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Starting a blog can be a challenging process, and rightfully so. You need to perform many tasks to have your site become an authoritative figure in your chosen niche. Working with a company that offers blog writing services may be suitable if you struggle with blog content, aren’t a blog writer, are bad at English, or require high-quality content.

You can hire a blogger with experience in your industry and allow them to write a 100% original blog post for you. Professional blog writing services can cost anywhere between $29 or more per post, depending on various factors.

If the content you require is in a specialized niche, it is good to hire someone who is an expert in the field. You may pay more for the person’s work, but the web traffic driven to you through long-form blog posts will be fantastic.

Here Is Why Our Company is One of the Best Blog Writing Services in the World

We Are SEO Experts

Our team is trained to provide high-quality SEO services to people worldwide. We know how to create a content strategy that will consider the most relevant keywords to your company.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we can rank a blog post for you in some of the most challenging niches in Google. Our blog writers are professionals in what they do and will produce high-quality content no matter what.

Topic Suggestions

We are one of the only blog management services to involve custom post topic suggestions for every post in your plan as a standard. This puts us above the rest of the competition and gives you a competitive edge when appearing on the search engine results page.

Industry Writers

Our blog writers for hire come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including financial, technology, and home design, and they can help you bring your blog to life. We are confident we have someone who can write an authoritative blog post about any industry, including yours.

100% Original Content Writing Services

This company has numerous manual and automated plagiarism detection systems that allow us to guarantee that every blog post you order will be custom-written exclusively for your business.

Without original content, your company will struggle to stand out from the crowd and rank a low SEO score on Google. Let our writing services take care of your blog content and deliver in-depth and plagiarism-free information for your website.

Reject or Rewrite

It’s rare, but occasionally, a blog writer may not suit a particular project. Let us know with two clicks, and we will get a new writer to create recent blog articles for your site. This saves people from the embarrassment of poor quality content and allows them to get back on track with more relevant information from someone who has better subject matter expertise.

Money-Back Guarantee

We stand by our business because and love putting our money where our mouth is. You can order with confidence thanks to our iron-clad no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee on our content writing service.

Furthermore, we strive to deliver excellence among content writing companies, and we are good at what we do.

Purchasing Blog Post Services is Simple

The first step is getting to know each other. We have a quick sign-up process that helps us understand and connect with your brand. You will start by answering a few simple questions regarding your campaign, which will allow one of our assistants to get an idea of the kinds of subjects and writing style you require.

Please note that your information is not set in stone, but it allows us to hit the ground running.

It is important to remember that our blogging packages are a pay-as-you-go monthly subscription that can be personalized to your taste (Cancel anytime and no-minimum contract lengths).

All you need to do is tell us how many standard blog posts you want each month and how long they must be, and our company will do the rest. Here, you can also mention to our consultants if you would like SEO content creation, including published posts or royalty-free images on your blog.

Blogging Services

During the start of your billing cycle, the campaign manager will reach out to you to suggest post topics that they think will bring the best search engine rankings. Alternatively, you can also submit your topic requests if you know of something, in particular, you would like our freelance writers to cover.

We will wait for your confirmation before creating a brief to send to our experienced writers. Let our campaign managers work to find potential writers who are passionate about your industry so that you get the most compelling blog content. Our company has a talent pool of writers who have been individually interviewed and quality tested by our blog management team.

With a massive network of writers, it is guaranteed that we got someone who can deliver some engagement blog writing for your industry.

Let Us Publish Your Perfect Posts

Once your writer has submitted your post to our advanced plagiarism checker, every word is checked for originality. Our editors then check that our stringent blog writing quality standards have been adhered to.

Within 48 hours, the content will have been created, checked, and delivered to you for approval. You can use alterations or revisions with a few simple clicks (free of cost) if you require. When you are delighted with the work, your perfect blog post is ready for publication.

Our blog writing services give you exclusive and complete ownership over the blog articles, meaning you may distribute and publish them however you like.

Professional Blog Writing Services from Professional Blog Writers

Unless you are passionate about a topic, it is nearly impossible to create captivating content to engage your readers. Our blog writing services team contains writers from various industries and professional backgrounds with diverse interests and experiences. Simply put, we have someone qualified to write about any industry.

We have worked hard to secure some of the best writers globally and use their expertise to bring you the most suitable blog content creation solution. This diversity allows us to provide industry-relevant content written by experts who know what they are talking about.

