Blog Examples: What Kind of Blogs Can We Create for You?

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Blogging is way more common than many people realize. This even includes those who may follow a series of blogs to learn more about pop culture or to get some helpful tips on family management.

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Of course, if you’re here, then you likely already know how successful blogs can be, and you’re also very much aware of the extent to which having all the tools in place can lead to capitalizing on your platform as much as is possible.

That’s where we come in, and we do a lot more than just piecing together top-tier blog content for our clients.

We have worked on so many blogs with different audiences that we know how to make the best use possible of a blogging platform.

So why don’t we talk a bit about exactly what kind of value we can provide?

Well, you’re going to see some of the best blog examples spanning several booming categories.

Essentially, we can help you develop yours in any of these niches and more!

Additionally, we speak on some of the most important elements needed to put an awesome blog together!

Finally, through social media and questions from clients, we gathered a few of the most frequently asked questions that new bloggers may have.

The answers to these are all collated for you to enjoy!

Personal Blogs

Before diving into the blog examples, what constitutes a personal blog? You may find that people confuse these with lifestyle blogs.

Honestly, it’s not the hardest mistake in the world to make.

The easiest way to look at it is that personal blogs are more geared towards experiences that hit close to home and they give you a look at who the writer is.

So, if you’re looking to create a new blog about the experiences that have contributed to your personal development journey, that would be a personal blog.

With that out of the way, it’s on to the blog examples.

Best Personal Blog Examples

Love That Max

Love That Max is certainly one of the most popular blogs on the internet today. It comes from Ellen Seidman who was inspired to do this in honor of her son, Max.

The allure comes from Max’s having special needs, and the blog covers challenges and approaches associated with caring for these children.

Ellen aims to connect with other parents and share related information insightfully and hilariously.

Technically speaking, this could also be categorized as a parenting blog or a family blog. This is a trope you’re going to see with many blogs as they can fit the bill for multiple categories.

Design for Mankind

Design for making is another one of the best blogs written by a mom. In this case, it comes from Erin Loechner, who also happens to be a wife and the author of “Chasing Slow.”

The focus here is on Erin’s experience as a parent and it covers several elements.

There is information on pregnancy, homeschooling, products she uses, and a host of other related topics.

Of course, she also throws in references to her books.

Lifestyle Blogs

With the explanation given above, you should have a pretty good idea of what personal blog posts look like. The only question is, what does a lifestyle blog look like?

Instead of looking at experiences that may build character and give you insight into effects, a lifestyle blog tends to focus more on conscious choices and recommendations on living in a particular way or for a specific group.

Technically, you could pull a personal story out of a lifestyle blog but you’re more interested in the tips and areas of improvement for your comfort.

Best Lifestyle Blog Examples

Art of Manliness

Art of Manliness is certainly one of the older lifestyle blogs on the web, as it has been around since 2008.

Back then, Facebook hadn’t even risen to prominence yet. Today, it is a product of many years of experience and lessons.

As the name implies, the audience is men and the idea is to provide essential information that can help them to be the best versions of themselves.

The topics involve skill-building, fitness, style tips, and a host of other topics related to well-being and comfort.

Moral Fibres

This is where you look for lifestyle tips if you’re interested in living a greener lifestyle.

It seems to be a popular change to make, primarily because of the number of celebrities who have declared that they are doing so.

Of course, there’s a herd mentality that often means people tend to do what celebrities do.

Regardless of your motives for going green, people often find that they feel like they have to give up fun and style.

The lifestyle posts in this blog focus on keeping you “hip, not hippie,” so you can retain your existence as an individual with a colorful personality while you make greener choices.

Miss Thrifty

Miss Thrifty is a lifestyle blogger (and the name of the blog) who aims to make mom life a little bit easier financially.

It focuses on providing a series of hacks, tips, and money-saving decisions that can go a long way in helping moms live efficiently.

It’s a great blog rooted in the UK, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to learn for those residing in different countries.

Family Life Blogs

This is a self-explanatory category. The blog examples here are rooted in elements of family living.

There are a couple of different sub-niches here technically, as well as the usual crossovers into other categories.

