Professional Writer Service – How to Choose One and Why You Need One


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Have you ever thought to yourself, “Isn’t there someone who could write my essay for me?” Writing essays isn’t easy, and sometimes, people have great ideas but can’t get them down on paper. However, that doesn’t mean you’re bound to get poor grades on your writing assignments.

Many students turn to online essay writing to help them. These paper writing services have groups of people who can write on various subjects, such as articles, websites, blogs, books, and essays. Because there are so many options now, most people realize that students don’t write their own work, especially at a college or university.

Instead, they hire a professional writer service to do the work for them. Most companies have formed their services around students who require them. With that, there are plenty of writers that can focus on just about any topic.

Sometimes, though, there are so many experts available, so it’s hard to pick the right one. You know you need a reliable essay writing service, and you can learn how to find it and much more in this guide.

How to Hire a Professional Essay Writing Service

When you need a paper written on a topic, you might sit down and try to do it all yourself. However, most students find that this is too difficult, so they want a professional essay writer to do the job.

What if you choose someone who’s terrible? When you hire a legit essay writing service, you are only paired with professional writers. They’re skilled enough to assist with all types of paper writing and can help you pass the subject.

Learning how to hire writing services is the first step, and here’s a guide to assist:

Ask for Samples

You need to know that the writer can do exactly what you need, whether it’s for term papers or something else. Therefore, you should ask for a few samples of their work. They often have this information stored in their profile on the academic writing service platform. That way, you can see if they’re gifted thinkers, creative, or produce vivid results.

If you don’t see paper writing samples available, ask for one. That way, you can assess their abilities and ensure that they provide insightful thoughts that are sophisticated enough for your class.

When reading the sample, look at the grammar, tone, punctuation, and writing skills of the writer. It’s best not to be in a hurry here, allowing you to take your time and go through everything before hiring the particular writer.

Some services allow you to give them a sample topic to write about. That way, you know the content is fresh. Be aware that you must pay for the piece, so it might be wise to go with a topic you already need to cover in your classes.

Error-free Work

Custom writing assignments are the highlight of any paper writing service. However, you must ensure that the paper writer returns work to you that is free of errors. They should check for grammar problems and odd sentence structures.

Professional writers usually do this automatically by reading it out loud. However, it’s still up to you to check for any problems and requests a revision if necessary.

Plagiarism-free Work

The professional essay writing service must ensure that the writers provide work that isn’t plagiarized. This means that the information included in the essay hasn’t been stolen from someone else.

One way to check this is to read reviews from others and make sure no one complains about plagiarism from the professional writers or from the professional essay writing service itself.

Consider checking the sample from the essay writer. There are a few free plagiarism checkers, but you can also pay for Copyscape.

When you hire a paper writing service, you want to make sure that the work is original and unique, so it can’t be copied. The right writing service ensures that this always happens. Plus, the writers at these writing services realize the benefit of providing plagiarism-free work. They run the risk of having a poor reputation for copying others.

Some people wonder what the issue is with plagiarism, even if they don’t hire an essay writing service. Here are the problems:

  • Legal ramifications
  • Monetary consequences (you may have to pay the original author)
  • Destroyed reputation (school, student, and academic)


Professional essay writing is a great job, and the amount charged by the writer is one of the primary factors to decide if you use them or not. Typically, they know that you’re on a budget, so they offer budget-friendly options.

However, you should stay away from a company that claims it is a cheap essay writing service. If the price is too low, it might mean that the writers don’t produce high-quality work. That means your grade could suffer. Though you didn’t pay much, you have something you can’t turn into the professor.

Remember: your goal is to get a good grade on the assignment. If you’re paying for the service, it’s because you don’t want to do all that work yourself. Reward excellence with decent pay.

Meets Deadlines

It’s important to pick a writer that delivers the work on time without a delay. You must have time to go over the finer points and request revisions before you turn it in to your teacher. Academic writing often takes weeks or months to prepare, so make sure you give the writer enough time. With that, though, they should be able to meet the deadline.

Hiring a pro essay writing service ensures that you get the work on the appointed day. If possible, add the deadline in the instructions so that the writers can judge for themselves if they can do it.

