B2B Blog Writing Service – What Is It and Why You Need One

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Small businesses and large corporations require digital marketing to keep up with the competition. This includes your website content and everything related to IT.

However, if your website is a static entity, such as a television set tuned to the same channel, this could be a big mistake. Instead, you need a customized strategy to ensure that the blog posts you create are well-written and suitable for your niche.

If you don’t currently have a blog, it’s time to get one. When you hire blog writing services like ours, you see more ROI than with other marketing activities. Here’s why:

The Case for Owning a Blog

Do you have a blog? If you don’t, you aren’t alone. New companies often get caught up in the daily functions and forget about blog content. Others feel that blogging is only for moms, health gurus, and foodies. The thing is that this couldn’t be more wrong.

If you’re spending a lot of money on consulting, advertising, and email campaigns, the cost of running a website and blog is quite negligible in comparison.

Think about these stats:

  • Content marketing offers you three times the leads compared to paid searching for each dollar spent.
  • It’s easy to boost web traffic by 2,000 percent if you have high-quality content.
  • When you blog, you have many more links to your site than those that don’t.
  • Blogging can be 13 times more likely to produce a positive ROI than other activities.
  • Companies that publish blog posts consistently see six times the revenue from leads and traffic.
  • B2B companies can generate 88 percent more leads.

The goal is to hire a full-service company to handle most of the work for you. That way, you publish the content (or let us do it), and move on with life, while your website works for you!

Convert More Customers

A blog lets you engage readers directly and less expensively than traditional advertising. Plus, blog content gives you more focus and control over the dialogue than a social media post. You have many opportunities to convert readers, which should be one of your content marketing goals. With that, you make your existing customers happy, and they become repeat shoppers with your brand.

Your current marketing activities probably focus more on chasing customers, such as hoping they open emails or see your online ads. With a blog, the consumer comes to you. If they like the high-quality content you post, they come back again and again.

In a sense, you create a source of repeat traffic and turn it into a personalized and dynamic face for the company.

Your blog content can be evergreen and work for you for years. That means when the work is done, it keeps on trucking. Then, you may update popular posts with new information or turn them into infographics and shareable content.

Why is the content compelling? It’s not trying to push or advertise. Instead, most of the posts are value-based, such as:

  • How-to articles, tutorials, and tips for things that your business can help with
  • Industry studies and information that is easy on the eyes and saves time for the readers
  • Interviews from guest posters and thought leaders
  • Exercises or questions to generate change
  • Videos and infographics
  • Case studies and white papers
  • Samples of upcoming content (books, eBooks)

You can also use your blog to get feedback about the services and products you offer. This can uncover common questions or objections that you can answer or thwart during the selling process.

Search Rankings and Industry Authority

When you’ve got a popular blog, it promotes you to the position of an industry authority, and this is a good place to be. It’s easier to network and develop a good reputation because your target audience turns to you for advice.

With influence, you get that higher ranking through search engine optimization. As potential customers research terms related to you, your brand appears at the top in the form of a blog post. This boosts traffic to your site and gets people interested in you.

What are some of the best ways to get to the top spot?

  • Use high-quality and original content. This means not overstuffing the keywords and choosing an appropriate length to favor your topic.
  • Include keywords in the URLs.
  • Do homework on SEO optimization and ensure that the keywords are what people use in common searches.
  • Include a meta description.
  • Make the website easy to navigate for the user. It should load quickly and be responsive for all devices. Believe it or not, this is crucial for search engine optimization.
  • Promote the content with industry influencers and connections.
  • Use paid promotions to boost rankings where applicable.

Why Hire Blog Writing Services for Each Blog Post

The vast majority of company owners know that they aren’t writers and can’t handle blog writing themselves. You’re convinced that you need a blog or may already have one that doesn’t get enough attention.

You need a customized strategy that focuses on production and all the rest. Generally, it’s better to hire a freelance writer or use a writing service like ours. There are tons of benefits with few disadvantages, so let’s learn more about it:

Leverage ROI

From a financial point of view, outsourcing blog posts ensure that you leverage the ROI in the marketing plan. Most companies don’t have enough people to add blog writing to the job description. If you focus on your employees, you realize they’re already too busy as it is. You can’t add more to that!

