What Does an Experienced Content Writer Do and Why Do You Need One?

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Do you need to have written content for your website or to post it on social media? If so, you may be wondering where to go to get it completed. You probably don’t have the skills needed for content writing, but that doesn’t mean you have no options.

It’s possible to hire content writers to do the job for you. Content creation is often a challenge to do yourself. Many businesses rely on content writers to gain more leads and generate sales. If you’re not using one, and your content is failing, it might be time to make a change.

Most writers already have the skill set necessary to do the job well. If you don’t currently have a content writer as an employee or work with a freelance writer, it’s time to learn what they do and why you need one.

We have excellent content writers on staff here, so you can always use our services when you need us!

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is a form of writing that businesses use for their blogs and other needs. It’s a marketing strategy to help them grow their business and see more web traffic.

Bloggers often use content writing to boost website traffic, increase sales through affiliate marketing, and grow email lists to nurture leads about their products or services.

Along with that, businesses use content writing as a lead generation strategy to gain new customers through quality content.

The content writer job description rarely includes the requirement of a Bachelor’s degree. Usually, the person just needs to have the skills for writing, but there are a few other factors to consider. For example, do you require SEO writing or SMO writing?

From there, you must choose content writers who match your goals and needs. Typically, these writers get paid per word or can have a flat rate.

Every company requires a content writer for blog writing. If you don’t have someone already, it might be wise to check out our content writing services and see what we offer!

SEO Content Writing

Search engine optimization is the process of creating content that can rank in search engines, such as Google. This is the organic traffic you want and is a more sustainable form of traffic for both businesses and bloggers. If this is what you require, the content writer’s job description should express that as one of the needs.

Typically, content writers who offer this type of writing must have excellent writing skills.

Many times, high-tier clients require SMO writing instead of SEO writing, but they are both important to have. Therefore, before you start freelance writing or hire someone as a content writer, it’s crucial to ensure that you know what you need.

Typically, freelancers who get these writing tasks see more low-paying gigs, so they cost less, but the post might not be what you require.

SMO Content Writing

SMO writing is just writing that’s optimized for social media.

The content is often put on different social media platforms and focuses on the readers instead of ranking on Google. However, this writing style does get ranked on search engines, as well.

Typically, such writing styles use engaging introductions and headlines. The goal here is for the content to get shared across social media platforms multiple times. Clients often like this writing option, so you should make sure your content writer is up for the job.

Typically, writers create a post that you can put on your social media pages or even on your blog. From there, you share it and hope that others do the same.

What Does a Content Writer Do?

Content writers often do freelance writing because they offer online writing for companies, entrepreneurs, brands, start-up companies, and much more.

What defines the content writers is the style of writing they do. Most of them do blog writing, so they focus on SMO content writing, and their clients are companies.

However, there are various other forms of content you can request when you require a freelance writer. Just make sure to put that in the job description and ask for writing samples.

Creating content is often a challenge, so you want a content writer who understands how to craft articles, use Microsoft Word, and can use content management systems. Consider using our services to meet all of your needs.

Website Copy

Website copy focuses on the pages within a website, such as the landing page, contact page, about-us page, and more. Most businesses don’t realize how to open their company to the online world. The easiest way to do that is to hire a content writer to write the pages.

Typically, creative writing is something that you should request in the description for the job. Content writers must be able to put words together to keep people interested and wanting to learn more.

Then, you tell the content writer what you want them to write and let them go. You give up some of the control so that they can write what they feel and express your brand in the right light. However, you can make revisions if necessary.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent strategy for companies. The goal is to turn customers into buyers, and an email can do that well. When someone signs up for your email list, you can send automated email series’ to educate them and help them want to be clients.

Email marketing writing focuses a lot on copywriting so that you can attract customers with your words and convert them into money.

Content writers who specialize in marketing can often be the best people for the task. Writing like this can be daunting, but the content writer should have the skillset to do it well.

Landing Pages

The landing page is your destination page. You might click a link in an email or from Facebook and end up somewhere else. Typically, these pages have a specific focus and mission. It might be for someone to sign up for something or buy products or services.

Usually, content writers who write like this have creative writing skills and are fluent with marketing copy. That way, the person reading the page is interested and excited about what you offer.

Writing these pages can be tough to do alone, but it’s much easier when you work with a content writer.

Products and Incentives

Many times, companies have digital products, such as online courses. You can hire a freelance writer to write it all out.

They may need creative writing skills, but that may not be necessary. It all depends on your brand’s voice and tone.

