Blog Writing Service – Which One Is Right for You?

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Blogging is an art form, and most people don’t know how to do it effectively or have no time. It’s not just about creating engaging content. Blog writing focuses on the target audience and finds out what they want to know. From there, you craft custom content that calls to your potential customers. Then, you can easily give them the information and let them know that you are a great place to shop.

As a business owner, you know that having writers on your team is crucial. However, you probably can’t afford an in-house writer. Therefore, you might think you have no options but to write things for your website yourself.

However, that’s not the case! Content writing companies have plenty of writers in a pool, and they are there to help you craft content that engages with the readers and makes them feel comfortable with your services and products.

How do you know which companies are suitable? Can you choose the writers from a pool? What makes them better than you? Understanding all of these questions is the first step toward having content that engages, focuses on SEO, and all the rest. Here are the top choices:

Blog Writing Services Comparison

There are five different companies, and they each have their own benefits. Let’s quickly compare them before you learn about each of the blog writing services in-depth:

Panda Copy

  • Ideal for high-quality blog content that’s ongoing
  • Fixed monthly prices
  • Blog post royalty-free images included
  • Can have an industry-specific blog writer


  • Suitable for bulk and single orders
  • Great for blogs, product reviews, affiliate content, and buyer’s guides
  • SEO-focused to help you be found on search engines
  • Blog post images not available

Content Cucumber

  • Suitable for small businesses
  • Low-cost dedicated blog professional
  • 2,000 words per week available
  • Blog management
  • Blog post royalty-free images included

SEO Content Hero


  • Best suited for transcripts, translations, and white papers instead of blogs
  • Blog post royalty-free images included if up to the writer
  • Wider variety of different services
  • Prices set by the writer

Best Blog Writing Services

If you own a blog or want to set one up, here are the top content writing companies available to help you:

Panda Copy

Panda Copy is an excellent content writing service and offers a flat monthly rate with an unlimited amount of revisions and quality content. That way, you can get the best service possible for lower editing and writing costs for your business. One unique thing is that it offers two different monthly plans and has much experience with short copywriting and blogging.

When you use Panda Copy, it offsets your inbound marketing efforts well, even if you don’t have enough people. With it, you can have as many articles and blogs as you want for your website and social media channels. Plus, you don’t have to deal with extra charges for word counts or revisions because it’s all included in the service.

This company was founded by dedicated specialists throughout the marketing industry. Over the years, they’ve perfected their craft. While the brand is still relatively new, the company offers a guaranteed solution to your problem: creating great content by qualified copywriters.

On top of all that, you get a money-back guarantee to fall back on if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.


SEOButler doesn’t focus solely on blog posts and product descriptions like other writing services. Its services range from guests posts on another website to social signals and citations. Everything is created with SEO in mind, which means that search engines can rank your blog well, and you see more traffic to the site.

Users can order articles based on their needs. With that, the guest blogging services help you outreach to other websites that want to feature a specific client and produce guest articles on the person’s behalf. Along with article writing, SEOButler focuses its services on directing traffic to the business website.

Therefore, people and companies with blogs are sure to appreciate the service available from this company, and you can easily boost your client base. However, online marketing and independent companies often benefit the most from these services.

SEOButler charges by the word, which can be anywhere from $0.05 to $0.13, depending on your needs. Guest posts are a flat fee, as are social citations and signals.

Content Cucumber

Content Cucumber lets its clients request unlimited business services, including blog posts, newsletters, emails, and other written content, for a flat fee each month. Because it charges a fixed price, you don’t have to hire freelance blog writers to produce the content.

Clients get paired with one of the writers who produce the content, discuss revisions, and can offer topic suggestions. All the clients have to do is submit the request to describe the topic and word length. Then, the writers get the request and start working.

Typically, the turnaround time for blog posts is one day at 400 words. Therefore, shorter articles take a business day, and longer ones could take a week to produce.

While Content Cucumber’s specialty is in newsletters, long-form blog posts, and shorter blog posts, it can produce almost anything. If the client has a question about something that doesn’t fall within those categories, they can talk to the writers to find the best approach.

There really isn’t custom pricing here; you just pay $490 a month to get all of the perks, including blog management. You do get a money-back guarantee (14 days). When you use Content Cucumber instead of freelance writers, you can save thousands of dollars each month.

