Blog Writer – The Ultimate Guide for Hiring One

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You have a blog for your business because you know that can help you generate leads. However, you find it difficult to write a blog post every week or keep things current with fresh content.

Ultimately, you have come to realize that a blog keeps people interested in what you have to say and can build a list of very valuable followers. However, a week or so goes by and then another. You don’t write other blog posts and aren’t offering quality content.

Most blogs fail because the owners aren’t content writers. Blog writing isn’t as easy as you think, especially when you’re writing for SEO purposes. Still, your potential clients aren’t likely to use your services if you don’t have helpful articles that provide enough information.

Usually, your website falters, and people stop visiting. If that’s the case, hiring a blog writer might be the best choice. There are various blog writing services available with plenty of writers who can help you craft engaging content.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Blog Writers

Unless you are a professional blogger, you probably don’t know about SEO, blog posts, and the formatting necessary. While you could learn all that, it’s often hard to follow through with content creation if you’re running a business.

On the other hand, writers are a dime a dozen and can produce all the content you need. A typical blog writing service is waiting for clients like you to start using those services. You can get in contact with plenty of writers to help with your blog.

If you’re thinking of hiring a blog writer or wonder why you should, here are the top reasons:

Writing Is an Art Form

Just as with other creative endeavors, it takes effort and time to learn to write blog articles and do it well. While you might be an expert in a particular subject, you’re focused more on running the business properly and not writing original content to support your claims of authority on the matter.

Even so, readers want to know that you care about their needs and are producing posts that call to them and help them understand their situations and how you can help.

Therefore, it’s important to call on subject matter experts to help you with writing SEO-driven content. These writers must focus on your brand, the psychology of your audience, and the trends surrounding your industry. The writing requires flair and enough depth so that it’s accurate enough to break down large ideas into simple terms.

The other issue, though, is that you don’t want to dumb it down. People can easily tell if you’re condescending to them in writing. That backfires on you and makes you appear pompous and rude.

After you have the information written, you still have to come up with catchy headlines, focus on the storytelling aspect, and write something that’s persuasive enough to get the audience to do what you want.

Professionals understand all of that more than others. They are master craftspeople, so they produce compelling content that does what you want. Blogging takes resources and time, but the professionals know what to do and how to give you that extra boost of effort. That way, your information stands out from the crowd.

They Understand Strategies

Every topic isn’t ideal for your blog post. When you hire a blog writer, they should work with you to develop the right content strategy to identify what topics the customers want to know about.

These writers have professional experience and focus on writing something that’s SEO-oriented. From there, you see more traffic and can be ranked higher in the search results on Google.

While blogs are crucial for any business website, providing information that doesn’t meet the reader’s needs is a waste of time and effort. Plus, the user might feel that you don’t care about them or understand what they need.

Therefore, you need writers who focus on SEO. That way, your blog gives the people what they want. While some users might not know what they need, professionals help you achieve balance in the writing between the interests you have and the data others require. This is huge for search engine optimization, and the experts help you frame the content correctly so that it appeals to what others need.

On top of that, professional writers can work with you on the topics to discuss. That way, your brand is more powerful and considered trustworthy so that customers want to work with you.

They Don’t Play Games

Professional blog writers want to make informed decisions, so they focus on trends, keywords, data, and exactly what the customer needs. When you work with a blog writer, all of the information is gathered before writing takes place. Keyword research is crucial to ensure that you get more from the resources you invest before you create a blog post.

Professionals do that because they create quality content to help you achieve your goals. They look at the competition and what content has already been produced. From there, they analyze keywords that rank well and focus on the questions the audience asks. Then, they present you with original content that focuses on your company and product as a way to provide solutions for those questions and concerns.

Find a Content Schedule

When it comes to blog writing, consistency is crucial. Building trust starts with you promising the users that they are sure to get the right information at the right time. What if a newspaper publisher only put out morning newspapers every so often? It doesn’t feel right, and people might leave that one and go to another.

Blogging works in much the same way. You don’t have to focus on content creation each day. You can put out new blog posts every week or every couple of weeks for your website. Professional blog writers make sure that whatever frequency you want is adhered to at all times.

With that, a schedule can reduce the stress on you and those who write for you. There’s less panic blogging, so the content is created with time to spare for editing and proofreading. The articles can be planned for in advance, so the blog moves smoothly because the publishing dates, keywords, and topics are all planned out.

