The Best Mom Blogs To Give You Some Motivation

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Have you ever been interested in starting a mom blog? Are you a working mom who is looking for a side hustle? Maybe you wonder, “Can I make any money from starting my own mom blog?” Well, the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.”

However, you need to be aware that it will take you a significant amount of energy to get started, but trust us, in the end, it will all be worth it. It will allow you to inspire moms worldwide and share your favorite kids’ crafts with them.

You don’t want to work on your mom’s blog for months or years and not get any results from it. It is imperative to understand that you will never know if blogging will work for you or not unless you try it. You can get creative and monetize kid-friendly recipes, tips on being a wonderful mom, and advice on raising children.

We want to tell you mom blogs can make money. In this article, we share 12 mom blogs generating revenue through various monetization methods.

Seeing these women do it will inspire you to get up and take on your dreams. We also provide you with some tips and instructions on starting a mom blog. Once you have finished reading this blog post, you will be able to create your own blog and share it with the world. This is the perfect guide for busy moms looking for tips to create the best mom blogs.

Seven Mom Bloggers Who Make Money From Their Websites

What Moms Love

This awesome parent and busy moms blog focuses on kids, moms, and family life. Aly and her content creators provide recommendations, positive parenting tips, and helpful ideas.

The What Moms Love blog aims to make the lives of busy moms much simpler. You will love this blog and all the content on it. This blog is also connected to Pinterest and contains a ton of her pins designed for a mom’s life.

You will find various topics on Aly’s blog, with each post diving deep into products, helpful tips, and massive round-ups. It is like someone fed this mom blog steroids. However, do you know what? This mom blogger started her blog by herself, and it has grown astronomically.

It is estimated that the What Moms Love blog makes around $30,000 per month. Below we have listed the source of the income from highest earnings to lowest for your convenience; please note that mom blogs’ revenue can vary due to traffic, sponsored posts, and sales.

  • Amazon affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored Content
  • Ads

Swaddles n’ Bottles

Swaddles n’ Bottles was created by a mom blogger named Caroline; she came up with a brilliant name that is catchy and rolls off the tongue easily. We love her new baby and pregnant moms blog because her personal stories and content are authentic.

She recommends to her readers items she has used in the past because she shares her story of pregnancy and being a working mom. If you are a new or pregnant mom, the Swaddles n’ Bottles blog has all the practical tips you require.

This mom blog pulls in around $10,000 per month in revenue (a six-figure income), which is not too bad if we say so ourselves. Here we display the income sources in order from lowest to highest:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Amazon affiliate marketing
  • Affiliating Marketing

This Tiny Blue House

This Tiny Blue House is an excellent mom blog that people love. Jenny designed this blog based on frugal living, and she has done so exceptionally well. You will also find round-up posts of the best recipes, holiday ideas, and kids’ crafts.

The fantastic tips on frugal living help people save money, which shows that the team is dedicated to its readership. With a loyal following on this mom blog, Jenny has made a substantial living by doing this, and rightfully so.

Remember, breaking your blog up into distinct topics is crucial if you want to compete with mom blogs that have multiple subjects. This will not only help the audience find what they are looking for but assist in generating sub-niches.

You will be surprised to find out that This Tiny Blue House blog makes $10,000+ each month and has three primary sources of income.

  • Amazon affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ads

Coffee and Coos

This parenting blog and mom life go-to guide is known as Coffee and Coos. Alexandra’s blog does an amazing job of telling you what it is like in the first trimester. The site also has incredible hacks and ideas for pregnant or stay-at-home moms.

Coffee and Coos has a revenue stream that includes four different types of income. Below we have these sources from lowest to highest:

  • Affiliate products for moms
  • Service-based (virtual assistant)
  • Amazon affiliate marketing
  • Ads

Offering a service is an easy way to start producing more income from mom blogs if you have some extra time. Most people start mom blogs like this initially and then start making money blogging over time to replace their full-time income eventually.

What Mommy Does

This site offers resources and encouragement for stay-at-home mothers and other mom bloggers. A CPA writer turned stay-at-home mom of three by the name of Lena made this blog. She earns around $7,000 from the site each month, most of her earnings coming from affiliates and ads.

She covers in-depth topics on parenthood and explains how to make money from home through a blog or other online channels. People love reading Lena’s blog because of the insightful and personal information delivered to her readers with young kids.