Has Experience

Experienced writers often have a MA or PhD degree, so you know that they understand the material. However, academic writing focuses on more than that. It’s best to hire a paper writing service with writers that have been doing this sort of work for many years.

That way, you know that your academic paper is written the way you want it to be. Though essay writing isn’t for everyone, you’re paying someone for that specific job. Therefore, they need the experience to understand citations and all the rest.

Understands Different Formats, Structures, and Writing Styles

In most cases, academic writing takes on various forms. Some teachers want a specific format or structure, while others require a particular writing style.

For example, an argumentative essay must present both sides of an issue and try to persuade the reader to take the writer’s stance.

Therefore, the writing process for that might be different than for a dissertation or thesis. Paper writing takes many forms, so the paper writing service needs to offer various methods and strategies. When looking at essay writers to hire, it’s best to let them know what you require, such as MLA writing or APA style.

Seems Enthusiastic to Help

You can’t just tell the writer to “write my essay” and expect greatness. However, when you are paired with someone through the paper writing service, they should appear enthusiastic about the job. Writing term papers is never fun, but these people are being paid for a job.

Professional essay writing is a bit different because they are getting paid to do the work. Therefore, they need to take things seriously. To find out if the writer is enthusiastic and ready, make sure that they:

  • Ask plenty of questions
  • Share relevant information related to the topic based on their experience
  • Offers advice
  • Seems knowledgeable and excited to get started

Get Referrals and Read Reviews

Online essay writing is a big business, so every paper writing service is sure to have reviews and testimonials. It’s important to read them from past clients so that you can determine if the writer is qualified to handle your academic assignments. If they’ve been doing well, other clients refer them and write great things about them.

Wherever possible, ask for references from the writers before hiring someone. Ask those people if they might consider hiring them again.

Ability to Choose the Writer

Sometimes, the paper writing service doesn’t let you pick the writer. It has a pool of essay writers available and uses AI or other means to pair you with someone.

This often works well, but you might want more say in the matter. Plus, you may have used that service before and liked the writer you worked with. When you get to pick, you can build trust with the author.

Revisions Included

A good paper writing service offers free revisions on any of the work completed. You’re paying for quality, and if the piece misses the mark, you need to get it fixed. Otherwise, you’ve spent money on something you can’t use.

Always make sure that free revisions are available until you are satisfied.

Are Pre-written Essays Available?

Some writing services understand the academic assignments often required by colleges. Therefore, the essay writers can write about those topics and save them to their profiles. When you go to the company to have someone write papers for you, it’s easy to scroll through the list of pre-written content.

The writer has already done the work, so you can grab and go. This works well once you’ve established a bond with a particular company or author. Then, you can go to them and know that you’re getting quality results.

Sometimes, students like to buy a pre-written essay and take bits and pieces here and there to improve their writing skills. Regardless, this is a great service to have!

Customer Support

Professional essay writing is pretty straightforward, but there could be times where you need assistance. Make sure the writing service offers excellent customer support. It should be available 24/7 so that you can get help when you need it.

For example, what happens if you forget an essay for one class or are currently working on another? You can live chat or email customer support and have the help you require immediately.

Reasons to Hire a Paper Writing Service

Most students are now turning to third parties to get their essay writing work completed. There’s no shame in admitting that you need professional writing help. In fact, many options have currently surfaced, so this is a growing industry. Plus, when you hire a writing company, it benefits you and the writers so that they can continue learning about their fields.

With that, they write the information based on your academic level. Let’s find out some of the other reasons to hire someone to help with your essays:

Get an Essay with Proper English and Grammar

Academic writing can be hard to do, especially if you are in the US and on an education visa. You may not have the right skills for paper writing yourself, and you get lower grades because of this. Only professional essay writers have all of the tools and skills needed to use the right phrases, spelling, and grammar for your research paper.

With that, you might not be on the same academic level as your teachers feel you should be. Pro essay writers understand that English isn’t your primary language. They realize it’s harder for you, and your grades are suffering because of it. When you use a custom essay writing service, you know that you’re getting the best paper possible.

It’s not that you don’t understand the concepts; you just have issues with the language and grammar rules. English is hard to master!

Have Other Responsibilities

Many people have other responsibilities outside of school. You might be raising a family while bettering yourself or trying to work your way through college.

