A Snapshot of the 9 Best Food Affiliate Programs: Everything You Need to Know

A Snapshot of the 9 Best Food Affiliate Programs: Everything You Need to Know cooked dish on gray bowl

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Food draws us together. Of course, food is a necessity. We all need food to survive. However, food has also become a bridge between cultures. It unites us.

We gather around tables to enjoy meals with our loved ones. We find inspiration in the kitchen when we test out a new recipe. We get swept up in adding a dash of spice here and a dash of flavor there to bring food to life.

Our social media reels are filled with people posting food photos from hole-in-the-wall establishments to five-star restaurants. Flavorful dishes on colorful plates serve to inspire and delight.

A quick online search will also connect you to dozens of food-related blogs. Blogs are created by those looking to share new recipes, discuss the things they love or explore new ways of preparing old favorites. There are blogs to satisfy just about every personality style and food preference from Keto to gluten-free and more.

Food bloggers and social media gurus have an opportunity to monetize this interest. Those who love to share recipes and colorful dishes can generate real profit with food affiliate programs.

If you are an avid food blogger or enjoy sharing food via social media marketing, a food affiliate program may be something to consider. A great affiliate program can help you turn a simple passion project into a lucrative business.

What is a Food Affiliate Program?

If you are a food blogger or social media influencer who is interested in generating revenue through your platform and amplifying your passion, a food affiliate program can help.

Food affiliate programs are also called associate programs. They involve companies or online merchants who provide content publishers, like food bloggers, offers to promote online.

Content publishers share these offers with the public to help drive traffic to that merchant. They may embed these offers into their written content or post them within their social media stream.

The company makes money from those who purchase on their site. The content publisher makes a commission based on all qualified leads sent to the merchant site.

Food affiliate programs can be a win-win for all those involved and a great way to turn a hobby into a profitable online business.

Food Bloggers: Here’s an Example of How it Works

To further illustrate how this partnership works, let’s consider an example.

An individual hosts a food blog that is centered around quick and easy meal preparation. On this blog, they share recipes, photos, and quick tips to make meal planning a cinch. This is their food niche.

Step #1

An affiliate program reaches out to this individual and provides a link for them to post on their site. The affiliate program, in this case, is a meal delivery service.

Step #2

The individual then posts this link within the content. They may add some verbiage to help draw a reader’s attention to this link. When a reader clicks on this link, they will be directed to the merchant’s website.

Step #3

If a reader purchases a meal delivery plan from this merchant, the affiliate network records the transaction and confirms the purchase.

Step #4

Once the purchase is confirmed, and the transaction is credited to the blogger, the individual receives a commission payment.

The Commission Structure Per Sale

If an individual is considering an affiliate program, they may be wondering how the commission works. For those looking to earn a profit, these details are important.

The commission structure will often vary depending on the merchant. Some food affiliate programs will pay a portion of the total sale. This will often be a percentage of the total dollar amount.

Other food affiliate programs offer a flat commission rate. For every new customer who registers on the merchant site, for example, the individual receives a flat rate.

Cookie Lifetime

Another important aspect to consider is the cookie lifetime. The cookie lifetime is a set of parameters that define how long the relationship will last between the affiliate and the visitor once the visitor clicks on the offer link.

If the visitor purchases from the site within the cookie lifetime, the affiliate will receive a commission on this purchase. Any purchase outside this window, will not apply. The affiliate will not receive a commission because the cookie lifetime has expired.

Exploring the Most Popular Food Affiliate Programs

If you are a food blogger or social media guru looking to build an online business and generate profit, you are in luck. There are several food affiliate programs for you to promote. In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture ranked food fifth in line behind rent, healthcare, entertainment, and transportation as the most expensive consumer commodity. It is a big business!

The food industry is diverse, so we’ve organized the following food affiliate programs into three main categories including self-prepared meal kits, chef-prepared meals, and food and grocery delivery. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, it is enough to get someone started if they are looking to take their online passion project to the next level.

Category #1: Self-Prepared Meal Kits

You’ve likely seen commercials or received advertisements in the mail regarding these self-prepared meal kits. These are among some of the best food affiliate programs and can be a great option to consider.

What is a Self-Prepared Meal Kit?

A self-prepared meal kit typically involves all you need to create a healthy dish at home. These kits are great for busy individuals or families who wish to eat well but do not have the time to shop for all the ingredients and prepare everything themselves.

The customer will often select the meal they are interested in. They will be able to indicate any food or dietary preferences that must be considered. The company will then send the customer a kit that includes all fresh ingredients and step-by-step instructions.

Following the recipe, the customer simply combines the ingredients and cooks the meal according to the instructions. In a matter of minutes, a healthy, fresh, and easy meal is prepared and ready to enjoy.

As a food blogger, this type of affiliate program can be beneficial. If you have readers who are short on time but do not want to compromise on health or flavor, this type of partnership could be of great value for you, the merchant, and your audience.

The Best Food Affiliate Programs: Self-Prepared Meals

Here is a snapshot of some of the most popular food affiliate programs in this category.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is perhaps one of the most popular self-prepared meal kit companies. Food blogs that highlight sustainability, healthy food options, and fast, family-friendly meals, will likely find this affiliate program to be beneficial.

