isn’t for everyone, it might be wise to hire writing services that have tons of writers at your disposal.

We are a great choice and offer assistance with content marketing, editing, and everything else. If you need to craft a blog post or want a blogging expert, it’s time to consider working with our company. Here are the things to consider before hiring a marketing specialist or various writers:

Relationship with the Readers

When you blog, your goal is to build bonds, trust, and relationships with the readers. As you continue with your content creation efforts, they learn to like you and end up excited to see the next blog post.

With that, they may share your blog posts on social media and continue reading the articles you produce.

However, blogging isn’t just about having a blog and putting out a new post each week. You need writing professionals who understand SEO. A writer who knows search engine optimization ensures that content creation goes above the readership to help search engines understand what information you’re trying to convey.

This means that you get more web traffic to your site and appear higher in the search results. The expertise required to handle SEO is something that every writer doesn’t have. Though you could do your own research into how to handle SEO, it often takes a lot of time and effort. Instead, it’s better to work with a marketing company that has the writers you need. That way, each article is SEO-optimized.

Our writing services help you choose a writer who understands blogging. That way, each post you put out is excellent and draws people to it.

Type of Blog Writing Services You Need

You can’t just hire anyone to write blog content. Rather, you must choose a writer who fits with the brand, your mission, and has the knowledge that your blog articles promote. With that, the blog writer has to get results and understand your tone, matching their writing style to that.

Writing an article that’s SEO-optimized isn’t easy to do. Many of our clients use our blog writing services to help with product descriptions on the website. However, that’s just a small portion of what we do.

We also know that writing for SEO means doing keyword research and marketing each post effectively. That’s why our company has writers from various backgrounds. One of them is sure to have the services you need for your site.

Here are a few questions to think about when hiring writers for a new post:

  • Have they proven their results?
  • Do they have the knowledge for this job?
  • Does their style fit with your brand or business?
  • How long have they been in the industry of writing content online?

When you outsource the writing of a post to another company, you’re trusting it with your reputation. You don’t just push the task onto someone else; you’ve given them permission to represent your brand.

Therefore, the person hired must maintain your credibility and enhance it while pleasing the readers. Our writers can help you achieve your goals!

Tips for Finding Blog Writers

If your goal is to hire writing services to handle the writing tasks for you, this is likely their professional career. Here are a few tips to find the right writer:

  • Don’t use companies like Fiverr because the writers here may not be skilled to handle your specific blog or business goals. These job boards make you fend for yourself instead of offering managed services like our company.
  • Join social media groups that are dedicated to writers and promote your SEO articles and blog posts.
  • Search for influencers within your industry if subject matter expertise is required. Look at conference participants and speakers in the field.
  • Search for blog writers who have profiles on LinkedIn and personal portfolios.

We always make sure that each writer we select for your article or post has what it takes. You may also turn down a writer you don’t feel is qualified. That way, you’re in control.

How to Compensate the Blog Writers

Most of our clients feel that payment is a touchy subject, and it can be hard to decide what to pay a content writer for a blog post. We believe that the pay-per-post option works better than the pay-per-word one.

Therefore, our blog writing services use a flat rate payment scale instead of making you pay per word. We usually feel this is better, especially when you want SEO-optimized blogs.

Since content creation isn’t your best quality, and you want your website to succeed, it’s better to hire a blog writer who understands SEO writing. With our company, you know that each article is done right.

Blog writing takes skill, and you should understand that to get the best quality, you need to pay a decent wage. We can’t say that we’re the cheapest service in the business, but our writers do know how to produce the best content. Each post is just how you want it.

Another consideration here is how much content you want to have written. If you’re only producing a post once a month, a pay-per-post might work better. Luckily, we have many packages available, so you get the writers you want at a price that’s affordable!

Plus, we handle everything for you, such as editing, images, and promotion. You also get a polished article that has proper grammar, excellent ideas, and attention-grabbing headlines.

Ghostwriter for a Blog Post?

Ghostwriters are blog writers who write on your behalf but don’t get a byline. You present the fresh content as your own, even though it was written by someone else.

However, some people find that this is controversial because the writer did something, and you took credit. It may feel a bit dishonest, but most people believe that there isn’t anything wrong with it. You’re hiring a writer to share knowledge with an audience.

Blog writing has been around for a while, and it saves time for a busy business. Plus, when it’s SEO-focused, you can share it on social media and help you get more readers.