Real Mom Recs

This is a lifestyle mom’s blog for the mother who wants to live her best life. Caitlin’s blog is filled with parenting advice, Disney travel, and pregnancy. You will love the way she writes as she brings her stories to life in a unique and personal way.

What’s fantastic about her blog is that she loves to talk about personal topics, which is something other moms tend to shy away from. She has built a robust audience by being authentic on her blog; Caitlin’s audience has praised her for her valuable and informative content on her mom’s blog.

This woman generates roughly $2,000 income from Real Mom Recs, which is significant for such a simple site. Below are her sources of revenue in order from lowest to highest:

  • Amazon affiliate marketing
  • Parenting-related affiliate products
  • Sponsored posts
  • Ads

Family Felicity

Family Felicity is made by creator Brandi and is a lifestyle blog that is slowly becoming more of a family life blog or parenting blog. Brandi is a mother to three kids and has worked at home with her husband for over a decade.

This lifestyle mom blog is ideal for moms who have a challenging time parenting their kids or toddlers. Her site is filled with positive parenting tips related to all mothers and what you will find is that there is a helpful community surrounding the blog too.

In this list of bloggers, you will notice that they can grow their income and traffic through various sources if their audience is more extensive. Family Felicity earns around $1,000 per month and uses Amazon affiliate marketing, affiliate programs/courses, and ads as its different income streams.

The Busy Budgeter

Rosemarie Groner created the Busy Budgeter. This blog teaches the reader how to organize their life, home, and budget. You will effectively learn to manage the most crucial aspect of your life through Rosemarie Groner’s work.

One of the most significant things about this blog is that it makes over $86,000 per month from affiliates. That is a phenomenal amount and something to be proud of for Rosemarie. She sells courses explaining how budgeting works and points her readers to products and services that help them manage their money better.

This Simple Balance

This site is all about parenting, relaxed homeschooling, and kids. What narrows it down is that it concentrates on minimalism and low income. The Simple Balance is written by June, a mother of five who loves the topic and engagingly delivers content.

June’s site makes a little over $1,500 per month and does that through Google AdSense. Do you see how simple it can be to start pulling an income from your site even if you don’t have a lot of money, to begin with? Maybe it’s time to head out and start creating your first mommy blog with amazing tips to supplement your income?

Honest Mum

The creator of this blog is a multi-award-winning lifestyle blogger, parenting expert, and TV personality. Vicki Broadbent shares her advice on mama lifestyle and parenting in her book that has been sold around the globe.

Another significant thing about Vicki is that her articles have been published by numerous channels in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Some of the main topics she covers are food, lifestyle, and parenting advice. Her website is built on WordPress and is one of the most popular mom life blogs on the internet today.

Foster the Family

Jamie is among the bloggers who talk about their personal stories regarding baby care, pregnancy, and other motherhood things. She focuses on people who have chosen fostering and adoption as their family journey.

This blog breaks down the parenting niche into something unique and is one of the primary reasons it has become so popular. Even mothers who have not fostered nor adopted children have become loyal readers of Jamie’s work.

The primary source of income for this website is donations, and there is an estimate of around $2,000 earned each month.

Scary Mommy

You have come to the right place if you want a blog that promotes other exciting news and parenthood stories. This blog is perfect if you are parenting toddlers or raising kids and enjoy some easy recipes or ideas.

What’s unique about this site is that it consists of numerous mom bloggers worldwide and addresses various issues. It is great because people from all walks of life can relate to the stories shared on the Scary Mommy website.

These stories include a broader perspective and go far beyond the typical motherhood topic. You will learn about relationships, lifestyle, parenting, kids, and pregnancy through some of the most prominent mom bloggers in the industry.

This website’s primary source of income is from advertising and product sales. This blog can make up to $5,000 a month and has done exceptionally well in the past.


The Motherly blogging platform features stories from various parenthood experts, moms-to-be, and mothers. It is an excellent place with compelling topics, an encompassing design, and fun ideas.

On this website, you will find topics covering babies, home decor, kids, and children’s gear. It is built with WordPress and has three revenue streams, including book and products sales, plus affiliate marketing.

You should check out the Motherly parenting hacks blog if you want a healthy family.

Smart Mom Ideas

The name of this mom and lifestyle blog is, as it suggests, a mom life blog filled with smart ideas. This blog has just begun to generate an income and is slowly becoming one of the more popular mommy blogs online.