Our blog writing services company is exceptionally picky about who we accept into our network, and rightfully so. Lousy quality content can bring down your business, and that’s why we ensure our writers are as meticulous as possible. Most people who apply to work at our company are rejected out of the blue. We make sure to actively reach out to some of the blog writing specialists and copywriters.

This company’s writers are mainly located in the UK and United States, but we do have other writers from New Zealand, Australia, and Canada on our team.

Blog Writers Who Make an Impact

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, you need to position your brand as a business in the industry. This will get you more leads and make your site appear more trustworthy.

It can also makes your blog an authoritative place that other websites link to, increasing your SEO score.

Our blog writing services take time to understand your business, conduct fundamental research, and analyze competitors before creating or arranging guest posts for you. If you want stock blog posts that will exponentially increase traffic to your site, then look no further than our company.

Using our blog writers, you can regularly add new, SEO-friendly posts that will help make your website rank on top of the SERP. We can create a fun blog post for both algorithm and readers of your website.

Today’s content creation services make it challenging for businesses to buy blog posts. Instead, they want you to sign up for additional services you may not require, such as guest posting or guest blogging. Our company finds out precisely what you require and puts together a customizable plan for exactly what you need.

Custom Content Creation

It’s time to fill your blog with engaging content that your audience is already looking for. Every blog piece starts with a content mapping process whereby your campaign manager will ask a few questions, including:

  • Who will read the posts?
  • What is the purpose of the article?
  • Can you brand answer any questions related to the topic that others haven’t?
  • What does the best-performing article on this topic include?

Scrupulously planning the directions, purpose, and tone of each blog post will be able to deliver a good article that draws traffic to your website. Each deliverable from our company will provide meaningful information to your visitors and fall in line with your digital marketing strategy.

You may want content for a range of channels outside of your website. Our expert writers can also draft guest posts to assist your brands in reaching a more significant audience and building solid relationships with them. They can even ghostwrite LinkedIn bios for you so that your entire team’s social media presence is boosted exponentially.

Search Performance Brief

Your potential customers’ content creation can be supercharged with search performance briefs. These are SEO target road maps that are reverse engineered to bring results for particular phrases or keywords.

SPBs take an analytical approach to the content planning procedure and involves:

  • Competitive analysis to ensure our blog writing service provides purpose to your audience
  • Use SEO tools like Market Muse, SEM Rush, and more to determine the appropriate custom content information for the subject
  • Identify search intent through SERP analysis
  • Evaluate the target keyword to determine which topics to address and use keyword research to find the best ones for your small business

These documents have helped our customer rank for hundreds of keywords across various industries, driving ROI, traffic, and interest.

Promotion and Distribution

A website content strategy does not stop with content creation. Once you have exquisite content on your blog, you need to ensure your target audience is aware that it is available, and that’s where distribution and promotion come in.

Your project manager and CMS can help you discover some of the most lucrative channels on which to share your blog writing articles. That may include building out an email marketing strategy, paid social media posts, content syndication, etc.

We can help you no matter your plan for distributing and promoting your content. Between our consulting expert and professional social media team, you can be confident that your content is easily found in the search results.

Copy Refreshes

Good content ages just like anything else in the world, meaning new information is uncovered, and trends start to change. Plus, your company is not the only one speaking to your target audience, and eventually, someone else will come to kick your content down the search engine results page.

We can protect your position with a copy refresh. Our company will update your content with current information and ensure it covers all the necessary subtopics. 

An effective content upgrade can improve your ranking and drive a ton more traffic to your site. It is essential to ensure that your site has the most up-to-date and relevant information if you want to be a leader in your chosen niche.

Writing for Humans, Not Search Engines

The time has come for a course correction if your blog strategy is stilled base around light-level keywords, formal mechanical writing, and intricate backlinking schemes.

Your reader is human, and you’re a human, and our content writers are human too. Our blog management and blogging services are led by expert writers who hold degrees of various specialization, including education, marketing, creative writing, English, and journalism, to name a few.

You will find some writers with PhDs, MFAs, and MAs, so you are spoilt for choice regarding the quality digital marketing you will receive.

We are writing consultants, teachers, entrepreneurs, live-lit performers, published authors, and journalists who do their best for your content creation and keyword research requirements.

Ranking higher in the organic results is achieved through consistently good articles that service visitor intent. If you are dousing your content in keywords or not using related phrases, the Google algorithm will struggle to rank your site.

