SEO Blog Writing Services – The Top Options for 2022

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Blogs on websites can mean more indexed pages and links. However, most people don’t know how to write, even if they can do their own research. It’s often difficult to figure out what to do.

You know you can’t use mediocre content; it must be well-researched, engaging, and easy to read. Therefore, it’s crucial to work with blog writing providers that understand the process and have plenty of professionals who can help. We are those people.

The Best Professional Blog Writing Services

Here are the top blog writing services for 2022:

Panda Copy

Ideal for Ongoing Content Needs

Panda Copy is suitable for small businesses and offers a flat rate each month. With it, you get an unlimited amount of revisions and content for your blog. One unique selling point is that it provides two different plans. If that weren’t enough, the writers can handle short copy easily.

One advantage of using the Panda Copy website is that it helps companies with their digital marketing strategy when they don’t have enough manpower. You can write blogs, social media content, copy, and articles without any issue. Plus, there are no extra charges for revisions or word count changes because it’s included in the service.

If you want great content for your business, SEO optimization is crucial. The writers are all vetted, and they strive to perfect their craft as they go.

Blog content is something you can’t afford to have. However, it must be high-quality content and suitable for your niche or industry. That’s no problem here!


SEOButler focuses on providing content that falls outside of traditional writing services, such as product descriptions and blog posts. The catalog includes guest posts for other websites, social signals, and citations. Still, you get SEO posts that benefit your business and can generate a good amount of organic traffic.

Search engines want you to help customers find the information they need, and that’s done through blogs and evergreen content. Users may order a traditional blog article or do something different. Plus, the site allows you to reach out to other sites and feature someone specific, writing guest blogs on your behalf.

Along with writing articles, SEOButler services focus on directing traffic to your website. It also offers an excellent service for sites and businesses that need to increase their client base. The charge per word ranges from $0.05 to $0.13. However, users pay flat rates for guest posts, social signals or citations.

Content Cucumber

Content Cucumber uses the unlimited business services model, where clients can request as many newsletters, emails, blog posts, and other written media for a monthly fee. Since it charges one fixed price for whatever you want, you aren’t required to hire freelance blog writers to produce your content.

Plus, clients get paired with a writer on the website who can produce content, suggest topics, and discuss revision issues. You just submit the request with your preferred word length and subject matter. The writer gets the request and starts working.

Turnaround times are about one day for 400 words, so shorter articles get done in a single business day, but longer content takes about a week to finish.

While Content Cucumber specializes in newsletters, blog posts, and long-form emails/web copy, it also produces product descriptions. If you have something other than that, consult with the writer on what to do. Agencies can also use this for multiple blogs and brands.

For the services rendered, you pay $599 each month and get a money-back guarantee. When you use Content Cucumber instead of freelancers, you save thousands each month because you get unlimited content and revisions. However, you must have a heavy workload to see the benefit.

Though the writers are trained on SEO, you must provide the appropriate recommendations to the writers.

SEO Content Hero

SEO Content Hero is a Florida-based company that offers an SEO blog writing service. It uses professional SEO experts, writers, and researchers to produce content that should get you to the top of the search results for all search engines. This company is highly regarded within the SEO community.

To order products, select from three styles – Elite, Professional, and Authority. Fill out the template explaining the topic and your preferred word count.

This company optimizes the content to appear at the top of search engines, making your digital marketing efforts go further. Plus, it uses third-party software to bolster your place within the rankings.

The writing staff focuses on producing quality content for blogs. Keyword research is included, but you can provide your own SEO keywords. They may choose LSI keywords to ensure that your information is top-notch and fits well with user intent.

You pay byword for blog articles, and the rate depends on your content level. Authority content delivers informative and accurate articles, but Professional is more business-minded. Regardless, your website is sure to benefit from SEO-optimized content.


If you dislike the idea of using a middleman to find freelance writers, Fiverr is a great website. It gets its name because the minimum hiring cost is $5, and the platform connects you with thousands of writing specialists.

You can find a comprehensive list of options, such as blog posts, screenplays, and podcast scripts. There are dozens of writers specializing in each category.

Blogs are often the easiest thing you can create to boost traffic to your site. Instead of using a content writing service that pairs you with someone, you can choose who to work with for each project.

This site offers a great profile interface and rating system, so you get plenty of information about each writer. Users may apply different filters, such as price range, delivery times, and language, to locate the best writer. When you find someone to work with, Fiverr lets you contact them.

Turnaround times are quick and can range from a week or two days, depending on how complex the assignment is. It’s important to note that each writer sets their prices. You must pay upfront and have a few days to review the content to ensure it’s what you want. Refunds are possible, or you can request a revision.

Choosing SEO Blog Writing Services

Before you choose a blogging service to help you, it’s important to understand what you need. Your budget is also a factor. Here are some things to consider:

Specific Projects

  • How often do you want your blog posts written? Monthly? Daily? Weekly?
  • How long are the blog posts? Are they often concise and short at 500 words, or do you need extensive and well-researched articles at 2,000 to 4,000 words? Try estimating how much content you require.
  • What content types do you need? Can a writer with normal common sense to use Google work well for you, or do you need an expert with an extensive background in your industry?
  • Are you primarily writing blog posts, email series’, product descriptions, lead generation content, or something else?
  • Do you need primarily new content, or are you looking for someone to improve your existing content so that it converts better?
  • Can you edit your own content, or do you need a writer who also edits? Professionals should always proofread their work, but they’re human and make mistakes. Having two pairs of eyes (or more) is often helpful.
  • Are you providing the post structure, keywords, and guidelines, or do you require someone with SEO expertise?
  • Do the writers have to provide the images, or can you? Should they add them to the content, or can you do that later?