What’s funny about this website is that it was initially developed to be a lifestyle and parenting blog with topics surrounding mom life, organizing, and frugal living. Ever since the author got pregnant, she decided to move to postpartum and pregnancy tips on her rookie moms’ blog.

This mom blogger makes around $1,000 per month and has only two income sources. She only used Amazon affiliate marketing and Google AdSense to pull in this outstanding extra revenue.

Signing up for other affiliate programs is the next mission of this blog owner. It is important to remember that Amazon doesn’t pay the highest commission rates, so broadening your partners is recommended. This blog took around eight months of actively trying new tactics to generate sales every day.

Journey to SAHM

Journey to SAHM is a reasonably new blog on this list. The blog owner, Samantha, has only been a mom blogger for the last seven months. What is extraordinary about this mom’s life and lifestyle blog is that Samantha began making a second income from it within her second month of blogging. Well done to her!

This blog is focused on parenting tips, saving money, and the mom life. Mommy blogs are proof that you can be a successful mom in blogging.

Samantha makes money blogging through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and ads. The income that Journey to SAHM draws in each month is around $1,400, which is an excellent second income by anyone’s standards.

Isn’t it incredible to see other mom blogs making money? Maybe it is time that you start your blog and begin your journey. Imagine once you have put some effort in, created some content for your site, posted it to social media, and your mom blogs gain some traction. How exciting would that be?

Below we list some advice for moms who want to get into blogging and provide some insight for the stay-at-home mothers who want to begin earning an income. Keep reading to find out more!

Blogging Tips for the Stay at Home Mom

The options are endless if you want to start a family fun activities guide, a mom lifestyle blog, or a parenting blog. We suggest that you better understand your desired blog niche first to avoid fumbling for topics to write about.

A great idea to help you speed up the process is checking out Pinterest and looking for topics in the parenting blogs’ niche. This will give you a better idea of what to write about for your blog topics. It is possible to type in “toddler tantrum” on Pinterest and see what results you get.

You can use this as a stepping stone to decide what type of audience you want to blog to. Below are some ideas to get the mommy blogger inside of you started and allow some creative juices to flow; these include but are not limited to:

  • Home decor and children
  • Mothers with boys
  • Family travel
  • New moms with girls
  • Single moms
  • Moms with multiple kids
  • Smart mom ideas
  • Mothers with toddlers
  • Raising kids and newborns
  • Fun crafts
  • Twins mommy
  • Nashville mom
  • List of mom blogs
  • Family activities
  • Home life

You can start creating content just for other mothers once you narrow down your audience.

How Do Mothers Begin Making Money with Their Blog?

There is only one correct answer to that question: passion and commitment. You will build a tribe of new moms that want to buy from you if you serve your audience with the best types of valuable articles and love what you blog about.

The next step in being a successful new mom website is attracting the reader and driving traffic to the blog. It is sometimes challenging to monetize a blog with little traffic, although there are options like offering a service, which you should consider if you are starting.

In order to help you out, we would recommend checking out some articles on building traffic for your mom’s blog so that you can discover exactly what you need to do.

You can position your blog post to help answer your readers’ questions once you build your blog traffic. The information you provide to your subscribers should assist them with their challenges and problems as new or experienced mothers.

It is similar to this post, where we are helping moms understand that it is certainly possible to make money blogging. Female and mom bloggers make money all the time; it is just a matter of their dedication.

If you can provide a parenting site that can help your readers, it will grow your income and traffic exponentially.

How Does Someone Write a Mom Life Blog Article?

The primary way people get to know mom bloggers is through the way they write in their blog posts. Most readers will find your content on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest and follow the link to read it.

This means that your writing has to hook the person from the first moment they begin reading your piece. Below we have listed some helpful tips to aid you in attracting more readers to your blog.

Have a call to action – It is vital to have a CTA (Call to Action) in your blog post. It would help if you had your audience click a CTA to answer a question in the comments or sign up to your email list. Either option is essential and is the primary signal showing how active people are on your website.

Make your blog post easy to read – Ensuring that you break up your post and add subheadings is something that a few writers forget about. You need to make your post simple to read and not something your users skim over.

Introduce the problem in the beginning – The best piece of advice we can provide you is to think about your audience. This means that you should align your writing with what the user is thinking, making the person nod in agreement as they feel like you both are on the same page.