When done well, blog writing isn’t just an hour tossed out here and there. It requires planning to integrate each post into a comprehensive campaign for your marketing scheme. This means creating a marketing calendar around the timelines and goals you have. Then, you can spend hours on content ideation before writing a single word.

You must schedule your posts often enough to see a big return on the investment. That means posting a blog several times a week to gain a routine following. New studies claim that frequency is crucial to get that ROI.

  • When you blog more frequently, you see more traffic.
  • With 11 posts or more each month, you see an increase in website traffic.
  • As you accumulate more posts on the blog, you get more traffic and more leads.

In-house blog writing requires having a full-time writer. This means paying them a good salary and offering employee benefits. However, it also costs money to interview and onboard them to your team.

To get around all that, outsource the blog writing to save thousands of dollars. We focus on getting you to the top of the search results and have fair, competitive pricing and packages available!

With that, we must point out that cheap companies aren’t always better. You may save a bit of money, but the writing might be awful. That defeats the purpose of hiring someone. Our services are much better and include experienced writers who have shown us their skills.

Professional Blog Writers with Skills for Scalability

One advantage of working with blog writers is that they offer professional skills and match their writing style to your brand. Many business owners feel that they can write, but blog writing isn’t the same as crafting capital proposals, ad copy, or sales nurturing emails.

Instead, blog content follows standard formats so that the content is easy to consume by the readers. This includes bullet lists and subheadings for readability. It also focuses on other elements that most executives don’t use regularly.

Professional writers understand these tactics and use them to keep readers on the page and attract them.

With that, blog services usually include editing and proofreading, so the copy is free of any errors and organized efficiently. You’ve probably seen a blog that looked unprofessional; we never do that!

We also include a plagiarism scan to ensure that we don’t copy work already on the internet.

On top of it all, we offer SEO research and can help you develop topics. You can get more eyes on the site without doing all the work yourself. Plus, we can also include images, infographics, and social media posts.

Best Writers in the Business

Professional writers are good because that’s their job. However, you have to ensure that they can create content that is suitable for your business. Here are a few things to consider when choosing writing services:

  • A reputable agency offers examples of the writer’s work and names of clients they’ve worked with in the past.
  • The writers have extensive experience and can commit to working with you for as long as you need. That way, you’re not searching for new bloggers every couple of months.
  • Bloggers have experience in your industry.
  • They can churn out the content on a schedule that meets your digital marketing needs.
  • In-house project management and editing are available if you have a high or complex volume.
  • The price you pay ensures solid talent while keeping ROI high.
  • You get excellent communication so that you all work as a team.

With that, though, your company should reciprocate where it’s appropriate. This means you or a representative should be available for clarification and questions.

You want timely responses, and the writing service is juggling many clients. Therefore, it’s better to schedule in advance to avoid any issues.

Most company owners spend tons of time trying to get better ROIs for marketing activities. However, the best solution is right there on your blog. When you outsource blogging, you get more profitability without the downfalls. It might take time and effort to get started, but it’s easier when the system is up and running.

What Blogging Services Do for a Business

Content marketing is crucial, and blog posts are a big part of that. With that, it’s a highly effective lead generation strategy.

When someone else writes quality content for you, it combines their industry knowledge with research capabilities to create posts regularly. This leverages the writer’s abilities to communicate with the target audience and offers solutions for your customers.

Project management is a big part of all that, too. We must know when to produce content so that it can go on your site and help you make money!

Build Industry Authority with Search Engines and Boosts Visibility

You’re good at what you do, but you don’t have enough people that understand this. Blogging helps showcase that you have experience without spending much time.

When you use our writing services, you build authority in your industry and in the minds of those who may not know you yet.

With each blog post you create, you are visible in the target customer’s searches, making you stand apart as an industry leader on a particular subject matter.

Ultimately, blog writing should be one of the top content marketing goals you focus on initially because it offers more brand awareness than anything else. When you hire someone to do the work, they know how to use the best keywords to get the attention of readers and the search engines.

Create Newsletters and Other Gated Content

Your writing services should also create extra content that you may send in email newsletters. These articles take a deep look into the material you covered with blog posts and can offer insight into topics you haven’t yet covered with blog content.