Content writers are also very good at crafting product descriptions, which can help with your marketing needs. If nothing else, you can have short or long articles about what people can do with your products and why they should buy them from you.

Skills Required for Content Writers

Content writers need a specific skill set to understand the online audience and user intent for which they are writing. Most writers have a strong background in the English language. They may also focus on marketing tactics to help you grow and expand the business.

Other skills the content writer must have include:

Focus on User Intent

When marketing your blog post, you must ensure that it matches user intent. This refers to what the user wants to gain when they type something into Google. For example, if two people search for a wardrobe, one person might be looking for new clothes, and one might want a place to store clothing.

The job of the content writer is to figure out which one to write about. You can make it a little easier for them by explaining what you need for the blog post. User intent should also be in the headline for the post, as most content writers know.

For example:

  • Ultimate Guide for Creating a New Fall Wardrobe
  • Essential Items Required for a Wardrobe

Both of these tell the reader what to expect while reading the post.

Understand Your Audience

The audience is the one who reads the content, and professional writers have to write like they’re talking to someone so that they want to take action.

This also means that the articles written by the content writer must have valuable information that the reader wants and needs. That way, they get answers to their questions, and you’re put in the spotlight as a way to solve their pain points and problems.

Blog Writing

Blogs are one of the most prominent writing options for a content writer, and blog writing can be a lot of fun for you and the writer.

Typically, a blog post is more conversational or casual. However, you can ask the content writers to craft something a bit more formal if that’s what you need. Just make sure to request writing samples and ask to see the writer’s content ideas before hiring them.

It might also be a good idea to see their writing portfolio and ask them to craft a trial post. You must still pay them, but it ensures that they have what it takes for your blog and business.

Crafting a Hook/Headline

Content writers must focus on grabbing the attention of the reader. These are your potential customers, and you have to work hard to get and keep their attention. This happens with the headline and the first sentence.

The goal is to get your reader to the first sentence, but the content writer must then keep them moving through the content. Their job is often hard because they must tell a story and talk to the reader on a personalized level.

This is where seeing the portfolio of the writer can come in handy. You can see if they know what they’re doing by reading a piece and seeing if you want to keep going or toss it aside.


To have high-quality content, the content writers you choose must understand the subject matter thoroughly. That’s only part of their job, though. With that, the writer must have excellent research skills.

What does that mean, though? Research is required for almost every content piece. You may want something more casual, but the facts or statistics should be accurate. In fact, including such information can get you a better ranking on Google because people flock to that data. It tells others (and Google) that you are a thought leader or authoritative site.

To check to see if the writer has the best research skills for the job, check their writing samples. Is the information conveyed accurately? Do they cite sources? As an industry leader, you should be aware of trends and know a few things about the topic yourself. Use that to your ability and make sure that the writer knows what they’re doing.

Deal with Tight Deadlines

When it comes to the ad copy, you probably want it on a certain day. It might be newsworthy and important to put out there immediately. However, you may just give them a specific time to be done and want it followed.

Written content makes the world go around, and the content writer must adhere to the deadlines. Since content creation takes time, they should understand time management and keep themselves on track.

How to Choose Freelance Writers

If you are posting a job for a content writer, it’s crucial that they understand how to read/write the English language. You may also want to find technical writers who understand difficult topics or niches. Make sure that you specify what the writer must know already and what information you can provide.

Let them know how many articles you need and how long the content should be. With that, make sure to ask for a sample, either from their blog or written specifically for you.

If you require a freelance writer right now and don’t have time to look for one, our services are available. We have many writers available who can craft something amazing!

Salary Information

The average salary for a content writer varies based on their education, experience, and geographical location. If the writer has a Bachelor’s degree in your field, expect to pay up to $20 an hour. However, most of the time, writers get paid by the word, and it could be anywhere from $0.05 to $0.30 per word. Try to stay away from writers offering lower prices; their quality might not be as good.


Whether you need technical writers or general content writers, you must ensure that they understand the English language and understand your marketing strategy and goals.

Normally, companies want someone who can write content that gets noticed. Generally, online content is what everyone seeks.

If it is time for your next project, and you need in-depth content that wows the masses, you should hire a content writer. Those who want the best content writers are sure to appreciate our content writing services.

Request a writing test today! We can help you with your:

  • Product reviews
  • Style guides
  • White papers
  • Press releases
  • Web content
  • Guest Posts
  • Blogs
  • Much more

With that, we have writers who understand AP style writing, so we can take care of whatever you need. Now is the time to request help and get content that is amazing and engaging for your clients!

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