Have a clickable headline – When people see your post on social meaning, the first thing they see you your blog headline. Making it clickable and juicy will get you those conversions you are looking for.

What Is the Best Blogging Platform?

There are multiple blogging platforms out there, and rightfully so. One of the primary services that mom bloggers use is WordPress. What is great about WordPress is that it is a self-hosted platform, meaning you can easily manage your website through its intuitive dashboard.

You can know that your content belongs to you and not WordPress by having a self-hosted blog using its services. WordPress allows you to monetize your blog in various ways and is user-friendly.

Bloggers can use a host of library plugins to monitor site statistics, including homepage visitors, geographical analytics, and even side widgets. The options are endless with WordPress, and there are even more complex and premade themes that you can buy from other developers on the marketplace.

These excellent features help you grow and manage your blog simplistically and effectively.

What Should Mom Bloggers Write About?

This section is for you if you want to start a mom blog but don’t know what to write about. Thousands of mom bloggers write about various topics and sub-topics surrounding being a mother.

It may be challenging to stand out from the crowd with all the mom blogging ideas. If you are a modern mom looking to a get some main content for your site, follow the advice below:

  • Have a journey blog – Do you like learning about new things? If you do, why not blog about what you have learned and share it to help others. Say, for example, you are new to Pinterest or Instagram marketing; why don’t you start a blog to share what you are learning with other stay-at-home moms.
  • Look to your passions – You should be inspired to create the same content years down the road because blogging is a long-term game. What do we mean by this, you ask? Without inspiration and passion for a topic, you will struggle to deliver high-quality educational content to your readers.
  • Fill the space – Women want to stand out in their blog niche, and this requires that they find mom blogs that they enjoy reading and fill in any gaps in the content on their own website. By sharing motherhood stories that are personal and true to you, it is possible to touch the hearts of people worldwide.

How Do New Moms Find Time to Start a Mom Blog?

We get it; your child is the focus of your day, which makes complete sense. You may also run a busy household or have a full-time job. How can someone fit blogging into such a tight schedule?

First, you need to choose whether to start your new blog or not. Once you have decided, it is time to make dedicated work periods for your blogging escapades. This means that you need to skip Netflix in the evening and get down to some writing.

You may even need to wake up an hour early before heading to work to get some words in for your latest parenting blog post or mom blog society.

The time to blog is now if you are a stay-at-home mom. However, you need to be aware that it is not always so simple, meaning your child may be complicated or fussy in the afternoon, morning, or anytime. We get it; we have all been there, so don’t stress while working on your mom’s blog.

A great idea is to set up activities for your little one during busy blogging because this gives them something to do while you build a future for your family. The time you may get from this solution may vary significantly, so keep in mind that you may need to write a blog post in sections.

When the kid’s nap is another excellent time to blog or after they go to bed at night, giving you roughly four hours per day to start a mom blog and convert it into a business.

What Are the Various Income Streams for Mother Bloggers?

There are five primary ways that mom bloggers can make money. Below, we have listed them to see what income streams you can use with your website.

  • Ad revenue – Running Google Ads on your website is one of the primary ways bloggers make money these days.
  • Affiliate revenue – From product sales made via links on your mom’s blog.
  • Private sponsorships and advertising – These companies pay for the blogger to talk about them in a post or purchase space on the person’s website.
  • Selling their own services or products – Like being a freelance writer or creating an eCourse, printables, or mommy planers. This is the best way if you are a mommy blogging for the first time.
  • Gifts from brands and companies – Even though this isn’t money, it still accounts for your income.

It usually takes a combination of these five income streams to make a decent monthly income for most mom bloggers. There is no single money-making blog that does not have more than one income stream.

Forget the idea of your regular job where you get paid from a signal source. With blogging, you can use multiple different income streams to make up your entire income for the month.

Some blogs make their money from a few affiliates, while others make most of the cash from Ad revenue; remember that every blog is different. You can even make the bulk of your money from product sales without running ads. The options are endless, and it boils down to your creativity and willingness to be a successful mom at the end of the day.

One of the most extraordinary things about blogging is that there is no single correct way to do it; instead, there are millions of ways to become prominent.