As a big component of a person’s content marketing strategy, an email newsletter is the next step on the customer journey for people interested in the blog posts so that they subscribe. When you offer valuable information that’s written well in each newsletter, it provides more interest in the company, and positions you as a thought leader.

Email newsletters work well for B2B companies. With that, you can easily expand the newsletter articles into new content, such as eBooks and white papers, to dive deeper into a particular subject matter.

Write Account-based Marketing Messages

B2B companies can repurpose each blog post into more personalized content by using account-based marketing. With a content writing service, you have a team of professionals who understand your company and what it does. They can craft engaging content tailored to each person’s interest.

For example, you may send the head engineer of a manufacturing company an article about a new widget that saves time during the manufacturing process. However, the chief financial officer might like an infographic about how the company can save money in the long run by using your widget.

As B2B companies align the blog writing service with the sales team, it leverages the power of marketing and boosts ROI.

Turn Expertise into Excellent Content

You and the teams have much experience in the field. Therefore, blog writing services can work closely with them to turn the raw facts into compelling content.

For example, you own a pharmaceutical company and came up with a cure for a disease. The content writing team works with the researchers to turn the latest study into blog posts that are easily understandable by nurses and doctors.

Regardless, the goal here is to have quality content written about what’s happening in your company or industry.

Repurpose Your Existing Content

Your blog posts can be repurposed into other formats, too. The blogging team can transform them into how-to scripts for videos, create descriptions for Pinterest or Instagram, and rephrase them as compelling stories for Medium.

With that, these writing services have professional writers to adapt your existing content into any written form you want. Blog content creation isn’t the only thing you have at your disposal.

When you write content that uses SEO techniques, you’re ranked higher in the search results. With that, you can put your project management team to good use and continue producing or repurposing content to last the entire year.

Many people use our services to rewrite old content so that it’s SEO-friendly. It keeps things fresh and data-driven while saving time and money.

Whenever you choose to hire a writing service, you don’t have to deal with added costs of an in-house team. With that, you’re not spending more time onboarding and recruiting every team member.

You’ve got an outsourced service with a team of writers. Someone in there has the experience you require for whatever topic you’re writing about. We always pair you with the right person for the job, which gives you peace of mind and keeps you coming back for more!

Overcome Obstacles with Outsourcing

There are bound to be some downsides to using a blog writing company, but they are easy to overcome. They could be your concerns or from others in the company.

Give Up Control

When you hire someone, it could feel like you’re losing control over your blog. This is true to an extent because you don’t get to choose each word in the post. However, the benefits, such as quality content, far outweigh the negatives.

With that, using a blog service frees up your managers and executives to do other tasks. They can take meetings, travel, and tend to other requirements and still feel confident that they’ve hit their milestones and goals for the month.

Using a professional blogger also offers built-in safeguards. You don’t have to edit the content and can request revisions. When you use our services, you can present your outlines, ideas, or even a rough draft of what you need. We then accommodate them into the content for you and make sure everything is polished and ready to go.

Diversity with Continuity

Many people worry about using a blogging service because they fear they can’t sound diverse. This is fixable by asking for multiple writers to work on the team and rotating the work.

With that, you may have many blogs on different topics. You may request writers who can bring personal experience to those subjects. Many seasoned bloggers began in other careers than writing, so you may find finance, health care, law, and many other areas of expertise.

Another option here is to have your employees write a few posts, but the outsourced bloggers handle most of the work.

On the other hand, you may want your blog to have a continuous voice and tone. If that’s the case, you should use one writer for the blog. He or she can write a detailed guide and include examples so that other writers can use the same rules, framework, and tone.

Professional bloggers understand how to make the post sound like it comes from a particular voice to offer better brand recognition.

Remember, you are allowed to ask for edits. If something doesn’t feel like how your brand might say it, get it changed! You paid for the content, so it should be how you want it!


If you know that you can’t write content, such as blog posts and articles, it’s important to choose a full-service company to do it for you. We understand that you’ve got a specific content marketing strategy you like, and our blog writing services can reflect that easily.

Our clients enjoy the writing we do for their blogs, but it’s not just about that. Digital marketing means so much more than just writing articles. We are good at what we do and offer our SEO services to everyone.

If you want more information about our SEO writing options, feel free to fill out the form or contact us. We are ready to produce original content for your B2B company!

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