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If you’ve been searching for legal content writers for your blog or website, you’ve probably come to realize that it’s hard to find someone reliable and affordable. We know that because we have spent many years going through third-party legal content writers and freelance writers to find options that are suitable for family law.

Your law firm’s website requires innovative attorney marketing to boost rankings on Google. We have over a decade of experience as a family law SEO firm. With our digital marketing professionals on your side, you know we can handle the legal space that your attorneys deal with every day.

We are here to help your current and prospective clients feel confident about the attorneys on staff.

Law Firms Save Time with Our Legal Blog Writers

Our goal is to provide our clients with quality legal content writing that’s consistent and there when you need it. With that, we have an in-house team for legal blog writing so that we can handle specific requests and feedback from the attorneys.

You’re sure to find that our legal content team is there to handle your legal content needs, either a-la-carte or on an ongoing basis. We’re equipped to handle various legal content writing types, from blog commentary to comprehensive guides to legal practice area pages.

When you hire us, you’re not just getting content. Instead, you get quality content that’s backed by many decades of our SEO experiences and legal marketing. Each article or blog you receive from us delivers value to the law firm; it’s not fodder for the blog.

If you’re ready to hire a content writer who understands legalese, complete a short questionnaire, and we review it and get back to you quickly!

Why Choose Us for Your Law Firm

Attorneys need content that drives people to learn about their legal situation while benefiting your marketing goals. As more and more people read the information you provide, they come to trust you. Here are just some of the reasons to consider us:

Legal Professionals

Our team offers legal content writers who are highly qualified to explain legal topics in a way that’s reader-friendly. Most of our writers are lawyers themselves and can write about any legal space.

Legal Blog Writers

Finding dependable, quality writers is challenging and time-consuming. However, we have done most of the work for you so that your blog content is excellent. Our writers have the legal knowledge to handle law blogs and produce content each week. Plus, many of our writers have gone to law school!

Legal Content Writers

We recognize that writing is a time-consuming task, but our team of quality legal content writers can generate jurisdiction-specific, compelling, and informative content that improves your SERPs rankings. Ultimately, we have a deep understanding of the law and can establish you as a thought leader within your legal practice area.

For Digital Marketers

Are you an owner of a digital marketing agency? If blog writing is your goal, but you know little about the legal space, we can help! Outsource your content creation to us and focus more on your other online marketing goals.

White-label Legal Content

Our legal content writing services offer white-label legal content that could be optimized and branded for various practice areas, such as family law, personal injury, estate planning, civil litigation, and criminal defense, as well as others.


Your law practice may like to use infographics to make it easier for non-legal readers to understand what you’re trying to convey. Our team of legal content writers and graphic designers can create informative and engaging legal infographics for law firms, attorneys, and digital marketing professionals.

What We Offer

When you need website content for all of your practice areas, it’s crucial to come to us. We only offer high-quality legal content and have been in the industry for more than a decade. Here’s what we provide:

Legal Blog Writing Services

Many of our professional bloggers went to law school, so they can write informative and jurisdiction-specific blog content to help your firm connect better with clients. Whether it’s legal content for personal injury areas or something else, we can help!

Legal Copywriting

We offer legal copywriting services to digital marketing agencies and law firms. Whether you work in family law or something else, let us assist!

Attorney-reviewed Content

Most of our attorney writers went to and graduated from law school. If they didn’t, they still have a lot of experience. Plus, each piece of legal content is reviewed by an attorney before it’s shown to potential clients.

State Bar Compliance

We realize that compliance is crucial, and there are various advertising rules for legal content. We make sure to stay compliant!

Our Content Writing Services Include:

  • Topic development – We can research topics and present them to you when they relate to your practice areas. When you approve it, we write the content.
  • Research – We research each post to cover the most important information in a new way.
  • Writing – Our SEO team feels that 500 to 700 words are ideal for search engine optimization.
  • Optimization – We structure the pages and weave keywords in to promote more page views.
  • Meta descriptions and title tags – We can write the metadata for each page to get a better performance in Google and other search engines.
  • Summary – If you want, we can summarize the post. Add that to your law firms’ social media accounts and link back to it!
  • Edit – If you’re not satisfied with the content, we include one edit.
  • Posting – When you approve the post, we can even upload it to the blog platform for you!

We always recommend that our clients post daily or two/three times a week. However, we have blogging packages that meet any budget and requirements.

With that, we also provide eBook services, where we write and package a series of blogs into a mini-book that you can offer to potentials as a free download from the site!

A Friendly Note to SEO Clients

If you are one of our SEO clients, our legal blog team can work closely with the SEO team to ensure that the monthly blogs support your campaign and keywords for your law firm website. We also focus on link-building options and create quality content that shows up in the search results!

Steps for Writing a Legal Blog

Many times, attorneys try to write blog posts for the law firm themselves. However, they don’t understand SEO guidelines or the purpose of the content. When you use incorrect practices to write content, even if it focuses on local news, it hurts your law firm website.