Hello Fresh operates in quite a few different countries. Their reach and market presence are strong. Focused on providing meals that are quick and easy to prepare, they source ingredients from local family farms for the freshest taste possible.

Hello Fresh offers affiliate marketers generous commission per sale plus performance bonuses. All things considered, this is a great, value-add affiliate program.

Takeout Kit

If you are a food blogger or social media star whose food niche is internationally inspired, look no further than the Takeout Kit. The Takeout Kit is another self-prepared meal service that operates in the United States.

Upon purchase, customers receive a kit with globally inspired healthy foods. With step-by-step instructions and a story behind each of the ingredients, customers can craft a healthy, culturally inspired meal in no time. In addition, customers are provided music and drink recommendations to pair with their meals for a fully immersive experience.

Takeout Kit offers affiliate marketers up to ten percent in commission on every referred customer’s initial order. That is easy money earned per sale.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is another one of the best food affiliate programs. Food bloggers focused on a sustainable food system may enjoy partnering with this food affiliate.

This meal-delivery service partners with farmers across the United States to provide fresh, high-quality ingredients. Each meal kit offers top-notch ingredients, fully prepared, to make your next meal quick and easy. They offer fresh food at a great value.

Blue Apron offers up to ten percent commission on first-time orders for all affiliate marketers. Food bloggers and those who share on social media can earn money per sale on all first-time orders.

Category #2: Chef-Prepared Meals

Next in our lineup of popular food affiliate programs are chef-prepared meals. These are meals that arrive, fully prepared, at your door. The only thing you need to do is heat and eat!

What is a Chef-Prepared Meal Kit?

Chef-prepared meal kits are those that are inspired by and prepared by chefs. Customers will often select the ingredients and dishes they are most interested in trying. They will also note any dietary restrictions or preferences.

Once they place their order, a kit will show up at their door. Inside, the customer will find fully prepared meals customized to their liking. All they must do is follow the instructions to heat the meal (if needed) and enjoy it. These meals can often be frozen for future enjoyment. They can also be kept in the refrigerator for later use. Chef-prepared kits are healthier and tastier than some traditional frozen food options.

Best Food Affiliate Programs: Chef-Prepared Meals

Here is a snapshot of some of the most popular chef-prepared affiliate meal programs.

Mama Sezz

If you have never heard of Mama Sezz, you are in for a real treat! Mama Sezz operates within the United States and offers fresh, plant-based meals. They are known to be one of the top organic food affiliate programs. If your audience is interested in pursuing an organic, plant-based diet, Mama Sezz could be a great affiliate program to align with.

On their site, a customer can bundle pre-made, plant-based meals or they can customize their own. Once they place their order, delivery will be made to their door. Each meal comes with preparation instructions. All a customer must do is take the meal out of the box, heat it, and enjoy it. It makes healthy eating easy and accessible.

In terms of commission, Mama Sezz offers all affiliate partners ten dollars for every referred order. Mama Sezz is a top-rated food affiliate program and a customer-approved choice for healthy meals delivered that offers a generous payout per sale.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is another popular food affiliate program. Those who operate a food blog inspired by plant-based, organic food and smoothies may find Daily Harvest to be a value-add on their site.

Daily Harvest operates in the United States and offers a subscription service to customers. Their pre-prepped, pre-portioned smoothie cups and breakfast bowls make nutritious meals easy and accessible. Daily Harvest is a great option for busy customers looking for quick, easy, and clean organic and plant-based meals.

For affiliate partners, Daily Harvest offers a ten-dollar flat fee on all new customer subscriptions. New customers benefit from deliciously quick and easy meals. The merchant benefits from increased sales, and the blogger benefits from the generous commission per sale.

Bistro MD

This food affiliate program is a bit different from the rest but worth a mention. If your food blog is geared towards weight loss or gluten-free diets, this could be a great affiliate partner to consider.

Bistro MD recognizes that food is more than just food. It is a form of medicine. The right foods can be used to heal and treat different conditions like diabetes or menopause. Rated one of the top doctor-designed meal plan services, this company services customers throughout the United States.

This company is passionate about bringing healthy meals with significant health benefits to customers who need them most. For affiliate partners, Bistro MD offers $45 in commission for each purchase made by a new customer.

Category #3: Food and Grocery Delivery

The last category in our affiliate program journey is food and grocery delivery. These delivery services have become very popular in the food industry. A grocery affiliate program makes it easy for customers to have healthy, fresh grocery items delivered right to their door.

What is Food and Grocery Delivery?

Food and grocery delivery services are those that deliver pantry items, fresh meats, dairy, and other kitchen staples right to your door.

If an individual enjoys cooking but doesn’t have the time to frequent a busy grocery store, this type of service can come in handy. It allows customers to complete an entire week’s shopping without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

This type of affiliate program can be beneficial for those managing food blogs or social media streams focused on healthy eating and clean recipes. Individuals can inspire customers to create their own healthy recipes at home while profiting per sale.

Best Food Affiliate Programs: Food and Grocery Delivery

Here are a few of the most popular food and grocery affiliate programs.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a popular affiliate program. Operating in the United States, this company provides a wide range of nutritious food items delivered to your door.