The company also focuses on SEO, which means you could rank higher in the search results. As a small business, it’s up to you to focus on your website, and blogs are a great way to do that. With blog management and SEO services, you’re sure to have everything you need. Still, Content Cucumber works best for heavy workloads.

SEO Content Hero

This Florida-based blog writing service offers its clients SEO-optimized content. SEO Content Hero features a full team of keyword research and SEO experts, and the writers can produce material that is likely to put you at the top of the search results page. This is a top SEO service, and it’s exactly what your website blog and business needs.

To order, you can browse the three blogging packages: Authority, Elite, and Professional. Fill out a template to specify your topic and word count. Then, SEO Content Hero optimizes the content for the clients to generate more leads and be at the top of the search engine rankings.

With that, it uses third-party software, including SurferSEO, to assist.

The writing team does its own research for blogger articles to produce quality content that’s suitable for all types of businesses. Marketing agencies, web designers, and bloggers can benefit from SEO Content Hero and its services.

Regardless of how many blogs you need, you are charged by the word, and the rate depends on the package level you choose. For example, the Authority level is suitable for landing pages and blog articles because it offers information and accuracy. However, Professional is more business-minded. With that, SEO Content Hero offers discounts for higher word counts.


Are you tired of going through middlemen to get freelance writers that meet your needs? If so, the Fiverr site might be ideal for you. It gets its name from the lowest price to hire writers ($5), and the platform connects its clients with many freelancers who can write various blogs and other items.

Fiverr provides a comprehensive list of content, such as standard blog posts, screenplays, and podcast scripts. Roughly 12 writers specialize in every category. In a sense, if you want it, someone can write it and deliver it to you.

The site offers a great rating system with a user profile interface, so you can get information about the writers before you hire them for your business. That way, you can learn about their writing style, language, price range, and delivery times to find the right person for your blogging endeavors. When you find someone you want to work with, you can get in touch with those writers through Fiverr. Turnaround times are often quick, but it also depends on the complexity of your request.

You can find many unmatched freelance writers on Fiverr, and they all set their own prices based on the service. With that, you have to pay the writer upfront and get a couple of days to review the work. If you’re unsatisfied, ask for a revision or request a refund.

How to Choose Blog Writers from a Service

When you’re evaluating a blog writing service, there are many things to consider. For one, you need to know your blogging requirements for your website or business. Here are a few things to help you decide:

Your Needs

  • How often does your business need blog posts – daily, weekly, or monthly?
  • How long are the blog posts? Are they concise and short at 500 words, researched up to 2,000 words, or extensive at 4,000 words? Try estimating the amount of content creation you need.
  • What content types do you require? Can writers with regular common sense give you what you require? Do you need an expert with a background in that niche?
  • Are you writing product descriptions, blog posts, email series, or something else?
  • Do you require an SEO expert to help with leads generated?
  • Does the service you’re considering take on new customers or only work with existing ones?
  • Can you edit your custom content yourself? Do you require an editor, or should the blogs written for your website be proofread before being sent to you?
  • Does the service have hidden fees?
  • Are you providing the structure, keywords, guidelines, and topics for the blog posts, or do you want the writer to do all that while producing high-quality content?


  • Do you have a monthly budget in place for blog content?
  • How much time do you spend managing past blog writers?
  • Can you bring in a full-time blog writer, or does a fixed cost sound more beneficial to you?

New companies often don’t have blogs on their website. Therefore, you might not know how much you have to spend on each blog post. With that, the prices tend to go up based on the writing quality and expertise required.

Most writing services charge between 5 and 20 cents a word. However, it might help to learn how much the writer gets out of that because the service often takes a percentage. Therefore, you could spend anywhere from $5 to $200 for a 1,000-word article.

Other companies use a flat-rate fee schedule and offer unlimited content. If you need a lot written, this could be the best option for you.

Don’t Pay Writers Hourly

One of the biggest blog writing mistakes you could make is to pay the writers by the hour. On average, you likely spend $40 an hour, and if you want to have high-quality content, you probably need to pay more. For one well-researched article, the writers need at least five hours, so you could spend about $200.

Many times, the article isn’t plug and play, meaning you can’t just upload it to your website and be done. You have to spend time editing the blog post and coach the writers on SEO practices.

All of that can kill your ROI and make you spend much more time doing it yourself. Plus, you may have to employ the use of SEO services to see more web traffic and scale content better.