With that, you must follow specific parameters for law firm blogging. It’s better to hire legal writers to handle it all for you. If you do decide to give it a go, here are the top tips for writing legal blogs:

  1. Write at least 500 words (long-form content could be better).
  2. Share the news of the law firm in the blog.
  3. Write at an 8th-grade reading level (or lower).
  4. Do not rewrite the topics you’ve already covered in the core content.
  5. Add internal links to the blog posts to point to other content on the website.
  6. Use keywords in each post but don’t optimize those more than the core content.
  7. Embrace those buzz-worthy topics from popular culture and the news.
  8. Lists and how-to articles are great topics.
  9. Use blogs as the voice to discuss local cases, laws, and anything else.
  10. Make sure to share the posts on your social media platforms.

Examples of Topics for Legal Blogs

Many SEO agencies overdo it on the same legal issues. However, your law firm doesn’t have to be like that. When you use our services, we take a different approach to topic research.

You must ensure that the content is informative and engaging; that’s really the only rule. Therefore, possible topics can include just about anything. Some examples are:

  • Child custody apps
  • Mistakes you should avoid when writing a will
  • Can the medical professional or clinic be sued after a suicide?
  • Top truck accidents on highways (use your state)
  • Impact of Bankruptcy in all facets of life

Our Process

You have an entire team to handle the content development for your law firm. We have a specific process that boosts your website’s performance and turns your site into a star:

Approve Topics

We first brainstorm engaging topics in your practice area and can send these in bi-monthly or monthly. The topics focus on your subject matter and include a title, keyword phrases to target, and the angle we want to take with the legal writing. You may also give us topics and keywords to write about!

Write the Blog Post

We assign a writer to the account to craft compelling content for your legal websites. When they’re all written, our in-house editor checks everything and forwards it for review.

Send for Review

You can review the legal writing content and ask us to make changes.

Edit Content

We always focus on providing fresh content. However, you do get one round of edits or rewrites if necessary. That means we incorporate any comments or edits you’ve requested and send you the final version.


When your law firm is ready, we can post the content to the website. You may choose to do that yourself, though. Ultimately, we make sure that the process is easy for you.

Contact us now to find out about our packages and get started!

Why We’re the Best

There are plenty of bloggers out there and many freelance job boards, too. However, when you work with them, you don’t know if they’ve got legal expertise or not. Many times, they Google a similar article and rewrite it. That does nothing for your blog!

We don’t do things that way. Instead, we only employ writers with a legal background. On top of that, we work hard on topic research to ensure that everything is streamlined for you.

You really don’t have to do much; just tell us how often you want blogs and for what legal spaces. We take care of the rest for you!

However, we do let you have more control if you want it. Just let us know when you initially request help.

That’s the beauty of working with us! You’re in control for each step of the process. Sometimes, law firms know what content they need from us and are specific with keywords, placement requirements, and all the rest. Get as detailed as you want! We don’t mind.

In fact, we like it when our clients give specific instructions. That way, we know exactly what to do to get the job done right.

However, don’t feel like you have to know it all or have a detailed plan for your content. We recognize that not everyone has the luxury of time. We’re here for you, too!


We realize that you may have a few questions. As attorneys, you are always searching for something great or better. Your potential clients need to know that you’re a thought-leader in your industry so that they come to recognize your name and trust you. This ultimately means that they share your content and recommend you by word-of-mouth when the time comes.

What Legal Content Is Offered?

We can handle whatever your law firm needs. This can include but isn’t limited to:

  • Blog posts for website content
  • Practice area pages
  • Evergreen legal articles
  • Landing pages
  • Comprehensive guides for PDF or websites
  • Guest articles
  • Press releases
  • Ad copy
  • Newsletter copy
  • Explanations of your practice experience (about us page)
  • So much more!

What’s the Pricing Structure?

We understand that you’re concerned about prices, but we don’t believe that a one-size solution fits everyone. Therefore, we must know more about your legal content needs before giving you an accurate estimate.

What we can say is that we don’t pretend to be the cheapest legal content writing solution. Instead, we prioritize your specific needs and deliver content that drives better business outcomes.

How Fast Are Turnaround Times?

The speed at which we write content depends on what you require. For example, a 2,500-word practice area page needs more time than a short press release. Just be aware that we have the SEO experience necessary to handle your legal content requirements.

We do realize that turnaround times matter. Therefore, we can work hard to meet the deadlines you require.

Who Writes Your Content?

Our legal content writers are all attorneys or legal professionals and have two or more years in the industry. With that, our content writing pros have extensive training in SEO and each practice area. We also make sure that the content gets edited by an attorney.

What If You Aren’t Sure of the Content You Require?

Many people who hire us for their legal content know what they need. However, others might require guidance as to where to prioritize the legal content efforts.

When you use our blogging services, you don’t just get the best legal content out there. You also gain access to digital marketing and SEO professionals who can offer strategic advice on your law firm’s goals and requirements.

Who Do We Work With?

With our blogging services, we work with the people who require legal content for their web content. This includes:

  • Legal service companies
  • Solo practitioners
  • In-house marketers
  • Small law firms
  • SEO agencies
  • Large law firms
  • Business development professionals
  • Ad agencies

Many law firms use us because we have more experience working directly with SMB law firms. However, we can craft content at scale for bigger companies, too. In a sense, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

If you’re ready to give us a try, please fill out the questionnaire.

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