First, there are the parenting blogs. These are meant to give insight into parenting strategies and may even talk about experiences that the blogger may want to share as a way of educating the community.

You would be surprised how many times a blog is chosen as the online resource for educational articles.

Alternatively, other blogs may talk about maintaining a social media presence as a family or even cover culinary delights.

While they may not be categorized as recipe blogs, sometimes you may end up seeing blog posts about recipes that the whole family likes.

Best Family Blog Examples

Black and Married with Kids

Here’s yet another of the incredibly successful blog examples on the list. Lamar and Ronnie Tyler are responsible for this one.

The pair are husband and wife, and they’re also parents to four children.

The content of the blog posts tends to be rooted in deep topics, such as intimacy maintenance, faith, parenting in blended families, etc.

It’s a great example of a blog that’s meant to help its readers navigate challenges as a team.

Your Modern Family

Becky Mansfield is responsible for this one. The solo blogger is a mom of four and aims to help her online community tackle the more mentally draining elements associated with being one of the heads of a family.

It’s hard to deny her credentials considering she’s a certified child, developmental therapist. One could view her online platform as a source of professional advice.

Her blog topics range from activity planning to managing sleep deprivation as a mom, to a slew of other elements that make her content an incredibly valuable read.


Weelicious may have you believing you’ve just stumbled on a food blogger.

Technically speaking, you could also characterize this one as a recipe blog but the focus is on keeping kids properly nourished.

Catherine McCord is a mom of three who uses her blog posts to share all the recipes she uses to ensure that what her kids eat at home is delicious, healthy, and wholesome.

What makes the blog successful is the way she covers every stage of child development and the fact that it’s also searchable for those who may want to ensure that they’re not unintentionally setting off allergies that they may have specific foods.

Health and Fitness Blogs

Health and fitness blogs span a host of different types, which makes sense considering there’s so much to talk about under the umbrella.

First, there’s fitness, which is a little more on the straightforward side.

Almost any popular fitness blog you look up is going to have exercise programs that may be dedicated to body sculpting or strength improvement.

Some may be cardio-based, but the point is that any such blog is focused on controlled physical activity.

A health and fitness blog can also take the form of being nutrition or daily routine-based.

They may even combine everything into one package of mindfulness, meditation, physical activity, setting boundaries, etc.

Best Health and Fitness Blog Examples

Nerd Fitness

If you’re looking for blog examples that specifically target a certain niche, then this is the perfect display.

Many of the free resources out there that speak to fitness are trying to appeal to people who already have a host of other sources of solid information.

As the name implies, this fitness blog focuses on the less popular crowd. According to the site, it targets “nerds, misfits, and mutants.”

Essentially, people who are stuck at home a lot and out of shape can use this health and fitness blog to improve their physical conditioning.

The blog achieves this through well-designed home workouts and private coaching.

Jim Bathurst is responsible for this one and he happens to be an award-winning personal trainer.

Nia Shanks

This is another of the popular blogs that rose to prominence through the targeting of a niche. In this case, that niche happens to be women.

Nia, the author, aims to use her blog posts to encourage women, regardless of their body types, to get trained for fitness.

It’s a great blog for resistance training, bodyweight training, and other programs that you may find to be incredibly useful for women.

The mantra the blog promotes that “exercise is never a punishment for eating” is quite inspiring too, and helps her readers feel as mentally assured as they do physically.

It’s a complete wellness blog as opposed to sticking firmly under the fitness or physical health categories.

Photography Blogs

One look at a few photography blog examples is enough to clue you in on how diverse they can be.

Many people see photography as nothing more than holding up a camera and snapping a picture. To be fair, a casual photo taker doesn’t necessarily need a deeper understanding than that.

However, for those interested in creating high-quality images that make excellent use of lighting, colors, etc., a blog that goes beyond the basics helps a lot.

It’s the same kind of thing that a fashion blogger aims to bring to the table. People put outfits together all the time, don’t they?

Nevertheless, those who have a greater eye for fashion help them take things to the next level.

Best Photography Blog Examples

Behind the Shutter

Behind the Shutter is a photography blog that combines insights on the photography craft with purchasing guides that help readers to get the gear they need at prices that may be considered fair.