Therefore, when you book blog writing services for your blog post, a flat rate or pay-by-word rate is crucial. Each content writing service listed here offers predictable pricing and excellent blog writing capabilities. That way, you can forecast your investment and budget based on each article. Depending on how you monetize the inbound traffic from the blog, you can calculate your returns.


Your business requires content creation, and you want the best blog writers out there. The five content writing services discussed earlier all offer blog writing from experienced writers. With that, you get fresh content that meets all of your needs.

Though all of these blogging services are suitable, the top choice for blog articles is Panda Copy. Its offering is straightforward, and it’s a flat rate each month for unlimited content from professional writers.

You can try it out for yourself because of the 30-day satisfaction promise. That way, you have enough time to use the services and find out if it’s suitable for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to choosing a writer or a service to help you, it’s often a challenge. Though this guide has focused on the top companies out there, you may still have questions. That’s normal, and these FAQs are here to assist.

That way, you get helpful information in one centralized location. Come back to this section if you forget something or need to locate a new writing service.

What’s Unlimited Blogging Mean?

Sometimes, blogging companies provide unlimited blog content creation and revisions for a flat monthly rate. Typically, the output is 400 words a day. However, you may have long-form content that must be created, so you can expect it to take a week to see results, especially if it’s over 4,000 words.

What Should You Look for When You Hire a Writer?

The first step is to understand what you need. Do you require an expert on the subject matter or a generalist? Once you know that, you can figure out the writing style you like best (formal or casual, third person or first person, etc.)

Then, you have to figure out the content type you require, such as a blog post, article, white paper, or something else. From there, you can compare prices from the top writing services and choose the one that meets all of your needs.

What Does an Average Blog Post Cost?

The price depends on various factors. For the most part, though, you can expect a well-written blog of 1000 words to cost anywhere from $50 to $200. If the person charges by the word, it can be a bit more expensive than if you paid a flat rate for a month’s worth of blog articles.

Some people charge by the piece, the word, or offer a fixed price.

Do Professional Blog Writing Services Offer Free Trials?

Most of the writing services offer a free trial of up to 14 days. However, if they don’t, you usually get one free sample blog post. With that, you can also request as many revisions as you need. On top of that, many services provide a money-back guarantee, so they return your money if they can’t find a writer to provide satisfactory results.

Do Blog Writing Services Usually Require Contracts?

The top services focused on here do not require a contract. Therefore, you may cancel anytime.

What Can a Blog Writing Service Write About?

Most services specialize in newsletters, long-form web copy, blog posts, and emails. With that, they can also offer product descriptions for an online shopping site or eCommerce store. Many of these websites have writers who can handle almost any challenge, and research is always included and guaranteed.

If you don’t know how to approach the project, ask the writer. They’re usually eager to offer suggestions on topics and keywords and give you their ideas.

Can You Dictate the Writing Output?

To a degree, you can dictate the writing output. Typically, unlimited writing services have turnaround times that depend on the word count for the document you request. For example, a 400-word article can be written in one day, but a 4,000-word article could take a week. Some services let the writers create a posting schedule, so you can collaborate with the company and writers to find the right time frame for your needs.

Do the Blog Writers Typically Offer Revisions?

In most cases, the blog writing services allow revisions. For the unlimited services, they’re done at no charge to you. With that, most of these companies use the revision process to determine if a specific writer is suitable for a particular client.

If there are too many revisions, this results in changing the writer for that business. It’s good for you because you get the best writer for the job.

Do the Blog Writing Services Provide SEO?

Yes, they do, but the type of SEO depends on your service. Some companies claim that the writers are trained in SEO, but you must do the keyword research yourself. Other services are more personalized and identify your potential issues and questions to construct the right strategy.

Do You Own the Copyright on Any Content Requested?

Yes, the blog writing service lets their clients retain the copyright on the content they pay for. However, you don’t own the copyright on the content you disapprove of or send back to be revised.

Once you’re satisfied with the content produced, you can publish, distribute, or sell it however you want.

Can You Use Photographs/Images for the Blog Posts?

Some blog writing companies provide pictures that the clients can use within the content. Typically, they are free to use (with attributions) or royalty-free images. However, some complex services allow you to use Getty or Shutterstock images for a higher rate each month.

Can You Use These Companies if You Handle Multiple Brands?

Yes, you can use these companies, even if you have multiple brands or websites. In fact, it doesn’t matter how much content you have to produce; they can easily be written for you. Most unlimited companies allow the clients to use a single account for as many brands as they need. Agencies can then use those companies to request blog projects for their customers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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