Professional Content Writers – How to Find and Hire Them

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Appropriate content marketing can position you as the authority in your field. With that, it builds trust with the audience by offering relevant and useful information. Article writing is designed to boost more traffic to your website through search engine optimization.

SEO is crucial for your blog posts, and the right content writer understands this. That way, you’re ranked higher in the search engine results because you have a content-rich website.

Ultimately, this means focusing on content quality. Though you know how important content marketing is, you may lack the time to produce content. Also, you may not feel confident in your ability to write amazing pieces that get shared on social media.

Professional content writers understand that it’s less about word count and more about producing content and getting it in front of the readers in a timely manner. Here’s what you should know:

What Qualities Do Professional Content Writing Services Require?

There are tons of professional content writers out there to help you focus on content creation. However, they may not all understand content quality or be able to craft bulk content that meets the needs of your business.

Some might even be scam artists trying to make a quick dollar. They offer such low rates and promise to produce excellent pieces. However, they’re only interested in profits, so they don’t put your business in a good light or consider quality.

Many people aspire to become professional content writers and want to get started in the business. They have good intentions, and there could be raw talent there. However, they don’t have the skills, knowledge, experience, or training to handle your website proficiently.

When you look to hire someone to create content, you need a specific idea of what you need. Here are some of the key elements to consider:


Personality or writing voice is crucial, and the best professional content writer can create copy that’s engaging, intelligent, insightful, and purposeful. Their attitude should convey strength, confidence, and integrity. Find content writers with a strong sense of themselves to produce content for your website that’s captivating and distinctive.

Professional Writing Skills

Qualified writers for hire must understand the basic mechanics of writing. They may be crafting content for social media or a website. With that, many content writers offer other services, such as SEO-focused content.

You want a knowledgeable writer who can handle the tools effectively. Usually, this means that they have information about your field.

For example, you’re in charge of the marketing team for a health care system. You want some blog posts to highlight the services provided in orthopedics. Therefore, if you hire someone with experience in that field, you’re sure to get SEO-focused content that taps all the bases.

Writing Experience

A content writer must be able to prove that they have experience. You should check to see that they’re SEO experts by looking for compelling content in the top search results on search engines.

You should also request some samples of their work. Usually, they have a website or blog of their own where they present their past works. Go through the web content available and then search for those things to see if they pop up in the search engines.

If not, you may want to ask them why their web pages aren’t doing so.

Content writing isn’t just about search engine optimization, but you want your web pages to be optimized for SEO. With that, you may get more social media shares and help your content go viral.

It’s also important to remember that many writers don’t own the copyright of the work they produce. If that’s the case, you may want to ask them to craft a piece of content specifically for you. While you must pay them for their time, it helps you see what they’re capable of.

Blog writers should be well aware of the importance of incorporating keywords naturally into the content. However, if your writer doesn’t, it is a teachable skill.

Originality with High-quality Content

Content originality is a crucial key to determine the failure or success of your content marketing efforts. A search engine could ignore or penalize duplicate content. With that, customers don’t waste time re-reading what they’ve already learned.

Lazy content writers could sacrifice content quality and copy someone else’s work to pass off as their own. Remember, search engines can find that!

Instead, you want your website to be full of original content that’s SEO-focused. Make sure that the SEO writer understands what plagiarism means and works hard to protect the information provided to your customers.

Writing Flexibility

Typically, content writers work for several clients all at the same time, and each one has specific needs. A content writer who is skillful can adapt their individual styles to your requirements and produce exactly what content you need.

You might believe that unique voices make it harder for the writer to focus on content creation, but the opposite is real. When they have a strong writing personality, they can easily understand your views and adapt to your specifications.


Content writers should be able to openly and honestly deal with you. They don’t make unrealistic promises for turnaround times. Instead, they set deadlines that are reasonable so that they can complete the blog post and get it back to you.

Sometimes, when you want to create high-quality content, the deadline has to pass. If that happens, the writer should be proactive and let you know why and when you can expect your piece.

You depend on these professionals, and creating content for your website is their top priority.

However, professionalism also means that the writer has pride and passion for their work. They don’t just put in the least amount of effort and expect to get paid. Ultimately, they know that their SEO writing reflects on them and is part of their reputation. Therefore, they devote themselves to crafting content that they’re proud to put out there.

What Relationship Do You Want with the Writers?

Do you want in-house writers who can work full/part-time for you? Could you outsource your content creation needs to a freelance content writer? There are pros/cons for each approach, and the decision might depend on how much content you need and the type.

For example, if your goal is SEO website content, you’ve got a target audience that must be appeased. If the content is technical, you may require an expert to add to the payroll. With that, you may want content writers on staff if you have sufficient work volumes to keep them busy. The perfect example here is that you require a steady stream of long-form articles that take multiple hours to write and research.