  • What do you normally spend on your blog content each month? Do you currently have a monthly budget for this, or should you create one?
  • Is it in your company budget to bring on a full-time writer? If not, do you require a fixed-cost option or want to pay based on the content amount you have? Remember, it can cost a lot of time and money to bring in an employee or contractor to work solely for you.
  • How much time does it take to manage the writers? Should you bring in an editor, or can you do it yourself?

How Much Do Blog Writers Cost?

Typical blog writers charge about $0.05 to $0.20 a word. Therefore, a blog post of 1,000 words could range from $50 to $200. Plus, prices often go up if there’s more expertise or research necessary. Writing quality can also bump up the price!

Most blog writers working for writing services charge per word, but some of them provide a fixed monthly rate to get unlimited content. Think about your needs and preferences before choosing a company.

Don’t Pay Hourly for a Blog Post

Your goal is to find people to delegate to, outsourcing the work to save money and time. Most entrepreneurs know that they can’t create content, keep the website updated, and run a business, too.

However, the biggest blog writing mistake you can make is to pay your freelance writers hourly. On average, you’re paying about $40 an hour if you want them to be good and produce quality content.

Typically, a blog post takes about five hours to complete if it’s well-researched, so you’re spending about $200 per article, regardless of how many words it includes.

That’s not all, though! Most of the articles aren’t plug-and-plug, which means you must edit them and upload them to your site. You may even have to spend time telling the writers what you want and how to write for SEO. Often, people rewrite the article and don’t save money or time!

In fact, that time could kill your ROI and make it harder to sell SEO and content development services as an agency. When it’s all said and done, you could be spending $500 to $700 for one article. Generally, agencies must bill three times the cost for them to make a profit, and no one should pay $1,500 to $2,000 for one blog post!

Though you might generate tons of web traffic with blogging and that particular article, the ROI just isn’t there. While you might get lucky or find a client with very deep pockets, it’s better to use a fixed rate or pay per word for each article created.

It’s crucial to negotiate your rates. Most of the blog writing services listed here include predictable pricing models for each article. That way, you can forecast your investment on a per-article basis.

Overall, you should think of how you want to monetize the traffic from the blog post, calculating its expected return. That way, you can scale out each article easily.

Blog writing isn’t for everyone, so you should expect to pay a decent amount for each piece of content. However, going broke doesn’t help you or your customers!


What’s Unlimited Blogging?

Sometimes, blogging services offer unlimited blog content and revisions for a flat monthly fee. You can upload them to your website blog, but the output is roughly 400 words each day.

What Should You Look for When You Hire a Writer?

Is subject matter expertise required, or do you need someone with a more laid-back writing style? Regardless, you should think about your marketing strategy, what blogging packages are available, and the many other factors that go into choosing a writer.

The goal is to have custom content that potential customers want; it should be measurable in Google Analytics.

There should be no duplicate content anywhere on your site or the internet. Therefore, each piece is unique. Think about how often your readers want fresh content, and make sure that the professional writer can handle that!

What Does a Typical Blog Post Cost?

A well-written blog post of 1,000 words can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. Bloggers can charge per word, by piece, or use a fixed rate each month.

Do Blog Writing Services Include a Free Trial?

Content creation isn’t easy, or you could do it yourself. It’s often hard to find the right person for the job immediately. Therefore, many writing services include a free trial or free blog post sample.

Do the Blog writing Services Require a Contract?

The top providers listed here do not require a contract to write for your blog. You may cancel anytime.

What Can the Blog Writing Service Write About?

Most services specialize in long-form content, newsletters, and blog content creation. They may also write product descriptions for online shopping sites and eCommerce stores. Each website employs writers who can handle many writing challenges. Plus, the writers are eager to help if you’re not sure how to approach your project.

Can You Dictate the Writing Output?

You can, to a degree. Unlimited writing services often have different turnaround times based on the word count for the document. For example, a 400-word blog can be written in a day, but a 1,600-word article might take four days to finish. Some services let the writers create their own posting schedules, so you can collaborate with writers to find the right time frame for your output needs.

Do the Blog Writers Include Revisions?

Yes, many blog writing services include revisions in the cost. Unlimited services don’t charge you at all, but some writers might only allow one or two revisions before returning the work and allowing you to choose someone else.

Typically, companies use the revision process to determine if that writer is a good fit for you.

Does a Blog Writing Service Include SEO?

Yes, they do, but the SEO type you get depends on the service. Some have SEO-trained writers, but you must do the keyword research yourself and provide the SEO keywords to use. Other SEO writing services identify what you require and create a strategy that meets your needs.

The reason to have a blog is to generate more traffic to your website and be on the first page of results. Content optimization requires many things, including understanding the user intent, keyword density, what keyword stuffing is, and how to avoid it.

Do You Own the Copyright for the Material You Request?

Yes, all blog writing services allow you to retain the copyright for the content you purchase. However, you don’t own it if you send it for revisions or disapprove of it.

Can You Use Photos in the Blog Posts?

The content creation process doesn’t just focus on the written word. Spruce up your blog and articles with some photos. Most services allow their writers to use royalty-free images or may have a paid subscription to Getty or Shutterstock.

If You Work with Multiple Brands, Can You Use Blog Writing Services?

Content writing services don’t care how much content you want to have produced; the writers can create it. Generally, unlimited writing companies let clients use the account for various brands. Agencies can also use them for multiple clients.


Owning a business is hard work, and you know your site requires a blog with engaging information. However, all writers are not created equal, and it’s important to choose the right website to help you write content.

Your inbound marketing strategy relies on blog articles to get the message out there. However, you require high-quality content that search engines praise because it helps the readers learn more.

The best blog writing service is Panda Copy. It has no hidden fees, experienced writers, and provides custom content for a fixed monthly rate!

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