Overall, your business succeeds.

More Cohesion for the Brand Voice

Your business has a specific voice and style, and content writers can help you show off that voice you’ve created. Whether it’s casual or formal, the tone of your business blog translates throughout the communications of the company.

In a sense, the readers go to each blog post on your website and know what you’re saying and what your voice and tone are.

For most company owners, brand voice isn’t something they think about. Therefore, when you hire a blog writer, they can define and hone the voice so that you can scale content that goes throughout the website and into your social media channels and emails.

A consistent and defined brand voice ensures cohesion and gives you a polished feel that your customers want.

Can Be Ghostwriters and Ambassadors

Ghostwriting is something that many business owners like. With it, the blog writers use your tone and ideas to create a blog post that sounds like your brand. However, their name doesn’t appear anywhere on the copy. In a sense, it’s different than a guest post because it’s like you wrote it for your website.

Blog writing like this allows the writer to transform themselves and get into character. Typically, the blog writing service you choose asks many questions about your story, the brand, your vision, and everything else. That way, they can immerse themselves and transform their mindsets into something that better understands what your blogs are about.

When you outsource blog writing, you run the risk of hiring someone who doesn’t grasp what you need and want. However, it’s not hard to hire a ghostwriter if you know how to do it. Later, you learn a few tips for finding the right writer for your team.

Save Time

A lot of things go into creating a great strategy for blog writing. You’ve probably been thinking of hiring a blog writer because you don’t have enough time to do that and run the business. It takes time to figure out your buyer personas, analyze the data, and find a strategy. Then, you must write the posts, edit/proofread them, and publish them on the website.

Since so many other things get in the way and require attention, it’s often better to hire writers to assist. What they can do in a few days could take you three months to complete because you’re only investing small bits of time. If you let a professional deal with all of that, you could ultimately take the company to a new level.

With that, the writer is there by your side to ensure that your customers ask for more and stay loyal to you!

What to Look for in Your Freelance Writer

Before you create a job post or search the many forums for writers, you need to know what you want. Just as when you buy groceries, you should start with a small list of the attributes you need from the freelance writer.

That list is unique based on the blog posts you write, your business, and everything else. Here are a few things to focus on:

  • The goals – Do you want to drive traffic to your site and get more clients? If so, then SEO is a huge part of your creative writing endeavors. SEO is more than just keywords and placement, so choose writing services that know what to do.
  • Skills – The blog writer you choose must know what makes good content. If the piece comes back with poor grammar and oddball phrases, you are likely to be upset.
  • Follows directions – The worst thing in the world is someone who can’t follow directions. Paying attention to details is crucial for writers. Therefore, you could add an instruction to mention a specific phrase or word in the application. Those who don’t are unlikely to be detail-oriented when writing your blogs.
  • Basic knowledge – The freelancer should have some experience writing posts like yours and a basic knowledge of the industry.
  • Confident voice – Accuracy is crucial, but the goal is to get the readers interested so that they don’t click off. Make sure that the writing style and voice exude confidence and are enjoyable to read.
  • Feedback – There’s always room for improvement. During the interview, offer feedback to the writer and see how they take it.

Getting Started with Blog Writing Pros

Whether you like long-form blog posts or shorter pieces, it’s important to find the right blog writer for your business.

Writing services have plenty of writers on staff, but you must figure out what works best for you. Don’t be afraid of having a full questionnaire and request writing samples. This is beneficial for you and the writer!

Here are the steps to take:

Understand the Types of Writers

Writers come in all forms, and you may require SEO copywriting, white papers, press releases, or other long-form content options. While you might be focused on your blog right now, there are ways to promote it through social media posts.

In the same way, writers who focus on SEO aren’t always good at creative writing or blogging. Therefore, if you want to hire a blog writer, make sure that you know what you require. The goal is to find someone through the best content writing services who can write anything you need. This often begins with blogs and moves to articles, a white paper, or something else.

Ask for Referrals

To find blog writers, there are many things you can do. Before looking at a writing service, ask your family, friends, and colleagues if they have ideas for a skilled blog writer.

Good referrals ensure that you have quality writing and save money and time.