In fact, most people have to work to afford tuition, food, fuel, and everything else. It’s okay to ask yourself, “Can I hire someone to write my essay?” Yes, you can! Plus, you can choose between different academic writers to find a professional who can do it all for you, while you take care of other things.

Have a Tight Deadline

College students always have a deadline. The professors don’t care that you have other classes and homework from them. With that, teachers don’t communicate with each other to ensure that the deadlines are achievable with all the other work.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with the paper writing endeavors set out by the teachers, hiring someone to do it for you can be a lifesaver. You don’t suffer from poor grades and have time to work on other assignments.

Reaching out to a professional service to help you improves your life and the work itself. Plus, you don’t lose points for late submissions and hastily written work with typos and grammar problems.

Want Something Well-Structured and Researched

Essays are typically graded on many aspects. The message you try to convey is important, but the structure, formatting, and all the rest are also crucial. For any thesis paper, an efficient flow of thoughts and clear structure are paramount.

However, the writing process is often a challenge for most people. While you might be at the right academic level to know what’s happening, putting it into words and using the best format might be alien to you.

Other issues that most students face are using the same phrases/words, writing passively, or using past/future tense. It just depends on the professor and their requirements. Still, you can convey all of that to the writer so that they know the rules.

On top of that, there’s plenty of research that goes into these types of essays and papers. You could spend hundreds of hours on a literature review for the study alone. When you hire someone to do your research paper writing, you know it’s all taken care of for you.

Avoid Plagiarism

You’ve already learned that plagiarism is bad for everyone and is a serious offense. It shows that you have no ethics and are willing to steal from others. Often, colleges make an example of those who do it, so you could get suspended or lose points.

This is a lot of pressure for you, especially for custom writing requirements, such as an argumentative piece or a thesis. Therefore, when you hire someone to handle your research paper writing, you can rest easy knowing that the ideas presented are unique and original. They should use plagiarism-detecting software, such as Copyscape, to prevent copying.

Improve Grades or Writing Skills

Most of the time, these services want students writing their own work. However, they are available when things get too tough. On top of that, you might understand the material but have trouble putting it into words.

Your skills might not be good enough, even though you’re at the right academic level. When you buy professional papers, you can improve your grades. However, it’s also possible to use these writers to help you improve what you’ve already written.

Proofreading and Editing Assistance

You don’t need to hire a writer to complete the research paper for you. It’s also possible to use them for academic assistance, whereby you write the paper and ask them to proofread it. They check for the normal issues, but they can also research your sources and citations. If something sounds off or could be incorrect, these writers can edit the material and send it back to you to turn in.

Oftentimes, students use these writing services for the editing and proofreading help. That way, they know their work is exemplary.


Typically, you can find an inexpensive professional paper writing service. The price you pay depends on different factors, such as length, timing, and how much research is involved.

Please note that it’s best not to use a cheap writing service. These are the ones that promise the moon for a few dollars. Generally, the writers don’t have the skills necessary for this type of work, so you might have poor quality content.


Some people worry about hiring an expert essay writer because they don’t want their teachers (or other students) to know they’ve paid for help. Make sure that the paper writer and company you choose guarantees the privacy of the user. That way, you’re the only one who knows that someone else wrote the piece.

Best Professional Writing Services

Are you searching for a reliable paper writing service? You may realize quickly that you can’t complete your research paper by yourself. These are the top options, and each one offers a professional service:


GrabMyEssay could be the best essay writing service out there. It’s been available and running since 2013. The professional paper writers have a positive reputation and enough experience to handle any academic papers needed.

When you go to the site, you immediately see how many options are available. Regardless of the style of research paper you’re writing, you can find it done here, including personal papers, dissertations, research, and fictional needs.

You can even look at free writing samples by the writers. That means you get to see what they can do before you pay them or hire them.

The site works 24/7, and the customer representatives and writers are professional with every interaction. They don’t parrot the company lines; they truly understand their job and resolve issues you might have.

With that, prices are low so that students can afford them. However, you don’t sacrifice quality to get that. You get a qualified writer who focuses on your needs, uses credible sources, and ensures the paper is original.