This is one of those successful blogs that are well known in its community for a slew of quite detailed tutorials.

These include information on color gel use in portraits, aperture settings, etc.


Again, you have another of the best blog examples that zoom in on one piece of the puzzle and attempt to provide value to the readers that may be interested in that element.

David Hobby is responsible for this one and the tagline he uses is “Learn How to Light.”

As you can imagine, the blog goes in-depth in teaching its readers how to use various elements including natural light sources, the built-in flash, etc., to create and set the kind of mood, tone, and ambiance they may be going for.


If you want to learn from one of the most successful blogs in the photography category, it’s hard to go wrong with one that has been in the business for over 20 years.

PhotographyCourse delights its readers with a broad range of topics that can help them to improve their productions.

These include tips, tutorials, gear reviews, recommendations, etc.

What’s cool about this blog is that it happens to be fuelled by guest posts, which is a great strategy you could consider for your own blog.

Essentially, instead of the blog having a single voice, the posts are created by different experts in the photography industry! You can feel their love for what they do through the blog posts.

Food Blogs

Food blogs are some of the most common out there.

Therefore, when one of them happens to be described as a “popular food blog,” you know it’s doing something outstanding.

Though there are a lot of food blog examples, the sub-categories are not necessarily as vast as some of the other blog types.

You’re most likely to find a recipe blog under this umbrella.

Apart from that, many others recommend meals for a specific diet for people who want to get certain nutrients more than they do others.

Best Food Blog Examples

Smitten Kitchen

This food blog comes to you from Deb Perelman. It has certainly earned its place among the most popular blogs in the category, which is reinforced by its award-winning status.

What makes this one so unique is that it doesn’t concern itself with recreating meals that people are already familiar with.

Instead, the focus is on experimentation and creating all sorts of cool meals. Deb has quite a passion for food and she loves to share her raving culinary discoveries with her audience.

Sprouted Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen is another interesting food blog with a twist. There are a lot of greens in the meals that you’re going to see here.

Even more interestingly, the blog is run by a married couple, and each of them has clearly defined roles.

The wife is the foodie and the source of all the recipes and food ideas that you see in the publication.

Now, you may notice that the photo quality on the posts is top-tier. That’s where the husband comes in. He happens to be a professional photographer, which explains a lot.

This happens to be one of the profitable blogs on the list in more ways than one. There’s a guide to food photography and even a pay-to-join cooking club.

Tech Blogs

The blog examples you can find under this category are broader than most.

That’s because the area of technology is vast by default, and it seems to be on quite the path of never-ending growth.

Think about how many subcategories of technology there are that you could probably turn into a new blog. That’s not to say no one else has done it, but it’s just food for thought.

So, we did what we could hereby randomly choosing two of the best blog examples under the tech umbrella.

Best Tech Blog Examples

Android Police

Who knew that there’d be a blog that zeroes in on one mobile OS? Well, that’s what Android Police did and you can find just about everything you could hope to about the platform here.

It’s a magazine-style blog that provides you with quite an interesting browsing experience.

There’s a news section that covers all the newsworthy details about the OS as soon as they’re available.

Additionally, there’s other content available spanning various areas including coupons, other discounts, reviews, features, etc.

Essentially, if you’re interested in Android beyond just using it, this is the blog you want to be checking out.


Engineers seem to be able to have a field day with just about anything and Hackaday aims to allow them to do so.

The tech blog was designed especially for engineering enthusiasts who love to explore the possibilities with elements around the home.

You wouldn’t believe how many hacks are hanging around on the blog. People who discover Hackaday at this point have quite a back catalog to get through.

The wealth of information is technically a collaborative effort.

While the Hackaday team posts its original content, there are also those submitted by the community.

This makes the platform one of the best blog examples of capitalizing on community involvement.

WordPress Blogs

WordPress websites are incredibly popular and span a host of different types. Many people simply use them for blogs, which is really what we’re focused on today.

Nevertheless, it helps to learn the elements of putting things together in your WordPress blog in a way that’s both efficient for you and attractive to the people who are going to be reading it.