It’s good to note that search engines become more human every day and have outsmarted the developers who created them. You need your blog to make a human impact if you want it to succeed in the future.

Why Your Blog is Your Brand

Your potential prospects have more content options than ever, making topical authority and SEO paramount to your blog strategy. In order to perform better than competitors, your business blog management must follow a few guidelines.

Below we have listed the most important things to focus on while establishing your blog strategy:

  • Get 100% revenue from your users
  • Update older and top-performing posts
  • Optimize for social sharing
  • Including custom videos and illustrations
  • Having clear calls to action
  • Understand the commercial value of each visitor
  • Write for specific site visitors personas (Not every reader wants to buy your products)
  • Post fresh content regularly but not more than a couple of times a week.
  • Stay on brand

Small business blogs are often the first place a potential customer will visit, so make sure that it stands out to have a lasting first impression. Please remember your blog is your brand, and our goal is to provide it will the highest quality, great content possible.

Blogging as a Strategy

It is not enough to have writers produce blogs as appropriate content without a marketing strategy consisting of various asset types, promotions efforts, and distribution channels. Our content writing services are a comprehensive mix of inbound marketing ROI and the expertise required to make extraordinary things happen for small businesses.

This involved converting gated assets into blog pieces, publishing email newsletters, inviting real-time comments from readers, embedding rich media like custom graphics or video into all content, and collaborating with social media influencers.

That is how you create a quality website or blog.

Final Thoughts

Using a blog writing service for the content creation on your website is a fantastic idea if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. We would love to help you make your dream a reality by providing you with the highest quality engaging content for your blog or online business.

What are you waiting for? Please send us an email to find out how we can help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides being able to ask our company anything about written content for your business, there are some frequently asked questions that we get every day. In order to make it easy for you to get an answer to these questions, we have listed them below:

Can I Order Blog Posts Without a Subscription?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. It would be best to tell us what you want us to write about, and we will get to it. Remember, we mentioned early that our management would offer you topic suggestions and unlimited revisions based on your niche to make the project easier to achieve. Check out our article writing services page to find out how things work.

Can I Request Blog Posts on Specific Topics?

Yes, you can. We strongly suggest our clients request particular blog post subjects, especially when signing up with us. With just a few clicks, you will be able to add a post request to your dashboard and wait for our campaign manager to send it to our writers.

Another great thing about our blogging company is that you can even submit post topics ahead of time to have a selection ready for the future.

How Will You Know What Topics to Suggest?

If you have not requested a specific blogging topic, a campaign manager will make suggestions and wait for your approval.

Our camping managers are excellent because they have extensive experience in inbound marketing. When you join us, they will spend a little time getting to know your brand to understand the type of content you are trying to create. The campaign leader may have a few initial questions, but they will quickly make their first topic suggestions for your articles.

During the initial month with us, you may get a topic suggestion that you feel isn’t ideal, but don’t worry, this is entirely normal. Once you have provided us with feedback, we will be sure to supply you with alternatives based on your comments.

What If I Don’t Like a Post The Campaign Manager Suggested?

If you don’t like the post topic your campaign manager has suggested, you can easily communicate with them. All you need to do is click the reject button from the dashboard, and they will send you some new topic suggestions within a one 24 turnaround time.

Am I Locked Into a Contract?

Besides a monthly blog writing service plan, you can also use this company’s pay-as-you-go service. This will limit the worry of having an extended contract without having enough content ideas to add to your site.

Please speak to one of our consultants to find out how we can help you bring excellent quality articles to your website or social media channels.

Can Your Company Publish Posts for Me?

Yes, we sure can. Our company has a package that allows us to provide you with more than just blogs. We can add the work to your website, make sure that it is optimized correctly, and offer unlimited revisions.

Our in-house web designer will login into the clients’ blog backend and perfectly format their posts in the content management system. They can also schedule your post to be published at a particular time if that suits you.

What If I am Not Happy with a Post? Can I Request Edits?

Absolutely yes. If you are unhappy with an article, you can request revisions through your dashboard and tell us what you would like to be changed. Each piece can be revised an unlimited amount of time.

If a writer does a lousy job and you are still not happy with the revisions of the post, then we will get a new writer to create a new post for your company. In all honesty, this is something that rarely occurs.

Where Can I See Examples of Your Work?

Many brands in the outside world like to manage their blog in-house, meaning we keep all our clients confidential under a strict policy. However, if you want a sample-specific to your industry, you can request one by contacting us via email.

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