TopEssayWriting has been offering its online paper writing service since 2013, and the company has truly made a name for itself. Many students talk about it online, and its popularity just continues to grow each year.

There are various services available, and the writers can cover many subjects. They realize that your deadline is important to you and make sure to go above and beyond to give you quality work.

Plus, there are sample research papers available online for free use. The quality isn’t that bad, and they’re written by professional paper writers, too. Therefore, you can see how the topic could be explored and the structure you need for a good essay.

The prices tend to be below average for most companies, and it offers discounts. Therefore, you shouldn’t have issues affording the work. With that, the writers do an excellent job!

The policies and guarantees are there for your benefit, so if you have a problem, someone helps you immediately.


WritingUniverse is another professional writing service that works well, but not many people have come to notice it yet. The design is quite interesting, and the site is user-friendly. Plus, you get a variety of services available for your academic papers. In fact, rewrites, editing, and writing are all included.

If you have research papers to complete, there’s no fear because this company provides extensive research before writing anything.

Plus, you’re not likely to overpay for your research paper writing services because of the low prices. As a bonus, you can see many samples before you decide to hire someone for your essay writing needs. The samples are free to view, so you can browse through them.

Those who wish to try to write the paper by themselves can even use the samples as your starting point. If you decide to go ahead with the service, you can input your instructions and deadline. Everything is followed to the letter, and you shouldn’t find any proofreading issues.


TrustMyPaper is another great professional writing service, and it could be one of the best. Regardless of the type of academic papers you require, you’re sure to have a great experience. The paper writers have different specialties with 85 subjects in all. Plus, they can handle research papers and anything else.

You’re sure to appreciate the affordable and low prices. Plus, it always offers discounts and coupons, so you get deals all the time.

When you hire someone or choose to work with them, they are always there to help. They realize that you’re stressed and in a time crunch, so they are polite and courteous at every turn. With that, you can send messages, and the experts respond quickly so that there aren’t any issues later.

Visit TrustMyPaper, and you can immediately see that there are more than 2,000 writers at your disposal. It’s easy to check out their profiles to see which options might be right for you.

Plus, this company offers various extras, such as urgent help. Give them three hours, and you have an amazing essay that’s ready to send to the professor!


Everyone knows that essay writing isn’t easy, so there’s no shame in hiring an online paper writing service. PremierEssay has been around since 2008, so these professional essay writers have years of experience handling various needs.

However, the website appears outdated, which doesn’t encourage most people. Still, the research paper samples looked amazing and were of an acceptable quality.

You also get many academic options available. While writing and editing are offered, this service can help with resumes and website articles. Paper writers are available 24/7, so you always get help when you need it. Plus, it offers low prices. In fact, you could find some discounts if you search online a bit. That means you can get the work done for less than you think.

There have been a few minor issues with deadlines being missed. If you go with this service, make sure that you have plenty of time to turn in the work, giving the writers a few extra days. You may want to use this company because the writers offer thorough research and amazing quality.

Still, you should also be aware that the minimum deadline is three hours. However, for any essay that requires research of any kind, it’s better to give them a few days or weeks. This isn’t always possible, so you should plan in advance or use another company.


With so many paper writing services out there, it should be easy for you to find help when you need it. This guide talked about hiring professional essay writers, what to look for, and the benefits of doing so. Then, you found different companies out there available to help.

While there isn’t a specific best essay service on the market, GrabMyEssay is a great choice. It offers low prices, delivers on what it promises, and has quality content.

If you need a college essay writing service, it’s ideal to research your options personally. However, keep GrabMyEssay in mind for your next assignment!


Do Essay Writing Services Work?

Yes, professional essay writing services do work, but you must choose the best one. Most of these companies are online, so there could be scams out there. Make sure you’re cautious and read testimonials from others who have had a college essay written. That way, you know what to expect.

Is It Safe to Buy an Essay or Paper Online?

It is completely safe to buy papers from essay writing services. However, you should do your research to ensure that they are reliable and legitimate. Before inputting personal data, such as a credit card number, make sure that the site is secure.

Is an Essay Writing Service Legal?

Yes, professional writing services are legal. They are there to help people with their paper writing assignments. In a sense, you pay the company, which hires a writer to do the work for you.

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