So there’s some bad news here and some good news.

The bad news is that collecting WordPress theme, platform, organization, and social media integration knowledge is not necessarily the most straightforward thing in the world.

The good news is that we’re here to save you a lot of that trouble!

Still, there are a host of WordPress blog examples out there that range from tutorials to web design techniques, and more! Why don’t we look at a few of them now?

Best WordPress Blog Examples


Clearly, WordPress tutorials are going to be a big part of a blog with this kind of name.

Just in case it doesn’t hit home, the tagline for this one is “Beginner’s Guide for WordPress,” which kind of sets the expectation for the experience you’re going to have with it.

It’s an outstanding blog resource for those who may just be getting into the swing of things with the platform.

There is easy-to-digest content available surrounding WordPress theme use, plugin libraries, integrations, and more!


ManageWP is technically two things. First, it’s a WordPress dashboard. So, let’s say you have a travel blog, a social media blog, and even a WordPress theme blog.

These may be under different WordPress installations. ManageWP allows you to manage all of them from one convenient location.

However, our focus is on blog creation and maintenance, so we’re more interested in the other side of things.

It turns out the creators of ManageWP decided to throw their hats into the blog arena.

Expect to discover a slew of information focused on news, development, and opinion pieces surrounding WordPress.


Like the previous example, this one comes from WordPress developers and contributors. The minds behind WPShout are David Hayes and Fred Meyer.

The focus here is on tutorials to make the blog experience that much more intuitive and welcoming.

Publications come along every week, and the success of the blog comes from how in-depth its posts are.

Additionally, this is reinforced by daily curated articles from various sources around the WordPress communities.

It’s always beneficial to see a blog that relies on external voices to support its internal one since it means the readers get a more balanced experience.

Gaming Blogs

A gaming blog can be designed in various ways to appeal to different audiences.

For example, a new gamer may be wondering what platform may be best subjectively.

Alternatively, another gamer may want to know about some of the top-rated games in history ahead of starting a gaming marathon session.

You would do well to remember that the gaming industry happens to be one of the largest and the most profitable in the world.

Therefore, there are a lot of stakeholders and there’s a lot for people to say. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the examples!

Best Gaming Blog Examples


If you’ve ever heard of any gaming blog before, you’re probably very unsurprised to find Kotaku here.

After all, it’s probably one of the biggest names in the industry. You often hear gaming event review YouTubers talking about situations and referencing articles from Kotaku as they do so.

It has longevity on its side, having seen its inception back in 2004 which was arguably well before the internet took off.

Still, it did go through a bit of a renaissance in 2019, transitioning from its original state as a part of the Gawker Media Network.

These days, everything is well-indexed, which means that searching through it is barely an inconvenience.

Game Informer

Alongside Kotaku, Game Informer is another of the big names in the industry.

It’s a well-known online gaming magazine, which can make it incredibly attractive to those who enjoy browsing that way.

However, it has a dedicated blog area, which aligns with the typical style you’ve come to expect.

The areas of coverage are quite broad and span way more than we could ever hope to cover here.

What we would say is that you can randomly look around for information or you can pop in with an idea of the kind of content you want to look for.

Game Informer’s strength lies in the breadth of its information, which makes its appeal inclusive to a host of different gamers.

PlayStation Lifestyle

The name of this blog is enough to scope its focus, even before you ever read your first word.

You’re going to notice that there are numerous blogs like this in the gaming world that may be affiliated with or focused on a specific manufacturer, publisher, etc.

This one was created by a set of very passionate PlayStation fans for an audience comprising other fans of the consoles.

Subjectivity is one of the most surprising elements here. You would think that a group of PlayStation fans would just gush about everything the console and its library have to offer.

However, what you get is a refreshingly unbiased take.

Trust us, if something doesn’t hit the mark, you’re going to know how this community feels about it.

Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are some incredibly impressive productions. Many people are enamored with the prospect of travel whether they have already had the experience or not.

The thing is traveling requires a destination and having an idea of where you want to go next is always a welcome piece of information.

This is just one of many things that a travel blog can offer you. Of course, they’re not all focused on destinations.