With that, if you don’t have the skills to write an article, you could hurt your sales and credibility. Those with average writing skills usually hire ghostwriters to turn audio files, notes, outlines, and thoughts into great blog posts. You have the knowledge to convey, but someone else crafts it for you.

Our blog writing service can help you craft articles that you claim as your own. You own the copyright and can share the content on social media or do what you want with it. When you choose our services, the writers understand that you bought it, and it’s now yours.

What to Do If It Doesn’t Work Out

Whenever you make changes to your website or business, there’s a risk of things not working out. Each idea you have isn’t the best decision.

Therefore, if you scroll through a list of blog writers and choose one, you may realize after a few months that you didn’t get the results you needed. The blogs might not be the best quality, or your audience shifted to a different blog style.

It happens all the time, and the goal is to adjust. When you work with experienced writers, they usually write an article of high quality. However, it might not be in the tone or voice you want.

When you choose our blog writing service, we offer a money-back guarantee. Our clients like that they can get a refund if their content writer didn’t do the job right, or they weren’t satisfied for other reasons. However, our services also include free revisions to articles.

If the writing wasn’t up to par, we can make sure it’s fixed and done right. We ensure your blog gets filled up with the best content out there.

When to Hire a Blog Writer and When You Shouldn’t

To determine when you should hire a blog writer, you should think about your business model and niche. Some niches don’t need as much content, so you may be able to write the blog posts yourself, especially if you have the skills and enjoy it.

However, if the niche requires coverage of current events and news, then blog writing can get tricky. You’ve got so much content creation to consider that you can’t do it all yourself.

With that, it costs money to hire blog writing services. Do you make enough money to pay for content writing? How do you measure quality control and ROI for each writer to ensure that they are profitable for you?

In high-volume industries, it’s easy to justify the price of the article based on what it can give you in return. Regardless, you need to know exactly what the writing could do for you and look at all possible concerns before you hire someone or decide to do it alone.

How to Find Blog Writers to Hire

There are so many places to find content writing professionals. These include:

  • Your own mailing list and blog – If you’ve already established an audience, you can turn the crowd into article writing pros. They’re familiar with the niche (in theory). However, you must pay attention to their skills. A good reader doesn’t necessarily mean a good blog writer.
  • Industry forums – If the rules of the forum allow it, you can post invitations to apply for blog writing positions. With that, you may participate in the forum as a member. When you identify good posters, private message them with opportunities.
  • Niche blogs – You may locate small niche bloggers in the market who are good writers without the audience. Ask them if they might like to write for your website.
  • Blog writing services – Whether you have one blog post to craft or thousands, it might be best to work with us. We offer our clients various packages to meet all of their content creation needs. Plus, it is easy to order from us, and we match you with the best writer for the task! There’s no need to post an ad or interview dozens of candidates.

What to Include in the Order

Though you don’t have to post an ad with us, it is still important to give us the instructions and details of what you need. Be specific. Tell us what topics you want us to cover, who your ideal writer is, and your target audience. Describe these people as best as possible.

Be prepared because we are all humans. Everyone makes mistakes, so be mindful of that when hiring us. That way, you don’t have unrealistic expectations for turnaround times and all the rest.

We welcome you to tell the writers exactly what to do. It’s better to give more details than not enough. Just make sure that you don’t repeat yourself or contradict yourself. If we or the writer have any questions about the order, we always make sure to ask before starting the job.

How to Evaluate the Blogger

Our clients like that they don’t necessarily get the same specific writer each time. While you are allowed to request a writer you’ve used in the past, we match you with a blog writer to help with quality control. That way, if you want someone who has a strong SEO background, you pay for them and only get those types of writers in your list.

With our blog writing service, it’s not an open platform. This means that you tell us what you want for your blog writing professional, and that’s what you get!

Good bloggers can write in a way to get and hold the attention of the readers throughout the blog post. With that, they need to understand that writing good headlines is crucial. On top of it all, writing solid introductions, sub-headings, and a CTA is paramount here.

Though the writers here don’t share to social media channels for you, they make sure that each article is shareable and interesting. With our services, your blogs couldn’t be better.

We realize that most people don’t read blogs. They scan each post to get the main points. Then, if the information is intriguing, they may come back to it and read more thoroughly.

This ultimately means that you want to request writing samples from everyone who considers your company. We do allow you to request a sample of previously written work. However, it’s often better to hire the writer for one post and read through it to see if their skills match what you need. Though many of our writers have portfolios, some of them only write for clients and don’t. We don’t penalize them, and neither should you!

