The 8 Best Education Affiliate Programs: Make the Most Out of Your Blog and Work

The 8 Best Education Affiliate Programs: Make the Most Out of Your Blog and Work written equations on brown wooden board

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It may not seem like it, but the online learning platform (or e-learning market, for short) is booming. According to recent statistics, thanks to the growing demand for online courses, this market is expected to reach $457.8 billion within the next five years.

What does this mean for you as an education blogger? Considering education is becoming much more popular, many leading tech companies are focusing their efforts on developing online course offerings with additional resources, such as artificial intelligence.

The Increasing Popularity of Online Courses

Since the online learning platform is becoming popular, so is the education affiliate program. If you’re looking for financial risk management, working with the best education affiliate programs could be one of the best solutions since it offers you a chance of gaining quite some money without necessarily being an expert in the area.

However, you can’t just join any affiliate program; you must look for the area that suits your content the best, whether that’s elementary school, computer science school, or medical and law schools. Once you find your desired school, it’s time to write engaging content and work with the best education affiliate programs for online courses.

Our job at Ranking Articles is to take your content to the top of search engines’ result pages, allowing you to make the most out of the education affiliate program you’re working with. Keep reading if you want to learn more about how good content can take you miles ahead of the competition!

How to Make the Most Out of Your Blog for an Affiliate Program

As mentioned before, you don’t have to be an educator to join an affiliate program and promote things like language training courses. As long as you know what you’re talking about, there’s likely an area for you to write about which will help in preparing students for acquiring knowledge.

In essence, the key as an education affiliate is to write about programs that your readers would probably be interested in. Whether it’s learning a foreign language, programming, or personal finance, the first thing you need to do is to promote something valuable to your visitors.

Answering a Few Questions About Your Blog

The first question you may ask yourself is “who is my audience?” Are they beginners looking to learn basic things? Or, are they advanced students looking for a broader offering? Once you have your answer, you must look for what offerings cover your students’ needs. Through the right narrative, you can do an excellent job at promoting a course and making money with your articles.

Some Key Factors That Will Help Your Education Blog Pop

Before diving into what is the best education affiliate program you can currently work with, let’s take a look at some tools you may take as an example to have a website that stands out and provides you with good revenue through your affiliates’ links:


It should go without saying that the best way to make your website shine in the education industry is to be consistent. Consistency involves the frequency of posts, content type, and themes. If you have a blog that teaches students to craft supplies, then you must stay within that lane in case you want to work with affiliates that promote these courses.

Learn and Adapt

Those who already have a community on their blog may have an easier process of writing their content since they already know what their users are looking for. However, if you’re new to your blog and aren’t quite sure of what works for your users, make sure you ask for feedback and learn from it.

Not every person gets it right on their first try. As you keep creating and teaching while adapting to what your students are saying, you’re much more likely to make your website fun to read.

Focus on What Works

Many bloggers waste too much time sharing unnecessary details or writing way too much. Keep in mind that, when it comes to online learning, students want a faster learning pace with more engaging resources. If you fail to provide those skills/tools, your audience is likely to go someplace else, therefore, reducing your chances of earning money through your affiliates.

In essence, get to the point, and make it interesting while you’re at it. Your audience is going to appreciate the knowledge, and it will make them more likely to get to the end, discover your referral links, and go to them.

Work with Content Writers

Sometimes, you may have the knowledge or ideas for your site but not the time to focus on all the process that comes with writing a teaching blog. In these cases, working with content writers is one of the best things you can do if you have the budget.

Overall, a content writer will take your idea and write it in the most engaging way possible so that you have a higher chance of earning money through your affiliates. All you would need to worry about would be choosing the right company or affiliate programs to work with.

As mentioned before, if you’re in need of writers for your education blog, our writers at Ranking Articles may have what it takes. In case you have an idea, just make a request, and let our experts lay it down in the best way possible for your readers.

What Are the Best Education Affiliate Programs to Join?

Now, you may be wondering what affiliate programs may be good for you. We mentioned before that the education/learning industry is broad, so you must take a close look at if the company you want to work with offers what your student is looking for. Moreover, you must consider if the commission rate and other factors are good for your goals.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular education affiliate programs. If you find one that fits your taste, you’re more than welcome to check it out!

Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy has been labeled by many as one of the best educational platforms online, as well as one of the most popular affiliate programs out there. This is because the website has over 185,000 courses, which covers most areas you may be working with. Moreover, the company works with over 10,000 enterprise customers, which gives you a higher opportunity to make money.

Some of the marketing tools Udemy offers include banners, images, link trackers, and more. The current commission rate for Udemy stands at 15%, although it could change depending on the publisher.

Finally, the sale cookie duration for this affiliate program is seven days, which is much shorter than other alternatives that offer 30 days. While Udemy doesn’t have state-of-the-art marketing tools for affiliates, it has enough for anyone who may want to make some money with their blog.

LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program

LinkedIn is one of the most popular brands when it comes to finding jobs. However, LinkedIn Learning is a platform that offers over 16,000 courses in design, tech, and business. If you’re working with content in one of these areas, you could be making good revenue from this platform!

Some of the tools LinkedIn offers you include banners, text links, trackers, and more. It even offers a free trial if you’re not fully convinced. Affiliates get paid a $10 commission for every referral who gets a free trial. Moreover, an affiliate that gets its users to purchase an online course can earn 35% on sales, and if the user paid for a monthly subscription to the service, the affiliate can earn up to $40.

The sale cookie duration is 30 days, which is the standard for most of these services. Overall, you’re not going to have a problem with it, but it’s still an important factor to know.

Rosetta Stone Affiliate Program

If foreign languages are up your alley, this is one of the best options you can consider. Rosetta Stone is one of the leading language learning platforms in the world with over 24 languages at students’ disposal.

The way this platform works is fairly simple; it shows the student a photo and then the word associated with the photo, which is perfect for children learning new languages. Still, Rosetta Stone works perfectly for advanced students and adults, too.

Regarding the affiliate programs, you can earn 7% in commissions per each customer you refer to the website. As with LinkedIn, Rosetta Stone offers a sale cookie duration of 30 days, so students should make a conversion within that time if you want to get that 7% earning.

The Princeton Review Program

As many people already know, Princeton is one of the best institutions worldwide. However, Princeton Review offers a plethora of learning options for students, including online learning or one-on-one classes with a particular instructor. Moreover, this platform is known for offering test prep, so those who want to improve their grades and increase their chances of getting into their school of choice may need to take a look at this platform.

Princeton Review’s test prep includes courses for SAT, PSAT, SHSAT, SSAT, ISEE, DAT, LSAT, and even GMAT exams.

This platform offers an 8% flat commission rate, which may not be that much. However, considering the amount of traffic that this website gets, it’s no surprise that many affiliates are making money through it. You can also expect an EPC of more than $900 and average payouts of $108 per transaction.

The cookie duration, in this case, is 45 days, so your readers have a considerable amount of time to think their decision through and make a conversion if they want.

Teachable Program

Unlike Princeton, Teachable aims for entrepreneurs who are looking to sell online courses. Today, the website has sold over $1 billion in courses and coaching sessions, which makes it a decent option for those who want to be an affiliate.

The thing about Teachable is that it doesn’t encourage you to attract students; it encourages you to attract course creators. Overall, you can earn from 30% to 50% per sale, depending on the commission structure you choose.

Moreover, Teachable offers recurring commissions, meaning that if any of your referrals keep paying for Teachable’s service for months to come, you’ll keep earning money. The sale cookie duration for Teachable currently stands at 9o days.

Coursera Program

What makes Coursera a big competitor on this list is that it offers certification from big brands/institutions around the world, including Google, Amazon, and more.

Regarding the affiliate program, you can expect earnings from 10% to 45% on any purchases made within the cookie sale period. Moreover, you can get more commissions if any of its existing members who signed up with your referral link keeps paying. Unfortunately, the commissions aren’t recurring, so that may be a let-down for some potential affiliates.

The sale cookie duration for Coursera stands at 30 days, which is the gold standard for most of these companies.

MasterClass Programs

One thing that makes MasterClass so popular among students is that it involves celebrities and elites teaching you things about their specialized fields. There’s nothing more pleasurable than watching Samuel L Jackson himself giving you an acting class!

Unfortunately, the MasterClass service acts as a streaming service rather than one-on-one classes. Still, it’s a great option for many people who may want to learn from “the best” in the world.

Regarding affiliates, you can expect MasterClass to pay you 25% per each sale you make. Moreover, you can enjoy the company’s marketing tools, such as its monthly newsletters, banners, text, links, and dedicated account management teams. Take into consideration that all plans in MasterClass are billed annually, so that gives you a considerable chance to earn money.

The sale cookie duration for MasterClass affiliates is 90 days.

Pluralsight Programs

Pluralsight focuses mostly on tech, including programming, web development, security, data management, and other areas. While these programs work perfectly for individuals, many businesses have also used Pluralsight’s services to improve their business model.

Generally speaking, Pluralsight pays $5 for any free trial referrals you make, which is good enough. On the other hand, you can earn 15% on annual subscriptions or 50% on monthly purchases.

Thankfully, the Pluralsight team offers affiliates a monthly newsletter, which includes several tools you can use to improve your conversions. Finally, the sale cookie duration is 60 days.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many options for you to consider as a potential education affiliate. However, before you start choosing one that works for your needs, you must ensure your content is up to the standards. If you want to spend more time looking for ways to generate sales instead of ways to come up with creative content, our team at Ranking Articles can help you get quality content for your field of practice and blog.

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