Some may zoom in on food or even little hacks that you can use to save yourself some money on your travels.

Best Travel Blog Examples

Wandering Earl

We would describe Wandering Earl as an outstanding travel blog with an apt name!

Earl has been sharing his insights since 1999, which explains why he’s so cultured and acutely aware of what the world has to offer.

The appeal of this one is the balance that it provides.

Some people check out these kinds of publications to see stories that the writers wish to share. If that’s the case, then Wandering Earl has a lot to offer you.

Imagine a guy who traveled, got kidnapped and decided to write a blog about it. You never know what to expect but the blog always delivers.

Alternatively, if your preference is to see actionable insights that can help you in your own travels, then you can find that here too.

You would be surprised how many people have managed to achieve their travel goals just by paying attention to what Earl has to say.

Travel Freak

Travel Freak’s biggest strength is how well indexed its blog happens to be.

It’s great whenever there are numerous blog posts that you can scan through randomly, but being able to search at will for what you want is also a blessing.

The content you get from your searches is top-notch and covers numerous areas including destinations, preparation steps you want to take before you leave, etc.

Additionally, it’s very welcoming to beginners. If you are just getting into the swing of things with travel, then this one should be in your arsenal.

Creating a Successful Blog

Now that you have a much better idea of what some of the best blog examples look like, let’s dial things back a bit and shift our focus back to your own blog.

Our services are meant to ensure that you have a successful blog on your hands.

Of course, measures of success may differ, but based on your tenure of experience, we have a pretty good idea of what kind of ingredients your blog needs.

With that said, let’s briefly outline some of these elements to give you a better idea of the kind of value that we provide.

The Brand

Your blog must have a brand, and it’s up to you to understand what that brand is and to represent it well at every turn.

Can we help you develop your brand? Certainly! However, you need to believe in it so we aim to keep you as involved in the process as possible.

The blog brand includes various considerations, such as imagery, logo, language, tone, niche, etc.

For example, if we were to think of a blog such as Kotaku, its brand would be rooted in its vast gaming coverage, years of experience, authoritative articles, etc.

Niche Selection

This is where a lot of mainstream blogs win their brownie points but also where so many others go wrong.

Listen, there’s way too much information flowing around this world for you to stay aware of everything.

Even when you choose the subject of your blog, you may find that you can’t cover everything that falls under the target area.

Therefore, the best advice is to carve out a niche. For example, if you want to start a health and fitness blog, covering nutrition, motivation, workouts, sleep patterns, etc. may be a bit too much.

No one is saying that you can’t try, but there’s such a thing as knowing where efforts are best concentrated.

What you could do is focus on fitness goals. So, your blog could tackle how to become a bodybuilder vs a powerlifter vs a calisthenic expert.

You could even make a whole blog out of any one of these goals. The point here is that you want to understand who your audience is and ensure the blog speaks and appeals to them.

Consistent Uploads

This is where a lot of blogging hopefuls drop the ball. Especially when you’re still building your audience, you need to remain consistent.

If not, you’re just gonna have to start your journey all over every time you take an impromptu hiatus.

We can help you carve out a blog schedule based on the nature of what you want to share with the world, how digestible it is, etc.

Design Elements

Remember the section above about the importance of building a brand for your blog?

This is a big part of that equation and we have the extensive experience required to put the appropriate design elements together for your intended message.

A top-tier blog is more than what it says. It’s also about the feelings you manage to evoke in your readers.

You may not think much of it, but it’s the kind of thing you want to pay attention to.

Being able to convey the information you want and having it resonate the way you want it to is a one-two punch that leads to the success that some of the blog examples above demonstrate.

Community Building

Properly capitalizing on the marketing tools available is also another undeniably critical piece of the puzzle.

Engaging an audience as they read is one thing. However, developing a community that is dedicated to your cause, shares it with others, and waits anxiously on your next post is truly something!

Social media can help tremendously in pulling this one-off, especially if followers can get a glimpse of the person(s) behind the scenes.

Another way to encourage community is by opening up your blog to the idea of guest posts.

It says a lot when you allow others who may be knowledgeable about a subject to lending their voices to what you are trying to achieve.