Steps to Setup Your First Mom Blog

You finally decide to begin your mom’s blog journey and want some guidance on what to do. We have you covered in this section so keep reading to find out more. It is important to remember that starting a free blog or creating a website is entirely different from creating a profitable mom blog. Here we have broken down some advice you can use from opening your first site to posting your first article:

Decide Your Topic

We mentioned this earlier, but we cannot stress how important it is to choose a relevant topic. Starting a blog without knowing what to write about is a recipe for disaster. If you are a new mother or currently pregnant, writing about your personal motherhood stories may be suitable.

Remember to focus on teaching other moms to handle their issues, whether it be homeschooling their kids, changing diapers for the first time, or traveling with their 3-year-old on a bicycle. It would be best to solve the person’s problem and associate it with a product to make some extra affiliate commission.

Select a Name for Your Blog

Finding the perfect name for your blog can be time-consuming and difficult. It may be good to check out other blog names to get some inspiration, but please make sure that you don’t copy other people’s domains too closely.

There are also many business name-generating applications that you can use online to find a perfect name for your mom’s blog. Do your research, listen to some podcasts, and come up with the most suitable name for your mom’s blog in no time.

Buy a Domain and Hosting

You have to be self-hosted if you want to make money from blogging. There are a few options out there where you can self-host your blog, including WordPress, GoDaddy, and Bluehost.

What’s great about starting a mom blog is that you can do it for the same price as a cup of coffee, making it one of the most affordable businesses you can start.

Setup Your Website

Once you have purchased your hosting and domain, you can install WordPress or another CMS (content management system) that controls your website’s backend. After entering the dashboard, you can head to the “Themes” tab to install your first theme. Next, you should consider your Google Analytics and install the associated plugin to monitor your blog’s traffic.

Lastly, you will start to work on a logo; you will be happy to know that you can use to design one for free.

Write Some Content

When you have your site up and running, you can choose what blog categories you would like and start writing some articles for them. We recommend writing a couple of posts; that way, your readers will have something to read right from the beginning.

Setup a Blog Email and Social Media Accounts

Secure your social media accounts and create an email @yourblogdomain for your blog. This will allow you to start building an audience and protect yourself if other people try to steal your blog idea.

Launch Your New Mom Blog

Once all the above has been taken care of, it is time to launch your new mom blog. One of the best ways to promote your blog is through your inner circle. Introduce your friends and family to the blog and tell them to share your content if they find it useful.

Figuring Out Your Niche and Monetizing It

Discovering what you love to write about should not be a difficult task. You need to look at parenting topics that you bring up with your parents or partner when discussing your baby.

Once you have closely examined the questions you ask as a parent, it is time to look for products or services that can fill that gap. By writing about a product or service that helps parents with a particular issue they are having with their child, you will be able to monetize that article.

Most parents struggle with time management, so recommending an application that can help them keep track of their child’s daily activities may be a great resource. Remember, even though you are writing about something you are passionate about, it may not be worth it without making money at the end of the day.

Learning to monetize and establish your niche is one of the primary things new bloggers struggle with. However, we can assure you that you will start pulling an audience once you do some testing and play around with your marketing strategy.

You also need to ask yourself whether there is a need for your niche. You can use trends tools like Google Trends or Key Word Planner to find out the search numbers for your specific topics. If you want to stand out from the rest of the mom blogs, it would be beneficial to write about stuff that none else is writing about.

This will make you look like an expert in the field and help answer your readers’ critical questions.

Once you have found a requirement for your niche, it is all about breaking it down into sub-topics or niches. That way, you can help your reader find what they are looking for when looking for it.

Choose a Blogging Platform with Customer Support

Why is this important, you ask? Well, let us tell you! With a blogging platform with exceptional customer support, you can rest easy if you encounter any problems. What’s great about the service providers that we mentioned earlier is that all of them support their clients via email, phone, or live chat.

Sometimes while working on your website, you may encounter errors or bugs that slow down the loading time of your homepage. If you work with a prominent website domain and hosting provider, you will be able to iron out those issues as they occur.

Another thing about using an advanced blogging platform is that you will access a range of plugins to help you promote your blog. Remember, without advertising or showcasing your blog to the world, you may take a long time trying to get a following.


In ending this article, we would like to thank you for reading and learning about the best mommy blogs on the internet. We hope the advice we have given you in this piece has inspired you to start your mom’s blog. Your blog can be monetized to earn you sustainable revenue, so why not work on it in your spare time?

We know that every mother who has read this will enjoy a little extra income. It could make a big difference in their and their loved ones’ lives. Do what is best for you and your family and start your blog on easy recipes or family activities today!

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