Legal Considerations for Hiring Bloggers

Regardless of who you choose to write for you, it’s important to have a signed agreement between you and them. When you work with blog content writing services like us, we make sure that the blog writing professionals sign a contract with us. That means you don’t have to deal with it.

  • Each writer is an independent contractor and not our employee. They are also not your employee and are writing content as freelance writers.
  • You agree to pay us a flat fee, and we pay the blog writer accordingly. This saves you a lot of hassle because you get blog posts for your website without having to negotiate, and many of our clients like this.
  • When you accept the written materials, you agree to pay us. If you’re unsatisfied with the writing for any reason, you can request revisions. However, if that still doesn’t fix the problem, we offer a guarantee to get your money back.
  • You own the content that you pay for. The writers give up the ownership rights, which saves you from copyright issues later. With that, you may use the content however you wish, including for products or services you might offer in the future.


Whether you have content across multiple domains or just on one website, we can help you. Our clients enjoy our services because we can craft and scale content to meet your needs. This includes:

  • Landing pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Product reviews
  • White papers
  • SEO articles
  • Blogs
  • Digital marketing
  • In-depth blog articles
  • Social media posts
  • Translation
  • Video scripts

Do you need blog posts crafted for your site? If so, now is the time to try our blog writing services. Our goal is on writing engaging and quality content that you can use on your blog. We also include editing and offer an unlimited amount of revisions for free.

There aren’t any hidden fees with our service and no monthly membership. You can cancel anytime without fear. Are you ready to take your blog writing to a new level? Simply hit the button below to order SEO content today!

We are one of the top blog writing service options out there. With that, you get a money-back guarantee, so you’re sure to be satisfied with the article writing professional we match you with. Give us a try today!

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you’re likely to have questions about our service, and we are here to help you feel comfortable. Please read the questions and answers below to learn more about us. If that doesn’t help, you may always contact us with a specific query.

Our goal is to help you craft appropriate content that wows the crowd and turns heads. Ask us anything!

What Information Do We Need for You to Place an Order?

Before we can create content for you, it’s important to place an order. We’ve made it easy to do with various prompts along the way. Just answer the questions honestly to ensure that we pair you with a writer who can handle all of your needs. It’s just that easy!

Can We Write about Your Industry?

Yes! Our writers come from different backgrounds. We ask them specifically what they are passionate and knowledgeable about. Then, we use that information to match them with companies like yours!

Are the Blog Posts SEO Optimized?

Each blog post is SEO-optimized. We don’t just write articles; our SEO services are designed to bring traffic to your blog. This ultimately starts with topic validation. We can make sure that the topics are right for your niche, industry, and search intent necessary.

You may also come to us with your own topic ideas. We review them and give you suggestions on ways to improve them. If that’s not your goal, you may always tell us no, and we make sure that the writers follow your instructions to the letter.

What If You Have Specific Keywords or Topics?

This is awesome! Just make sure to put the ideas in the order form. That way, our team can review the information and find a blog writer that can handle the keywords or topics for you.

Is Editing Included?

Yes, we have a chief editor on staff who handles all the editing. We always ask our writers to do a once-through. This is where they read through it and check for spelling and grammar errors. However, we know that a pair of fresh eyes can make a difference and catch something that the writer missed. That’s why we always have an editor run through it to ensure that the writer followed directions and wrote something compelling.

How Do You Know the Article Wasn’t Plagiarized?

Plagiarism hurts us, you, and the writer. Our reputation is on the line, and we do not allow our writers to plagiarize content. We explain the severity of the situation and tell them that it’s just like stealing a television from a store.

With that, we understand that plagiarism can hurt you because your online reputation is on the line, too. Therefore, we make sure that each article or blog post is run through anti-plagiarism software to catch similar sentences. You know you can immediately publish whatever content we send you without the fear of being penalized for duplicate content!

How Can You Write for All Industries?

We employ writers from all types of backgrounds. Therefore, if you have technical writing requirements, we search for someone with those skills. With that, we specialize in various areas, such as real estate and dental blogs, but our writers come from almost every industry out there.

Occasionally, we must turn a client away if they have an extremely niche topic, such as goat rental (yes, apparently, it is a thing!) However, in almost all cases, we have someone with the experience necessary to write engagingly about that topic or industry. If you’re unsure, just call and ask or request an order.

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