Incorporating WordPress

You’ve seen us throw the term “WordPress Theme” around above alongside a couple of other concepts.

That was no accident as WordPress is hands down one of the best possible options out there for you to use to deliver your blog to your audience.

Put simply, WordPress is a site hosting platform with a lot of intuitive tools that you can use to build your site without any programming knowledge.

This makes it the perfect place for a blog, especially since there is a host of community members continuously developing new themes and plugins for the platform.

Let’s quickly look at two of the advantages of using WordPress for your blog and why we have so readily encouraged our clients to take advantage of all WordPress has to offer.


This is probably the biggest no-brainer where the WordPress blog equation is concerned.

Put simply, website hosting is a concept that means keeping your website in a place that allows it to be accessed by the internet accessing public.

There’s a lot behind the scenes that goes into this including public IP addresses, server management, data storage, etc.

That’s why so many website hosting providers have a charge associated with what they provide.

However, WordPress offers you free hosting, which is very welcome considering hosting costs are typically recurring.

Domain Name

Having WordPress gives you a free domain for your blog is just as incredible as your getting free site hosting.

So, what is a domain name? Well, it’s pretty much an identifier that people can use to find a site. It has other purposes, but let’s leave it there for now.

For example, if you wanted to visit Amazon, you would type in “” The “https” bit says you want to access the website associated with the domain “”

WordPress offers free domain names by simply making your page a subsite of the WordPress domain. So your site, site is going to end in “”

If you’d like to remove that, then you must either pay for a new domain or bring over an existing one if you already own it.


We wouldn’t be too far off the mark by assuming that you must have learned quite a bit after reading through the multitude of information above.

Not only did you get to see some of the existing blog categories for inspiration, but you also got some examples of blogs that fall under them and where the focus of each is.

After that, we gave you a high-level overview of some of the primary concerns and ingredients required for a successful publication.

The thing is though, there’s still a lot more to the equation. However, you don’t need to worry considering we are here to help with our wealth of experience.

From content creation to design tropes, we offer the whole nine yards.

Just in case you’re curious about a topic that may not have been covered above, there’s that of monetization.

While some people don’t do blogs for profit, others do. We could assist by teaching you about cool options to pursue this including the use of Amazon affiliate links.

We’re a full-suite blog service, and we implore you to reach out to us, let us hear your vision, and then allow us to give you the guidance and support you need to bring the dream to fruition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Providing blog-focused services means we get questions all the time about the puzzle pieces in a blog, as well as what our services look like.

So, we took a moment and thought about the best way to address some of the common ones for future reference and this was what we came up with!

With that said, below is a small collection of queries we tend to see and their respective answers.

Of course, we know very well that other questions may be out there. If you have any, feel free to direct them to us so we can talk you through things!

What Is the Best Bulk Mailing List Delivery Software Option?

When you’re relying on bulk mail delivery for your blog, deliverability is potentially your biggest concern.

The last thing you want is all your correspondence landing in spam instead of inbox folders.

Different providers have different ways of achieving this, however, MailChimp seems to have mastered the formula more than many others have.

So, if we were to pick one, it would most certainly be MailChimp

How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

If anyone ever tells you that there’s an objective answer to this that captures all use cases, that person is wrong.

Different blogs have different sweet spots for different reasons.

Based on what you offer, cutting things down and making it 800 words may be ideal. In another case, a 1,500-word informative piece may be necessary.

Note that the keyword here is “necessary.” The idea for a blog is always to use the number of words necessary.

That way, the audience gets the information they need without feeling like you’ve overstayed your welcome. Of course, we can advise you in this area too!

Is It Possible to Backup a Blog Website?

Depending on the host platform you’re using, this may or may not be possible. What we advise is to settle on one that has some kind of built-in redundancy just in case things go left one day.

Should You Wait to Start Your Own Blog?

Absolutely not! New bloggers often face a bunch of inhibitions that may cause them to feel as if it’s never a good time to get started.

The longer you wait, the more of an opportunity you give others to do what you could before you do.

Let us help you through whatever concerns you may have so we can get your blog on the road while your idea is still fresh and rearing to go!

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