Ultimately, your content strategy is different if you require website content and/or blog writing. Most companies can’t afford the taxes, employee benefits, and payroll costs. If you can’t justify that, freelancers might be the best choice for you.

How to Find Professional Content Writers

The relationship you need with the content writers has a bearing on how to search for them. However, here are a few options for SEO-focused website content:

Contact Freelancer Writers Directly

You’ve likely got blogs, magazines, and newspapers you read all the time. Pay attention to the professional writers you admire because you find their work enlightening, engaging, or entertaining.

Most freelancers focus on SEO and offer contact information so that you can directly reach them. With that, you can ask them to create content for you. However, be mindful that others are sure to like their work. You may be competing for time and pricing for their content services!

Request Referrals

You probably know others in your industry or similar fields who have requested written content from professionals in the past. Ask them to refer you to those writers. That way, you get top-notch content because you already know that the referrer was happy with the work. This can also help you find professionals who are already familiar with the industry.

Use Online Job Boards or Freelance Marketplaces

You can check out online job boards, including Indeed and LinkedIn to match you to a professional content writer.

With that, you can focus on companies that handle SEO writing jobs. These services can be freelance or full-time. However, there’s still plenty of work to do to contract the writers, but they do have the writing talent you want.

Knowing the type of relationship you need from content writing pros can help you choose the right services.

Whether they’re writing product descriptions or website content, you should ask for samples and ensure that they produce high-quality content.

It’s also important to have a job description that provides all the details of the content you want. Then, writers can get in touch with you. With that, you may check out their portfolios, profiles, and resumes to choose one who you think can craft quality content.

One caveat here is that most of these websites leave you to interact with the writers. This could be a crapshoot, depending on how “hungry” they are and how skilled they are. Ultimately, expect to invest more energy and time to find the right person with the skills and credentials you need.

Along with that, some marketplaces charge a fee before you can post a listing or see writers. That’s on top of what you pay for the quality content.

Advantages of Working with the Same Writer

It can be advantageous to your business to work with a single professional writer all the time. That gives the content writer a chance to learn about you and produce quality content while adapting to your tone and voice.

However, you may spend more time finding these services. For example, you can locate an experienced content writer who may not know much about SEO. You’ve got to teach them how to use keywords in content writing and check their written content at the beginning.

However, this is an investment that is often worth it. You get the best website content possible, and they learn more about you.

Just make sure that you check proofreading, plagiarism, and editing unless you pay more for the writer to include those services.

Hire Professional Content Writing Services

Content writing services are often agencies with an in-house staff of expert writers. They may also contract with various freelance writers. Typically, these services offer more advantages over the freelance writing marketplace.

The work of vetting and screening the writers to ensure that they’ve got the right skills is done for you. Plus, content writing services often deal with the follow-up work, such as plagiarism checks and editing.

On top of that, content writing services are more flexible. If you only need a few web content pieces written and want them fast, you can order that. However, if you’ve always got large orders for social media posts, blog posts, and other website content, you can use managed services, such as what we offer.

Regardless, you don’t have to communicate with the writers directly. There’s one point of contact, so you can quickly handle your article writing and digital marketing needs.

Ultimately, content writing services are suitable for large orders because you don’t have to hire a writer for each project. There’s already a huge network of professionals who all want to do a great job for you. Those who require managed services have even more options to customize.

For example, you may want to create a unique style guide, and the agency can appoint a team of professionals to handle all of that content. This results in more consistency among the individual pieces to reflect your voice and tone.

They’re Convenient

When you hire a professional content writing service like ours, it’s probably the most convenient thing you can do. We handle so many tasks that otherwise fall to you. However, you do have to give up a bit of control. That’s why we ask you to give us detailed instructions when ordering. As we write your content, we keep communication lines open, as well.

Sometimes, the content writing service charges you a monthly membership fee to get all the services. This can mean thousands of dollars for you. However, our content writing agency doesn’t do that!

If you don’t already have someone to write content for you, then content writing agencies could be the best choice. With that, your preferred writer might be unavailable, or the project might be too big for a single person. We’re always here to help!


When content writing is what you require, we can help. Our services can include:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media copy
  • Ad copy
  • Guest posts
  • Press releases
  • White papers
  • Technical writing
  • Blog writing
  • Landing pages
  • Social media posts
  • Product descriptions

Regardless of the website content you need, such as a landing page, we have professional writers who can help. While you could create the content yourself or hire a full-time employee to do it for you, it’s often harder and more time-consuming. Instead, it’s better to work with us.

If you require assistance to create a content marketing strategy along with content writing needs, we are the go-to option in the business. Call to set up a meeting with a content marketing manager now! We are here to help!

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