If you are a blogger whose readers are most interested in a healthy and organic lifestyle, Thrive Market is a solid affiliate program. This company sells fresh foods and non-toxic, eco-friendly products that are better for your body and your home.

With each successful referral, affiliate partners can earn up to $25 for new customers. This partnership provides generous affiliate per sale income and great-tasting real food for customers.

Universal Yums

Universal Yums is a company that provides healthy, tasty snacks from around the world. This can be a good affiliate program for those with blogs or social media streams focused on healthy snacking, culture, and geography.

Universal Yums caters to those looking for healthy snacks from different countries. This online marketplace is a hotspot for those snack-savvy individuals who want healthy and diverse snack options.

This online merchant delivers monthly. Each snack box includes fun facts and activities that families can enjoy together. It makes healthy snacking and learning fun.

The Universal Yums affiliate program offers individuals up to ten dollars per sale. The Universal Yums affiliate program is a unique one to consider that helps you profit per sale.

Butcher Box

If you are a blogger who loves all things BBQ, healthy animals, and environmental sustainability, then Butcher Box may be an affiliate program to consider.

Butcher Box is a bit different from some of the other affiliate programs. This food delivery service provides customers with fresh, grass-fed beef, grass-fed beef bones, and other organic beef options. This company is dedicated to providing high-quality meat products, improving the livelihood of meat farmers, and caring for the health of the planet.

With this affiliate link, a food enthusiast can promote high-quality food products that are delivered right to the customer’s door. Affiliate partners can also earn up to $15 per qualified lead. With the right leads, that is more money per sale and an opportunity to make a difference.

Ready to Get Started with a Food Affiliate Program?

If you are a blogger who enjoys writing about healthy eating, sharing unique recipes, or promoting sustainable food options, a food affiliate program could be something to consider.

Similarly, if you are an individual who likes to post and share information on social media related to healthy eating and creative culinary adventures, a food affiliate program could be a good way to turn your passion into a business.

Getting started with an affiliate program does not have to be hard. Some services can help take your content to the next level and help promote the affiliate program or affiliate programs of your choosing. Ranking Articles is one such company that can help.

Ranking Articles: A Company Dedicated to Providing High-Quality Content

If you are ready to start turning your side hustle into a profitable business, Ranking Articles can help.

Perhaps you are already a talented writer. Perhaps you already curate content that helps drive your readers to your affiliate program partners. Perhaps, however, you want some additional support; a boost in your content, an extra set of eyes on your writing, or someone to help translate your material. Ranking Articles is a company that provides a range of services to help you boost your business and increase your ranking.

Services Provided

Ranking Articles is a company that provides a range of services including content writing, proofreading, and translations.

Content Writing

If your blog needs a boost, the writers at Ranking Articles can help. They offer three different levels of writing. All writing is provided in English unless otherwise specified. Other written languages include German, Spanish, Italian, and French.

Regular Level content

This is their basic content offering. It includes articles written by professional English writers who specialize in blogs and reviews, for example. It is important to note that this content may be curated by non-native English speakers but can be a good starting point for bringing your blog and affiliate program to the next level.

Authority Level Content

If you are looking for strong, more thoroughly researched content, the authority-level service may be something to consider for your affiliate program. Articles written at this level are crafted by U.S.-based English writers. This includes journalists and professional authors.

Elite Level Content

This is content curated by elite-level writers. These writers are all U.S.-based, native English writers who are professional authors and journalists. They craft content that is well-researched and well-designed for optimal engagement with your affiliate program.

If you are looking for something a bit more comprehensive for your readers, this service may be a good one to consider.


If you need an editor for your blog, Ranking Articles can help. They provide fast and affordable proofreading services for any article, blog, website copy, or more that you create. Their editing services can help you boost your affiliate programs.


Additionally, the team at Ranking Articles can help you translate the content for your blog. This can allow you to reach more people and optimize your affiliate program. Their writers can translate any article or post from English to German, Spanish, French, or Italian. They can also translate posts in any one of those languages to English.

Customized Care & Support

In addition to a range of high-quality, professional services, the team of writers at Ranking Articles are dedicated to making a real difference in the industry. They take their writing very seriously and do everything to foster productive, long-lasting relationships with their clients.

The team of writers at Ranking Articles can help you customize content to make the most of your affiliate program. They focus on SEO optimization which can help draw customers to your blog or website. Their services are provided at a reasonable price which can make them a natural partner to consider as you establish your online presence and build your business.

One thing that sets Ranking Articles apart from other agencies is their ability to strategize. Their writers will work with you to develop a content strategy that will ensure success in your affiliate program venture. They will help you plan a strategy that accommodates the needs of your readers and that sets you apart from other blogs in the food space. Not only will this help you establish your business, but optimize your affiliate earnings.

With thousands of satisfied clients and many positive reviews, Ranking Articles is a company of talented writers who can help you take your blog to the next level. If you are interested in generating some extra revenue with a food affiliate program on your platform, the writers at Ranking Articles can help you craft stronger, more efficient content that is sure to drive sales.

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