Generally, blogs are easy to complete by writers because that is their job. They’re not pulled in different directions, so they can create original content for your blog posts effortlessly.

Before, searching for someone on your own, think about those who might have been in your situation and who might have recommendations.

Create a Job Posting

When you know what you want, you can start looking for writers. In your job posting, specify the theme and writing style of the blog so that you get an experienced writer who knows what to do.

For example, a mommy blogger might not know much about personal finance, and you want the blog content to be of the right genre.

Creating the posting means listing all of the requirements. This should include a note about keyword research, language, post length, and uniqueness when writing the blog.

You may also list information about social media posts that you hope to create from their content.

Once you have everything listed correctly, you can post it on various job boards. Many people recommend adding a specific phrase to include to prove that they have read everything. Put that at the bottom of your post and ask them to include it somewhere specific in the bid. That way, you can easily get rid of any bids that don’t contain the phrase.

Remember: some posting sites allow you to add jobs for free. Others require you to pay a small fee. If you’re just starting out with a low budget, it might be better to use a free job listing website. Just be aware that they might have a lower class of writers available.

Post the Job on Freelance Writing Sites and Job Boards

To find quality freelance bloggers, it’s best to try a few out before you make a commitment unless you require tons of blog writers for an extensive project.

Generally, it is acceptable to hire two freelance writers and ask them to create one or two posts for you. Choose the one you like more. Usually, it’s inexpensive to do this. On the other hand, you may want to request writing samples upfront in your posting on the job boards.

Regardless, you can do the keyword research for them at the beginning or ask them to do it. The blog writer you choose should write fluently without any oddball sentence structures or things that make them sound like they’re non-native-English speaking. That way, your blog sounds like it was written by someone who knows what they’re talking about.

How much can you expect to pay? It depends. However, you can often find high-quality posts (500 words) for about $50 to $60 with 1,000-word articles at $100 to $120. When you have a higher price, you get better quality work. With that, some professional bloggers also offer promotion of your blog on their networks.

Select Candidates

Within the next 24 hours, you are likely to get tons of offers. Since you included the special statement to include and where, you can disqualify those that don’t have it. The best blog writers are those who pay attention to all of the instructions.

When choosing between the many writers, here are a few things to watch for:

  • They follow through with commitments and deadlines or have a good excuse not to.
  • The blog writers have the writing skills to handle search engines and readers and incorporate the right keywords.
  • They suggest topics for your blog or write about the topics you want in the post.
  • They follow instructions for writing articles and always produce high-quality content.

Once you have a professional on your side, it’s easier to publish content regularly. Many times, the writing services have pools of writers. You may get a different one each time unless you demand to work with a specific person.

Therefore, be aware that you may have to be vigilant and watch what everyone creates for you.

Choose two to three writers and ask them to compose an article based on the keywords and topic you choose. Consider using different topics for every writer so that you can use them all on your blog.

Invite the Applicants to Write a Blog Post

Though this is part of the last step, you should invite your applicants to write original content about a specific topic. Think about the pain point your readers have.

The top blog writers focus on SEO while writing something that takes readers on a journey. Here is the time to think about a specific topic and the keywords associated with it. Make sure it’s something that your potential customers want to know about. That way, you can use the article on the site when they’re done with it.

Blogging is an art form, so writing isn’t always natural for people. This is your chance to find out what each person can do. If they have many issues in their article and you can’t post it to your website, you don’t want to hire them full-time or use their services again.

Evaluate Posts and Hire Someone for Your Site

Typically, this step requires you to make an effort. Each article should be personally reviewed by you or someone on your team. Every blog writer is different, so some might have a different voice that works well for your blog than others.

Even if they are the top blog writers in their industry, that doesn’t mean they are a great partner for you. While you must check their writing skills, they may have a different style than you want for your blog.

With that, you don’t have to limit yourself to one blog writer. That way, you can get diverse writing. When something doesn’t work for one person, you have another to fall back on.

Plus, you get a pool of the best writers and can get to know them and their strengths!


Are you ready to create your own blog? Many people say that they check the business blog before they buy something and turn into satisfied clients.

Online marketing is crucial, and writing articles can help you get more leads. However, if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, it might be wise to consider hiring a blog writer. Working with content writing services is a great idea, or you can create your own listing and post it on various job boards online.

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